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Why do men tell me to smile?

It's something that actually annoys me. If I don't want to smile, I don't have too. I don't have To go around smiling. It's random men sometimes or... Show More

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  • It's arrogant IMO.what would make you think it's your business to tell a stranger that? It just goes back to the mind set some people have about women having to always seem pleasant and pleasing to any man regardless of her actual feelings. I don't even respond to guys who say that stupidity, it's not cute

    • It's gets me really angry actually lol

    • ok so we'll just stop caring when you are sad or angry...

    • Exactly. It's the whole I wanna get laid thing

What Guys Said 7

  • No guy likes to see a girl in distress or unhappy, so the times we say smile is us testing your OK, or that they know you have a great smile and just want to see it again,x

  • Because you probably look like you're mad all the time.

  • those guys are morons. people like that are rude. they feel responsible for you for some reason. god know why... it looks pathetic. someone mature will recognize the way you feel by glancing at you.

    • Exactly!

    • or it could be because they wanna see that beautiful smile; well only the ones who have the balls to actually come up to you and "hit" on you, they would say something like, "i bet you have a beautiful smile..."

  • walking around with a smug glummy frown and attitude is disgusting and selfish wanting people to feel sorry for you. NOT attractive or inviting. You're already here on Earth may as well make the best of it.

    A Smile has the power to change the world!

    So smile!

  • I think it's because you look upset, angry, or even bitchy. I'm guessing it's because you're a pretty girl, and they don't get why you look unhappy. Maybe they seek to help. There's also a chance they've seen you smile before, and think you have a pretty smile, but if it's random stranger probably not so much.

    Granted, you don't have to do it, and I can see how it can get annoying. People do that to me all the time too. Still, I think they mean well enough. Especially if this comes from any of your friends family or assorted loved ones. In those cases, do try to be understanding. If it's strangers, feel free to tell them off, or bare minimum ask them what the fuck.

  • people look way more attractive when they smile.

  • Because girls that don't smile look pretentious and bitchy.

What Girls Said 7

  • You probably just look unhappy

    They're just trying to be nice

  • You probably look unhappy and they are just looking out for you. They don't mean any harm in it.

  • Its not a big deal. Its like people saying "hi, how are you?. Do they actually care how you are? Nooo Same as asking you to smile, people think its a way of breaking the ice or cheering you up, like smile it'll never happen.

  • It's kind of a compliment. It means they think you are cute, but would be cuter if you smiled. They want to see you looking happy. It's really important to guys that the women around them act happy because most guys actually feel somewhat responsible for the happiness of girls. Weird but true.

  • I think it depends on my mood. If I am really annoyed and they insist that I smile, then I will be pissed off. But if it is on normal situation, then I would think that they are just trying to see if I am happy or not. Then usually I would smile at them.

  • they think your face exists for them to look at. they don't like how you're treating their property. making it look unattractive and reminding hem they can't have sex with u. smiles make you look more open to suggestion. more available. more accessible. anyways what right do you have to not make them feel like you're hAppy to see them.

    • guys do this to m too. and no I see no way its looking out for someone to tell them what to do or how to feel or how to look. and contrary to anon above. I do not see them do this with men.

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