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What's your favorite home-made exfoliation mask?

What's your favorite home-made exfoliation mask? questionistooshort

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  • Sugar! Just use white, granulated sugar in your cleanser or before cleansing. It's simple, cheap and works wonders. If your skin is a bit more sensitive, you can try brown sugar(extremely common). It's just an exfoliating scrub though, not a mask.

    Also, I've come to prefer to buy clay masks that come in powder form where you have to mix it with water on your own to make a mask. What I do, is I use the Aztec Indian Healing clay and add ground coffee to it. The coffee has caffeine in it that can help de-puff your face and eyes, but when you're rinsing the mask off, you exfoliate gently with the ground coffee.

    Examples of the masks I speak of:



    I buy the first from Vitaminshoppe and the second can be purchased from Whole Foods.

    Aspirin Mask, which is a little too harsh for me. Buy uncoated aspirin, crush it, make into paste with a little water. Apply to skin and leave for no more than 10 minutes:


    Turmeric masks are also quite common but I'm scared to do it because supposedly it can leave a yellow-brown tint to your skin. I'm not white, but my skin has a yellow/gray undertone to it and picks up color easily.

    I loveee egg white masks!


    It's more of a chemical exfoliant, but it works wonders. If oily skin is a problem or you have uneven skin tone, you can add a bit of lemon juice. If dryness is a problem a bit of almond oil or even EVOO can help. I personally though, don't add anything. If I do add something, it's lemon juice.

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  • Salt or sugar with olive oil

  • Lemon, avocado, coconut and sugar

  • I like sugar with cocoanut oil or a baking soda with water :)

  • I use oatmeal. I just put water and mix it with the oatmeal and just scrub my face with it. This is really gentle and it is suitable for sensitive skin too.

  • i use the following 3

    1) Dish washing liquid (washing up soap for dishes) with 2 spoons of sugar

    2) tooth paste

    3) or I buy one from the store

  • coffee grounds with water! (what's left after you make coffee) It really gives your skin an instant boost.

    sugar and honey

  • yoghurt mask!

  • Mix Lemon juice, Sugar and Olive Oil together to make a paste.

    Gently rub/massage on face and neck.



    I make enough for one session because it's quick and easy to make.

    This is also good for hands and feet. Again, rinse after

    • cum...spunk full of vitamin e

  • Honey and strawberries. Strawberries are good or your skin and the little seeds take off the dead skin

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