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What can I do this weekend by myself?

So just in case I can't get anybody to hangout this weekend, which is very likely, what are some things I can do by myself for fun? Thanks guys and... Show More

I'm a guy.

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  • Go fishing, go for a hike, go learn a snow sport, go for a run, learn to cook something new and delicious, go backpacking for the weekend, go clamming, have a nerd marathon and geek out watching all the star wars movies or your favorite show, play an mmorpg, play portal, learn an instrument, study a new language, masturbate, watch some football/basketball games, drink some beer with any of the previous ones, go to a club, get a new book you'll love and read it in one sitting,that enough or you want more?

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  • Does not matter girl or guy if you have to ask a stranger what to do by yourself your not spending enough time alone. base jump without the bungee.

  • Are you a girl or a guy? Because that makes a huge difference.

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