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Have you ever donated blood before?

Gave blood today. Have ypu ever given? Last time I did I was dehydrated so it took a while.

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  • Accidentally, back in Glastonbury '08 :/

    • Accidently?...

    • I was surrounded by Hippies, tripped and fell, and the lads who helped me nicked some of my blood :O

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  • Yes. I have donated over 20 times with the latest being last week Wednesday. I never actually feel weak or dehydrated afterward because I make sure that I've eaten before donating and that my fluids are OK. The clinic also provides juice, coffee or tea as well as a couple of biscuits just to make sure that donators are good for the rest of the day. Donating blood is a good thing to do an every pint collected will help someone who needs it

    • I love all the free food and incentives involved ;)...worst that happened to me was I was walking up stairs and felt real tired and heart was Pounding

  • I haven't since high school. I felt a bit weaker only for the rest of the day.

  • NO! I hate needles! D:

    my blood is my blood! D:

    • Yrue, but its good to lose some to replenish with new blood ;)

  • yes and never had any problems afterwords. :D

    • Same here

  • I give double red blood cell donations regularly, as long as I drink tons of water and have a big meal with some kind of meat in it I never have problems.

  • Only when the doctor had to take some, lol.

    • Dont count. Nice try ;)

    • Lol!

  • yeah i have. it feels good to donate. wait wat was the pint of this question? hhahha get it? pint? but seriously!!! DONT U HAVE BETTER QUESTIONS TO ASK GUYS??!?!?!!?

  • yes.

  • I'm a registered blood donor but they never call me. There is always a surplus of donors in my area and I think I'm at the end of the list from too many sexual partners or something...

  • No, I would but among mice, needles in my veins freak me the hell out...

    • :D I'm scared too!

    • Yeah. That pinch hurt when she punctured me...then for the nect 30 minutes iy was just like a little poke that won't relent. Then you're done ;)

  • Yes my junior year in high school.

  • I have given blood about 12 times. Call me weird, but it feels good to me physically. The blood loss makes me feel relaxed and calm. You also help out a lot of people too.

    Can't beat free cookies and cute staff!

  • I have not

  • Never have but I definitely want to, I don't even know what blood type I am even though I'm a scientist.

  • I haven't donated blood, but I would consider it in the future of course.

  • I will never give blood, people have been so nice to me that I think I will keep my blood even when someone is in need

    • Okay.

What Girls Said 10

  • I have about 10 times or so. I also ran a few in high school. I can't say it's a pleasant experience, but I always feel great doing it. Plus my blood type is the universal donor, so they're always calling me to schedule a donation.

  • Yup. It's been a while, but I try to give once or twice a year

    • Woops

      Meant to *up the comment

    • Ha ha I've done that before it's all good!

  • I don't weigh enough

  • yes I have :)

  • Yep, first time this year ! I was so happy because they had rejected me a few times before (recent surgery and so on...)

    I'll do it again soon :)

    I'm registered for bone arrow, but I haven't been called yet !

    • ZI am too!

    • *bone marrow*

    • Yep.

  • I would if I could (I think they call the type of blood I have the ''universal'' type) but I can't because I'm underweight :/

    • eat a sandwich.

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    • lol, don't get me started I'm drunk right now. =P

    • El em ay oh

  • lol I donated today too

  • I certainly have. I am A+, the most common blood type. They are appreciative but they don't flip over my blood like they do over AB-, the most rare of the blood types.

    • I'm A+ too. Id rather be O or AB

  • I donated plasma before and sometimes that stuff can make you sick.

  • yeah once a year.been doing this since I was like 18 so I have donated my blood 3 times in my entire life and I'm proud of it.

    • Same here

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