What does it mean if a guy says it will be just me you against the world soon with God with us baby

He's 35 I'm 26 year old female. He calls me Hun hunny hunny buns and of course baby. We've been friends for 6months now. I would to get serious with him but how do I tell him.


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  • If you really want to be with him, you need to convey it through your actions and hint it in your conversations with him. In words like, "I would love to spend my future with you someday." Or "I can really see us spending time together for a significant time of our life."

    In actions, you never break eye contact with him. You smile every time you see him. You always touch him subtly like touching his hand, arm, shoulder, or anything else.

    And about your question, it means that he really wants to take it seriously with you. Relax, and enjoy his confession soon enough.

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      thats exactly what I was going to say too. good answer and very truthful.

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      I agree as well with this answer.

      Aercz, you are virtually on every question I read, and it seems that you have done your little bit of research on picking up and developing intimacy during a conversation ^^.