What's the worst injury you've had?

What it says. What type, where, how did you get it.

For me...

I have a knife wound on my right shoulderblade that grated on bone, it's a twisting scar goes up and out. Got that fron, as you may guess, someone trying to stab me.

I have scars from concrete splinters all over my left hip, explosives went off and gouged out huge amounts of loose 'crete.

non-visual...I have some rather unique nerve damage in my right hand and forearm, basically I can feel most stuff but if it goes above a certian pain threshold it cuts out. So I can feel gentle heat, but if I burned myself I probably wouldn't feel it. That's basically accumulated trauma, or so I've been told. I've hit a lot of things and broken that arm once or twice, and I've got some peculiar damage now.

last but not least, I have a puncture wound in my left abdomen, I fell onto an iron truss.


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  • I broke my humerus clean in half and had really bad nerve damage in my left arm in 4th grade. Don't run through the house and fall, kids... I was actually never supposed to be able to straighten my arm all the way out or touch my back with that hand or fully gain back motion in my fingers but I had a miraculous total recovery and I'm good as new except for my left arm is a lot weaker and I have 3 scars from the pins. Thank God for that.

    Other than that, I've had (at least) 15 kidney stones from the age 10 up until I was 15. I didn't even drink soda which is supposed to be a major cause of them. Just unlucky I guess. Fun stuff.

    • Kidney stones are a bitch >.< had them for 4 years on and off. Peeing Razorblades isn't fun.

    • Mine were pretty complicated...they made me throw up really bad and I had to go to the hospital a couple times... Ikr.

    • Yea they made me nauseous too. And pee blood. That's intresting about Soda. Never knew that could case them. I rarely if ever drank it so I don't think that caused mine.

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  • 3 concussions but the one really hurt because by accident my friend hit me in the eye with a wood plank and the second one because me and my cousin were swinging on a rail he pulls my foot and I hit my head on the concrete. Third one I fell down some concrete stairs leaning to far back in a chair.

    Broke my toe and bruised a bone being too competitive in gym hockey.

    Once I was playing with my dog and the cord we tied him up with wrapped around my ancles and he ran causing it to dig my ancles(stitches).

    Jammed my wrist and pinki because I thought I was a daredevil that day.

    And I'm forever having back and neck problems but I go to the chiropractor so it feels a lot better.

    Some of me eyelashes used to grow inward towards my eye and kept scratching my cornea thank goodness I got those removed but the surgery hurt to since they can't numb you. Psorasis/eczema hurts especially if I don't put on the right lotion or eat right and start scratching open my skin.

  • Elbow being yanked out of its socket and a torn groin... My weekend plans were ruined jk lol

  • Fractured my femur, then the bottom of the femur crumbled and went between my knee cap and snapped my meniscus , and tore my knee cartilage. Fractured my spine in c3 and c4. Dislocated my pelvis (both hips) and cracked my right arm /: and cracked 4 ribs...

  • I have Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele & Hydrocephelus I have a big ugly looking scar across my back from where my lesion was closed at birth. The I had to have my spinal cord untethered so they reopened the same scar, make it look 1000x worse because of the scar tissue. I've also have 4 brain surgeries which I'm told have left some pretty big scars on my head. I've had 6 orthopaedic surgeries so there are many scars all over my feet and legs. For one of my orthopaedic surgeries I had to have a bone graft taken from my hip, so I have a sizeble scar there and I have a scar on my side where my rib cage is that was associated with one of my brain surgeries.

  • I broke my nose during a really complicated cheerleading stunt. But that pales in comparison to what most people are saying here... Oh well, it hurt!

  • wow those are some serious injuries . I have not had any terrible injuries (knock on wood) I used to always get hit in the face/nose during sports (baseball and basketball), but that's all I can think of..


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  • axe on the foot as a kid

    baseball hit me in my mouth

    knee was kicked in the side and not sure if it tore my acl

  • I got Bursitis in my knee after taking a helmet to my knee. My knee was swollen to about the size of a softball. Looked like this: link

  • Worst injury I have ever sustained was 3 concussions. When your brain won't work right during a concussion, nothing else will work right.

  • I don't think it counts as an injury but I had a blood clot and I have to get my first rib removed and a neck muscle removed. That sucked lol

  • I was trying to open a canned food but I didn't have a can opener so I tried a knife. it slipped away and I cut my veins on my wrist. I still have a scar. people think I'm suicidal lol

  • We had a race once over who could eat ice cream the fastest and I got really bad brain freeze.