Guys and girls... what would you feel if you knew that...

when you broke up, your past boyfriend or girlfriend said they felf relief after you break you with them. would you feel bad? or don't care at all?


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  • I wouldn't care. It's normal to feel relieved. Feelings come and go. The next day they might be feeling something else, cough cough...regret...

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  • Sometimes a relationship just needs to end. If they were being honest and I felt the same way, I see no harm in them telling the truth. When you're in a relationship that isn't going well, it is going to be too stressful to want to continue.

  • Depends on what terms we broke up, but it'd probably annoy me a bit... Which is kind of a selfish way to feel, no?

  • Depends on the terms of the break up (mutual or who broke up with who), also as to what context relief was felt (smooth ending etcetera).

  • sounds like breaking up hoping to see a reaction which is just silly

  • Don't care. We're already broken up, so nothing she has to say matters.


What Girls Said 4

  • No.Most people have sour grape when they broke up.No one want to admit each other fault.

  • I guess it would depend on whether it was a serious relationship or a quickie. Serious, it would hurt. The later, wouldn't care at all. Actually, if I did the breaking up, I probably wouldn't care much in either situation really.

  • this would make easier 4 me to move on