I have just joined and somehow I have been gifted with a female profile. How do I change to male?

Can someone please tell me how to change it to a males


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  • As was previously stated it appears there is only one logical option. I'm sorry you had to witness so many common trolls, but hopefully I can clear things up for you, so you can get a quick, acceptable, resulotion.

    The only real step you can take at this point is to get your phonebook ready, find a nearby place if possible or you may have to outsource the job. Either way find the nearest Surgeon willing to do a sex change operation. You can always opt for cheaper Medical Professionals, but do you really want to risk a botched job? Anyway I wish you success in your endeavor.


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  • Go to the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of any webpage on this site, and let them know you selected the wrong gender when you made your profile.

    The admins will sex-change you with no problem. :-P

  • Just play along with it, flirt with guys and do alotta emotes like:



  • Stick with it. We could use more male representation within the female population

  • make a new acc or go to Contact Us at the bottom and request it.

  • You could even go as far as wearing girls clothes ;)

    but seriously just contact admin. If they don't respond abandon your account and start a new one

  • just edit your profile

    • Can you advise me how to do it?

      No matter what my profile stays pink..

      I cannot choose male or female again

    • google it

  • Just have a sex change opperation instead of changing your profile.

  • Making a new account.

  • just make a new account


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  • I have no idea, if it is not in the settings, then it is probably not possible. So you should try and contact admin or just cancel and create a new account. But it is probably not possible because the ability to change your account from gender to gender on your own has so many flaws. People would troll like crazy and it would mess up results.

  • lol poor you :D