Why some girls like bad guys more?

Girls almost always pick bad boys over me every time? I'm not enough attractive or they just enjoy company of bad boys? I'm very surprise most nice guys or good guys are single. I don't mean to rant but I'm just trying to understand why that happen.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well this may be me stereotyping but usually the girls who go after the bad guys are kinda easy sometimes.. OR they may be all lovey dovey and think the guy is hot... and different.

    Girls like guys who dont' always agree with them because they see it as a challenge of changing them.. whereas nice guys give them everything... I mean I personally LIKE nice guys.. I don't get along with bad guys and I know a lot of girls are like me but some girls like guys either because:

    1. they are low self-esteem.. I had friends like that.. they had low self -esteem probably didn't believe they deserved a good guy and only went after the hot bad guys even if they were treated like utter crap

    2. They're lovey dovey

    3. Like the challenge

    4. Are easy lol xD

    I don't know its kinda me stereotyping.. and honestly you are not ugly.. I just think you haven't met the right girl..There's TONS of nice girls for the nice guys :).. I think you just need to be confident and wait because some girl is gonna fall in love with you have faith and believe

    Plus those bad guys.. their relationships end up crappy anyways