Why some girls like bad guys more?

Girls almost always pick bad boys over me every time? I'm not enough attractive or they just enjoy company of bad boys? I'm very surprise most nice guys or good guys are single. I don't mean to rant but I'm just trying to understand why that happen.


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  • Well this may be me stereotyping but usually the girls who go after the bad guys are kinda easy sometimes.. OR they may be all lovey dovey and think the guy is hot... and different.

    Girls like guys who dont' always agree with them because they see it as a challenge of changing them.. whereas nice guys give them everything... I mean I personally LIKE nice guys.. I don't get along with bad guys and I know a lot of girls are like me but some girls like guys either because:

    1. they are low self-esteem.. I had friends like that.. they had low self -esteem probably didn't believe they deserved a good guy and only went after the hot bad guys even if they were treated like utter crap

    2. They're lovey dovey

    3. Like the challenge

    4. Are easy lol xD

    I don't know its kinda me stereotyping.. and honestly you are not ugly.. I just think you haven't met the right girl..There's TONS of nice girls for the nice guys :).. I think you just need to be confident and wait because some girl is gonna fall in love with you have faith and believe

    Plus those bad guys.. their relationships end up crappy anyways


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  • Nice guys aren't as assertive and confident as bad boys, confidence is an attractive trait on men or women, some girs like guys that are tough and it gives them a feeling of protection, they do things their own way and go beyond limitations (screw the rules I can do whatever I want). Bad boys are kind of unique too, however the advantages that a nice guy has over bad boys is their personality, their not complete a**holes and they don't put their girlfriends in danger by drugs, reckless acts etc. girls and guys a like, like to chase when a nice guy is always starting conversations, doing everything for her etc it is perceived as clingy and that a turnoff. You don't need to change into a bad boy to get the girls, just try playing hard to get a little more and focus on enhancing your self for your own benefit instead of worrying about girls, the right one will come to you! I am a "good girl" so I know what your going through. Just be yourself and the right person will accept you for who you are, you won't have to change a thing :)

  • Girls aren't so much looking for bad boys as they are looking for a man with a lot of confidence. A guy's confidence can make a girl feel more secure about the relationship, and it also makes us feel small and feminine, if that makes any sense. Most girls are looking for masculine guys, I guess, not just guys who are badasses.

    However, the bad boy effect has been on-going since the beginning of time. It's not so much the bad boy himself, but what he represents on a subconscious level. The freedom and confidence to shrug aside social norms, awkwardness, insecurities, etc. We see in the bad boy what we want to feel in ourselves. It's thrilling, dangerous sometimes, and overall, liberating.

    Most people grow out of it. Now might not be your time.

    Or you're looking for the wrong girl.

  • Bad guys, made us feel the challenges of loving. :)

  • I think it depends on the girl like bad girls sometimes go for the sweet caring guys.Bad boys are exciting because they're adventurous and unpredictable...or so I've heard.

  • They have the confidence and sex appeal going on... and that takes control of the relationship.

    I can see why.

    At the end of the day.. these women that go for these kinds of guys.. are going to be hurt, heart broken, and missing a piece of themselves that once was there.

    My friends wish they would of waited and went with a good guy.

  • One thing about bad boys is that they are hot. They are not hot because they are bad, they are bad because they are hot. They usually eat well and go to the gym and wear nice clothes, etc. They get away with it because they understand the female psyche. Even though so many girls claim looks are not important these guys know that looks are. They know that few guys understand this so most guys don't pay much attention to their looks. So lots of girls want these hot guys making it easy for them to act like jerks and get away with it.

    • You aren't describing a bad boy, you're describing a pretty boy preppy prick

  • Cuz nice guys give in easily and fall easily..bad boys play hard to get and don't show emotions right away. Wen we kno someone likes us we don't even bother if we don't feel nothibg for them..but wen we crush on a bad guy its always interesting to want to kno if he likes us or not so we pursue him

  • I think the good guys are too clingy at first and then it's like it's too easy to catch them and I get bored or they're just freakin weirdos and I'm totally not attracted to them.

  • to be honest I sta away from bad boys cos I know the sh*t they can cause and how they can reallly hurt a girl..i friend zone the bad guys...they give pretty good advice wen it comes to being careful of a guy tho...but dnt worry...be patient the right grl will come ...its worth the wait,...after all those grls will see that good guys are the way to go :)

    • or us good guys, need to grow some courage.

      I saw this today, how wearing courage makes girls look at me, how they become enjoyed when I talk to them in such a way. the friendly grin, and the passive eyes.

      i'm 21 now, never experienced it like this, have been practicing my confidence with talking to random girls/woman on the street, at the train station., etc.

      I can be both. I need to be to have the life I want, it requires courage.

      I will practice to be a man, and get the girl I do this for.

    • haha true you gta have confidence...we grls love that...bt over confidence or arrogance :) just be careful :)

  • 'Bad boys' are usually more confident, which makes it easier to date a 'bad boy'. Also when your younger girls want a bit of fun and a 'bad boy' can often provide this for a girl. I think once a girl grows up and begins looking for a serious relationship she will look for a 'good guy' who she can trust and be proud of to take to meet her parents.

  • I seriously don't see more crappy guys than good where I have lived. You just need to find a girl that respects herself and wants a guy that will treat we well and vise versa. Hope this encourages you to stay the nice guy and go looking for the right girl!

  • Im hot, but I carry myself with class. I have a boyfriend and I'm still a virgin. It just depends on what type of people you like. Eventually those girls are going to come to there senses, they just need a littlt push , that's all.

  • I think most girls gotta date a few bad boys & get it outta their system before realizing the problems with bad boys & why good men are the way to go. The one quality in bad boys that is good is their usally confident. But that's about it

  • Here is the thing with me.

    I do like the a$$hole type of guy...but I like the ones who know when it's okay to be an a$$hole. Like it is NEVER okay to be a jerk to me. You cheat - you're gone. You lie - you're gone. But if you wanna go ahead and make rude jokes or troll people - that's fine by me.

    My advice don't stop what you're doing. What you need is a good WOMAN, not a girl. Girls still want to go out and have fun got loaded and go home with whoever is there. Ya know what I mean? It sounds like you're looking for a serious relationship. So in that case do not change who you are to get the girl...make the girls want you. Don't answer every single time she calls. If she wants to make plans last minute - tell her you got something else going on. But don't go full on a$$hole.

  • Are you sure you're a nice guy? More info is needed to answer this question... My last boyfriend went on and on about what a nice guy he was and he was really an a**hole. No offense.

    • Can't you tell from that smile that this man is everyones prince charming...

    • Aww! Thank for making my day! @pingupassion

  • Because they think they can turn them into good boys

  • Are they wild girls? I don't know too many people who are flat out "bad boys" or "nice guys" ... most people are in between. But if you mean people who drink and do drugs, generally it's because birds of a feather flock together.

  • it's the same with boys!

    boys always like the bad girls, who don't care about anything and sleep around, while the good ones are single...

    well I am a good girl and I liked a good boy and did he like me back? no! he prefers the slutty blond who goes home with another guy every weekend and he exactly knows this!

    i start to feel that if you are no a bitch/bad you get nowhere and are just used and if you are a bitch you get everything you want

  • I like good guys! I love bad boys but even good guys have some edge to them. Everyone does!

  • Most "nice" guys are clingy.

    And also, "jerks" make girls feel a waterfall of emotions. And emotions translate to something deeper. Thus, girls fall for the jerks.

  • I don't really understand well what bad guy means. If we are talking about players so mainly girls that are insecure go for them, because they see that that guys are popular and want to assert themselves through relationships with players. If you mean guys that don't follow all rules that like to risk and are unpredictable so they are very attractive because they are interesting and not boring. If you mean guys that are confident with girls and show them their desires so they make us feel wanted and flattered. But in general I think there is only one type of guys to which most girls are not attracted it's shy, Innocent and insecure guys.

  • There are two types of bad boys

    Men who get women and seduce them

    And then

    Men in prison

    I love men in prision

  • because they are fun.

  • I don't understand it at all. I don't want to date an a**hole, no matter how nice he might look. I'd much rather be with someone who's nice.

    • Yea sad they pick Guy over me.

  • They're more exciting

  • "Bad boys" get the girl because they're sexy, dangerous, something that should be left alone. It makes it exciting and what not. However, the bad boy only keeps the girl if HE'S worth keeping around. Women your age should be starting to figure out the bad boy usually comes with a price. I got lucky, I got a 'bad boy' who is really just a big softy when it's just us two ;-)

  • Very few good guys (that are attractive) are single. If girls are picking other guys over you, it's not because they're bad, it's because they're more attractive.

  • some girls like a challenging guy and/or relationship or they were brought up in that type situation and they repeat it, some girls don't believe they deserve anything better, some girls are still under the impression they can 'fix' him and will try because of his looks.

  • Not "bad guys" but guys who know how to be "bad" or boyish every once in a while. No one wants to be in a 100% predictable relationship.

  • Because they are usually hot, and because girls can be pretty stupid.


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  • It's because the bad boys are the ones who have the confidence to convey to the girls that they are interested in her. Girls love to be desired, and that's a fact, evidenced by their frequent make-ups and daily beauty refinement. The nice/good guys always stands in the corner, acting too cool and expecting the girl to approach them. That's not cool at all. They won't ever come close.

    The bad boys are always chasing for them, telling them how much they want to be with them, and that's what makes them cool to the girls' eyes.

  • Confidence bro. I don't personally believe in "good" or "bad" guys. Way too arbitrary; There are guys who have confidence and get chicks and guys who don't. Also, "nice" guys (as they are often called) are generally too nice. Chicks don't want a guy to cater to their every whim and follow them around like a sick puppy. Live your own life. Be confident and comfortable with yourself so you don't feel the need to put on a facade of "nicety", which really just reeks of "desperate" and "too available".

    Now this isn't to say treat women like sh*t. Keep a strong foundation of morality, that is a good thing. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, just learn from them; Just be yourself. Call them on their sh*t, and show them you aren't afraid to cut to the chase. Be spontaneous and unpredictable, yet romantic and mysterious enough to keep them wanting more. Don't mistake being nice with pining and cow-towing, they are not the same thing, at all.

    Also, just because you play the field doesn't mean you are a bad guy. Practice. Practice. Practice. Practice flirting, conversing, picking up body language, and getting numbers/dates. This will make it easier to meet women. If a chick is pulling you along on a string to hang out or date some other guy then stop talking to her for a while (this drives them nuts when they think they have you around their finger). Find the chicks that like you for you and be selective and deliberate.

    Which brings me to my last point: You are probably going after the wrong kind of girls. You probably aren't their type dude. Some girls have commitment issues and aren't looking for Long-term relationship material. Some girls want to fix a guy. Some girls are after money, status, fame, etc. Basically, a woman is a bowl; This bowl is pristine, round, and beautifully crafted. It is filled with 10 different kinds of STEAMING PILES OF CRAZY. It's all about finding the flavor of crazy that suits your pallet.

    Good luck dude.

    • I will also add that if women weren't this crazy, then they wouldn't be anywhere near as interesting as they are. Don't mistake my depiction of women as misogyny. They may be nuts, but they are still wonderful and majestic.

  • Is not that they want a bad boy, is that they prefer a bad boy with knows howto trigger her attraction, a man that its confident etc , rather than a nice guy that issubmissive, and unskilled... They would prefer a good guy with is confident man, some one with the skills of a bad guy but that instead of bad is good man, a badass good guy...but the thing is... Good guys are rare...guys with balls and confident thatare good at dating are rare... And guys that are both good and dating pros a even rarer...so you see most women don't have so many options.

    I guess many woman are asking a question similar to yours "why all guys that are good to me are so boring, awkard or uniteresting?

    Aalso there is a second big problem... Bad guys makes sure to appear like good men, withngets easier to do when someone finds you attractive, its really hard to judge someone when that persons makes you horny, just like judging hot women with perfect body and face is very hard for men. So you see? Ussualy when a woman sees a bad guy she thinks he is the so dreamed and rare good fun guy that triggers her sexual drive.

    So its not like women are overall more stupid than men. Is a complex phenomena of scarcity that hurts the woman, the nice guys that loves her, and on the long run even gets the bad guys when he cannot have a meaninful relationship but just a long record of women that hold a grudge on him for being an a**hole.

    Only thing we can do? Let start building our balls while mantaing or good intentions, lets turn in the so needed good badass, cause for each one fo those ther is a happy fullfilled woman, and a happy fullfilled man. And that can only contagiatw those who lsurrounds us.it could inspire other to be better.

  • GOOGOL. That is 10 to the power of 100. That is amount of time I've seen this 'Why girls like bad boys' question here at GAG.

  • another nice guy debate as usual

  • They don't CHOOSE who they're attracted to. Nor do we. Don't feel bad about it.

    Women - Can't/don't like to admit to what they are attracted to. Think of it this way. The "nice guy" would have likely not been able to protect them in the tribal days, and they would've been killed. The bad boy has appealing evolutionary characteristics.

    Men - We are no different. Generally, we don't get into relationships with women that are old. We mate with younger women, because we are attracted to younger women. They are fertile. We are attracted to women with curves because in the tribal days, children would more easily survive childbirth.

    People generally don't like these types of explanations, because they feel as though they aren't in "control." But it doesn't make it not true.

    Develop characteristics in yourself that are evolutionarily appealing and you will have higher success with women.