What does it mean if a girl says the reason she changed her feelings of love for you is she changed

I was with her but not really entirely as her boyfriend and she loved me but we were distant physically and she started dating other guys and felt bad about feeling guilty over it and never returned to me again. She never gave me real explanations of why she left. If she only says "i changed" what... Show More

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  • 1) She likes someone else.

    2) Your true colors are finally showing. They might not be bad, and they probably aren't, but maybe she just doesn't like them.

    3) She feels like she's too mature for you.

    4) She is immature herself or needs time to get used to commitment.

    5) She wants to see other people for the sake of seeing people before settling down with one person because she feels like she's depriving herself or settling for one relationship when she could find a "better" one or even just a new experience.

    6) Sometimes, people can get sick of each other after spending too much time together. Maybe she'll miss you, maybe she won't.

    7) Maybe you're either a) a doormat or b) too cold to her.

    8) If you like Nickelback, that can also be a deal breaker.

    • hmmm maybe

    • yay thanks for the best answer.

      good luck with everything.