If you had the abilities of superman what's the CRAZIEST thing you would do with it.

Example: run through a mountain,

shoot self in face with handguns.

What would YOU do?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I would go rescue a fair maiden in distress. Then I'd f*** her.

    Then I would do it all again because...I can.

    Then I'd try to do something good.

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What Girls Said 8

  • Travel around the world, the universe, make a lot of money, fight for justice, save people, float in space when I am frustrated with the world.

    crazy things: I'd fly so fast and high and let my body fall from space and just before I hit water I fly up and do spirals... just do a lot of things that gave me adrenaline rush.

    i'd do everything that makes me happy, and feel so amazing , knowing the many possibilities in my life

  • I'd just travel the universe. It's not "crazy" but it would be awesome!

  • I would fly to Mexico to get drunk :D

  • use the x-ray vision to look at boobs

    • nice lol. why not mens d*cks though?

    • i like boobs better for the most part

  • I would fly around tokyo

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What Guys Said 9

  • Rob the worlds most secure diamond vault for sh*ts and giggles and then knock off a dozen or so banks for some spending money. Step two of my plan would be to buy an island and populate it with one thousand sexy concubines.

  • Science.

  • Craziest? Probably fake my own suicide in front of a few different friends just to mess with them, it'd be hilarious to me.

  • Probably explore some planets.. he seems to be able to breathe in space.

  • I would just start flying...flying as fast as I can Superman-ly go

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