What is the biggest problem you would like to solve?

You can be facing those problems in your daily life. It can also be a global problem which you would very much want to solve.


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  • Eventually we'll run out of fossil fuels, so a smart thing to do is find some other form of energy. One which is sustainable over centuries preferably. Although I think global warming and cooling are just natural phenomena that have always existed during our planet's history (e.g. tilt of earth, distance from sun, Jupiter influence the trajectories of other planets, sun activity influence the amount of cosmic radiation we receive which creates more clouds, and plenty of other factors), some kind of clean form of energy would be nice. Something that doesn't kill you if you leave the car engine running in a closed garage and doesn't cause smog or causes a risk on the environment as drilling for oil and gas (e.g. oil spills, hydraulic fracturing).

    We really need this as in 50 years or so (?) we'll just run out, and then what? Everything comes to a halt?

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      Jaha. Too Lay-Z to read,but looks good from the first few.words ;)