What is the biggest problem you would like to solve?

You can be facing those problems in your daily life. It can also be a global problem which you would very much want to solve.


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  • Eventually we'll run out of fossil fuels, so a smart thing to do is find some other form of energy. One which is sustainable over centuries preferably. Although I think global warming and cooling are just natural phenomena that have always existed during our planet's history (e.g. tilt of earth, distance from sun, Jupiter influence the trajectories of other planets, sun activity influence the amount of cosmic radiation we receive which creates more clouds, and plenty of other factors), some kind of clean form of energy would be nice. Something that doesn't kill you if you leave the car engine running in a closed garage and doesn't cause smog or causes a risk on the environment as drilling for oil and gas (e.g. oil spills, hydraulic fracturing).

    We really need this as in 50 years or so (?) we'll just run out, and then what? Everything comes to a halt?

    • Jaha. Too Lay-Z to read,but looks good from the first few.words ;)

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  • Personally I'd like to be free of my student loans from college. I'm in the process but I'd say that is the biggest burden in my life personally.

    On a world scale. I wish we could reach racial & ethnic harmony. I am a pacifist and hoper for world peace and believe that with less bigotry, racism, prejudice, and stereotype we could have a much more peaceful world

    • Student loans are a bitch. Good luck!

      And I agree with harmony.

  • Energy. More particularly - fusion.

    So. Much. Money.

  • How to get back the woman I love (she's married and I believe has a kid so don't really want to do it i.e. breaking up a family and create ripples in her otherwise that I assume happy life) ;)

    How to get my daughter to be with me without resorting to mind or any other games :D

    Any other problem and I always have solutions to them ;) :D

    HEY, why don't you send an update with what's the problem YOU'd like solved

    • I hope things will get better for you!

      As for the update, I will in some time. :)

    • Thanks both ways :) appreciate it

  • Fusion power. That would solve the energy problem, the ecological crisis and the economy in one sweeping go and make all kinds of new tech possible.

  • Fix people's ignorance of guns.

  • The problem I want to solve is people in power trying to solve everyone's problems. The world is full of people in power who or forcing their own views on other people "for their own good".

    • Yeah. It's true. Sadly, I don't see a solution for it though. Atleast not until the human race is extinct.

  • END RAPE or the kind of thing that happened in sudbeunville recently...with the video of guys joking about it )to be fair there are guys in the bacground that said things like "what if she was your sister?" and calling them out). I'm no feminist friend...i find plenty of them isnane..but crap like the unacceptalbe level of rape give them jsutificaiton to hate males, for women to distrust us and view us with suscpicion///i can't stand that..I hate the hostility it has created...its hard for me to feel like an idnivdual..im a guy that wouldn't harm a fly and literally don't understand how any could make light of something so horiric let alone do soethign so awful to a human being..and for what? sexual gratication froma girl who doesn't want you to touch her? I don't get it...not at all...i hate that guys like that are ruining our gender's reptuation...but at this point...i hope there more good guys than bad...as for me I just want to find a girl thatll tolerate me and have kids with..raise any sons to be decent respectable, compassioante men and any daughters..it would be my greatest achievement if they grew up proud of their dad and loved me...then ill know that I at least repscted the females in my life and got their respect and affection..no greate honor than that when it comes to gender relations...i hate the awful things that go on that cast suscipn on any one with a penis...i cnat say I think itsnt understnadble or even jsutified tho with all the awful things that happen everyday

  • That I can be god

    • I don't believe in God. Possibly someone with higher power?

    • I believe in the Lord God. I believe He is the best

  • The education system. It sucks. If you have the time watch this video, it helps explain the problem. link

  • sex hunger at wrong time

  • A guide/method to come to equality freedom peace courage honesty love.

    That guide that has not been made yet. one to all aspects of human life.

    Fight for what you love ~courage

    Ignore what hates ~Honesty

    Listen to all that speaks to you ~love

    Do not oversimplify ~truth

    Represent it with what it represents itself by ~Clarity

    Interact with mutual consent ~Equality

    Judge upon what you know ~Trust

    Listen to your intuition ~Insight

    Structure your catagorisations ~Overview

    Those would be phenomena in that guide, and a well mapped explanation for our existence.

  • Global: society's pathetic obsession of pop culture. I hate pop culture so much.

  • How to get the last piece of jam out of the jar :(

    • Put your hand in it and scrape it off. :D

  • End corruption around the world, once that's done other problems become easier to take on.

  • I wish I could fix my eyes as I have had cataracts and nowits difficult for me to see even after surgury. Alsoi wish that I could go back in time and fix my social anxiety and understand that somebof he girls I was around actualy might have liked me

    • Sorry about cataract. Hopefully come up with a solution to end cataract?

    • That would be good!

  • Inflation

  • I wanted to say something trivial to troll you like get the last drop of ketchup out of the bottom of the ketchup bottle, but those bastards at MIT beat me to it. link =P

    • Why did you change your name? =O

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    • I wonder if you sleep at all !

    • I sleep... Though not always at the same time.

  • Connecting three housed and three utility sources without the lines crossing each other in a two dimensional space. If I solve that problem I think I'll grant myself global immunity and do what the hell I like.

  • developing major space crafts, warp engines

  • Human stupidity.

    • I concur

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    • Or maybe it's Dunning-Kruger at it again.

    • Well that's what I was getting at with you... Just trying to shine a little light. Apparently you can't see the your own shadow though.

  • Getting rid of scum.

  • Being unemployed. Sucks so bad. And being 'frustrated'. That's right, in THAT way, lol.

    • I'm unemployed too.. And it does suck. I like to work.

  • karma, have zero of it

    • I have plenty of karma. Bad ones that is.

  • it's not a problem but I'd like to develop a good exercise routine. Also do something about my hair problem, get a good easy job, learn everything I wanted to learn, figure out how to prolong life, and think about the meaning of life.

    • You can still start working on it. Good Luck!

  • my laziness

    • That's something which can still be solved easily. Just gotta try hard.

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    • Soon, It'll be your weight which will not allow you to get up if you don't get up now. :P

      GET UP!

    • im under weight so ill be happy when I gain some

  • unholy rage as soon as possible

  • Hanot syndrome.

  • Letting go of unhappy thoughts.

  • My fears of commitment

  • Liberal ignorance

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  • My insomnia

    • Sorry about that. It must suck. I am a light sleeper where in order to sleep it takes me a minimum of 2 hours even when I am extremely tired. And I wake up at the slightest noise. Insomnia must be worse.

    • I wake up several times and often not able to fall asleep. I use natural sleep aids too :(

      Thanks though

  • People's common sense level.

  • Intolerance. Of how others lives their lives, their views, their beliefs etc

  • World Wise : Indignity. Suffering. Idiocy.

    On a personal level. I don't see my life as a host of problems to be solved. I'm growing as a person, learning about myself , working through the tough parts, and living my life. Not trying to solve it.

  • laziness.

  • To hurt the people I love.

    And I am so sorry of that.

  • build up my strength again so that I can help those who truly need help, such as children. they are most volnerable and often the victim.

    every child can learn,

    every child deserve love,

    children are our future.

  • I have a horrible memory, but I need to overcome that if I want to persue acting

  • My horrible & frequent migraines that my doctor can tell me nothing about.

    • Maybe visit some other doctor(s) ?

  • Medical Malpractice.

    And help people to understand that drugs are drugs whether prescribed by a doctor or not.

    • (Not saying I'm against prescribed drugs.. so don't freak out like everyone does).

  • discrimination of any kind, whether it be racial, gender, disability etc etc

    • What about people that have discriminating tastes. Will they be prohibited from drinking a fine pinot noir over box wine?

  • I need to be better at waking up in the morning.

    I'm definitely a night owl, and that just doesn't mix well with high school studies and working out regularly.

    I feel like I'm losing control lately, and I think the way to regain it is through making sure I sleep enough and eat well :)

  • Overcoming negative thinking ;) and thomking tooo much

    • Try to stay positive. See the good side of things. Good Luck!

    • Merci ;)

  • my happiness is never there I am usually always sad except when I am with my special someone

    • I'm guessing your mind is not occupied with other things? Get busy. And ask yourself what makes you sad. Make the necessary changes.

  • World Hunger

  • My weight problem, my work problem and my money problems.

    • Ahh. Almost every person has that at some point in their lives.

      As long as you don't have any medical conditions, you can still work on your weight issues.

      Good Luck!

    • I am I'm down 15 pounds but I wish I didn't have to deal with it at all.

  • I would like to be close to solving my learning disability

  • here's a good one, 1+ 1

  • world peace.