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Would you eat horse?

So the UK and Ireland have a wee problem. We've just found horse meat in loads of our burgers and have no idea where it came from yet. Ireland are... Show More

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What Girls Said 12

  • Not knowingly

  • I'd probably try it at least. I've heard of other people eating and liking horse. I don't think I would eat it regularly but who knows?

  • No. I grew up riding horses and I own a pony so I wouldn't be able to eat something that I've always viewed as a companion.

    The closest I've ever gotten was eating camel, and it was pretty good.

  • no but then again I don't eat any animals lol

  • Yeah just heard that on the news. personnally I don't mind eating horse meat as long as I know it's horse meat! I've never actually tried though (or have I ?!)

  • No I wouldn't eat a horse, I don't eat a lot of meat, I only eat seafood

  • No.

  • If it tasted good, was cheap, and not endangered sure why not?

  • sure, if I were starving... otherwise, no because I am a vegan.lol

  • No

  • Of course of course!

What Guys Said 11

  • I've eaten horse. There's nothing wrong with it, it's quite tasty.

    In fairness, the brands of burger they tested did say on the pack that they are just 65% beef.

    I'd be much more concerned about the revelation in the US that calamari is pig rectum.

  • No. The same thing like I can't eat venison. I don't even like to think about the poor cow if I'm eating a steak. I don't eat fish because all I can think about is the poor fish was swimming long minding it's own business & then it's gutted, sauteed & eaten

  • Wow, interesting. Anyway, I have tried horse meat in the past, but I don't think I would try it again. I think the horse is an animal that is too personable at relatable to humans. I'd feel bad.

  • no

  • yeah I would its lean and healthy but some very highly educated celebrities and politicians who are animal/environmental/food experts are trying to ban it in the US because horses are pretty.

  • If you've ever ate a Chinese takeaway you've probably eaten worse.

  • If it tastes good then sure why not? I might even try Zebra! :D

  • Of course, without remorse or force, even if it's texture is coarse and and my wife, a vegan, might resort to divorce. I would want to know its source, of course, before I would endorse.

  • I wouldn't mind eating it, what's the difference between that and a cow? in terms of what they do plus the meat that they give, I don't understand the distinctions people make about eating cow vs horse vs deer vs lamb... Why is it deemed OK to eat a cow but not a horse? I don't get it

  • depends if there is nothing to eat and I can cook it well

  • Yea as long as no one kept on repeating it :P

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