Religious folk and Atheists, can we ever get along?

I'm just curious. Quite frankly the going tit for tat with people of differnt beleifs is annoying and hack to me. By now it seems we acknowlege that we all have different beleifs and move on.

There seems to be this constant struggle between atheists and religious people.

It seems each side sometimes is eager to verbally or morally attack the other. Sometimes the attacks seem unwaranted and unessary.

For example if god isn't being discussed, I don't see any reason to stir up trouble by pushing the discussion on someone else, or poke fun at someones beleifs/values.

So my question is can we really ever get along? What would It take? Just total silence on certain issues? Or are we just do differnt and opposing?

Reguardless of which side fall on there seems to be inherent arrogance. It just seems a bit annoying and pointless to argue the issue.

So what do you think?

Btw not sure why this is under sexuality...that was a mistake.
I see a bunch of answers saying "Yes just don't ever bring it up." Yeah that solves it I guess but realistically It will come up eventually. I think such beleifs are part of who a person is, not all, but part. People should be on a lvl where they can discuss these things at least once, explain themselves with maturity and respect, and move on.


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  • I honestly think it is vocal minority in each group that is more concerned with trying to feel superior than get along with others.

    • True. That's part of it. I never understood what feeling superior really does? Ego trip?

    • This one is good, short, accurate and to the point.

    • Thanks for BA

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  • Can we get along? Yes.

    What would it take? Respect.

  • I'm a Christian and don't mind atheists. However, I do mind when they disrespect my religion. :/

  • Aslong as people cannot respect others viewpoints and stop trying to force their own agenda then no, religious people and atheists or agnostic will never get along. Neither will those of different religions

    • Hm..I see..Hopefully It's possible to overcome these things for the most part...eventually...

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    • Lol but it does happen.

    • @LoveBambi. It can happen amongst those who can have a discussion with tolerance and respect but on the overall scheme of things its not that common. Just take a look around the world, includingm country where intolerance and bigotry has led to pointless suffering on every side

  • Lol I like this question. I am a Christian and didn't get along with my liberal friends because I always felt like they just stepped on my beliefs or just totally disagreed with them and I guess I found it offensive. Just being honest. And we did have debates but I couldn't really agree with them. There's a Bible verse that says

    "How can two people walk together unless they agree?" somewhere along those lines and it's about friendship. You can be friends with atheists and unbelievers but sometimes you'll disagree with them or they will disagree with you. Its just your conscious or lack thereof. I dunno...

    But do I believe that people can still respect each other? Yes. But will we be completely alike? No.

    honestly..I don't think it's right for Christian or atheist to look down on one another.. and even as a Christian I am offended at some stuff that unbelievers do.. but I don't really shove my religion down their throat... and I think in general.. everyone on Youtube bickers.. I see people fighting not even about religion but everybody in our society (especially) online wants to point a finger

    like "Your wrong!" or "your an idiot" just look at Youtube everyone fights nowadays constantly online xD and everyone wants to blame and start a war even if it isn't over religion but something as small as an OPINION or music preference

    • Oh I have seen the YouTube shenanigans plenty of times. People can be different and still be friends, or have respect for each other.

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    • I don't know but honestly you're right the fights get people no where. Some people are passionate about their religion or lack thereof which makes them ready to fight. Like I always hated debating because nobody sees it from your angle. I guess that's how debates are and honestly there's no point because everybody is stubborn. I guess if Jesus were alive I don't know if he would even waste his time debating lol xD

    • haha...True

  • It would take respect. I have no problems with atheist or diffrent religious. The only problem I have is ignorant people and it goes both ways.

    • It absolutley does go both ways, thanks for the response.

  • I'm very religious but have atheist friends. The difference is that we respect one another for being able to have our own opinions and ideals. If we get into a discussion and it starts to get heated, one of us simply says "I don't think we're going to see eye to eye", and the other backs down. Then we switch to some other conversation.

    You don't have to agree, but people need to respect others for their ability to form their own opinions.

  • if a person is able to respect other peoples beliefs and overall life then he can obviously get along with other people that are different. sadly not eveyone is like that.

    • True, some people just won't mature enough to ever do this I suppose.

  • There are some people who are so close minded on religion.. I just never bring the subject up in the first place, there's no point really.

  • I'm religious, but I don't like to talk about religion unless I'm in church or talking with other religious (or calm) people (even if they don't follow my doctrine). But I will defend my viewpoints if people find it necessary to harass me about them. I just don't see why they do.

  • Sure I have no problem with religious people. As long as they don't start pushing there believes on me. Then there is a problem. I will exit stage left.

  • I'm a Christian and one of my best friends is Atheist. We agree to disagree on the subject of religion and Move the Hell On!

    • Lol, that's good. A lot of people can't it seems.

    • *Alot of people can't seem to do this, Its great when You can.

  • The bible talks about this, and it says to not harden your heart to them, but not to have a close relationship with them.. Some people think it mean they can't have anything to do with them... but I think that we could get along..

  • A Christian and an Atheist walk into a bar.

    They proceed to have a few drinks and enjoy each others' company because they are not pretentious jerks.

  • Yea as long as we don't talk about religion

  • Well someone I once considered a best friend was an atheist when we first met and I'm Catholic. I can pretty much get along with anyone regardless of their background though. I can talk to an atheist about our differences in the same way I can talk to a Roman Orthodox. As long as people aren't beating each other over their beliefs, or trying to convert them we should be fine.

  • Prob in sexuality because you put tit for tat ha ha d:

    Some of us can get along but the extremists on either side will never be able to compromise unfortunately

    • Lol...tit for tat...yeah maybe that's it...Extremists are annoying.

    • Yup ): extremists of any kind are always really annoying they always give such bad reps to whatever belief, faction, group, etc that they belong to

    • I hope that I answered your question on my answer.

  • I think we can get along, as long as we don't bring it up :/

    Most people cannot have a logical discussion about it, and quite reasonably, because someone always ends up having their beliefs offended. I think religion is just a topic to always steer clear of, then we can all get along with our lives and be happy.

    • So its just a taboo subject always. Some people are mature enough to have convos about this without getting offended though...obviously not most

  • Of course we can. It's only the zealots and extremists on either end that have the problems getting along. I am an Atheist and I can't get along with the Atheists that push their belief on others or make fun of others for their belief. It goes against my core belief of live and let live.

    • Ah, I see..Live and let live, that's a good one to live by.

  • i think we can as long as you dnt bring that topic up about God. rem there are diff people in this world. you believe in your God. we believe in ours. some dnt believe. its not up to you to change that belief or think that if people dnt believe in God or your good that they'll hv something bad happen to them . That's just wrong. Let it be. embrace the difference. for all you know you myt just start seeing a new perspective to life by hearing what they gta say. :) live your life for yourself and one day maybe there will be a situation wen some atheists might just start believing in God cos a life changing event occurred. we can never tell :)

    • I was gonna say...Maybe its actually possible to learn something from each other without being insuling, or condescending *Gasp* Lol. Not that that means converting or changing view, just possibly having a better understanding of the other sides view and why they hold that view. Its def possible to for both sides to express themselves and still respect each other.

    • haha chill ws just making 2 points at once...and its called constructive criticism :) yes its possible...understanding wer they come frm will better the relationship :)

  • Seriously. I'm Christian but if you're not that's okay.

  • I am Catholic and my boyfriend is Atheist. We get along like 2 peas in a pod.

  • I'm neither of those, but I've been able to be friends with atheist and religious people. I don't see the big deal as long as they don't bring that subject up often. Then again I'm not really passionate when it comes to this subject.

  • Well recently I had this conversation with this guy I like about relegion. I am agnosic (leaning athiest) and he is religouis but we actualy agree on most moral isuses. I think that religious people and atheists can get along well if we both respect the vaule of each others opinions.

  • Of course they can! Just don't discuss religious beliefs with each other and you'll never even know.

    • Arnt religious beleifs and the lack there of part of who a person is though? Its a small part but a part nontheless.

    • Sure, but you don't have to preach about it.

    • Im really more against preaching about it. But just a casual convo about what another person believes ..It should be able to happen without going bat sh*t crazy on either side. I agree with you for the most part.

  • personally, I don't care who's religious or athiest. I think those who don't get along are those who feel the need to hate and judge the other based on their own belief so therefore they can't get along as they feel that they Need to be enemies since theyre so different or something like that. I think if people stop giving a damn about others' businesses, then none of them would feel the need to not get along, but I don't think that's possible considering that there's too many people and there's bound to be ones who are like this.

    • That's a point, just because you have different beliefs, doesn't mean you have to be enemies. Unfortunately some people don't see it.

    • I don't think like that, and I would want people to get alone. The thing is that some people just feel how I explained before. It's not right, but it's the truth.

  • I am Christian and I have atheist friends. I try to talk to them about God. If they don't want to hear it I let it go, but I will not accept them poking fun at what I believe in.

  • I thought that political/religious views were not a big deal if you really cared about someone, but in my experience it actually can be. My ex-boyfriend started going on and on about how I was a bad person because I believe in gay marriage and am not really into religion... It can be a big stumbling block.

    • Exactly, we can acknowlege differnces respectfully and still carry on a relationship (whatever it may be) with a person and move on.

  • Yes we can get along if you don't talk about religion beliefs

  • I'm a moderately religious person came from a conservative family,we pray a lot. But I have a lot of atheist friends and I'm fortunate I live in a community where any type of religions or beliefs are well accepted. My parents raised me to respect others and I pray before I eat even though I'm eating out and my atheists friends they did ask about me and there are questions that I'm able to answer but some I just leave it a blank space. But we have never cross each other path because it's just unnecessary as long as they respect my religion I'll be fine if they don't then I'm sorry to say I cannot change who they are,they just hate me because of my religion. But I rather listen to people and deliberate whatever they were saying and then yeah do more of a self reflect on myself. If they attack me like hitting me then I'm just going to tell the authorities.

    In conclusion we need to throw our ego away and start listening to others rather that talking crap and acting without thinking. But unfortunately humanity we are far to proud of ourselves and we just hate it when people talking bad things about us and we don't tolerate rudeness that much. Compromising one another is the key in this whole situation here.

    • Makes sense, especially the ego part, and mutual respect without judgment.

  • If the religious folk accept the fact that people are different from them then ya we could get along .

    • So its all a one sided cause?

    • Why do you think religious folks and atheist can't get along . I mean yeah there are some mean atheist but half the time I see some religious folks not all trying to shove the bible down people's throats some are out right disrespectful to people that are different from them .

      I'm not an atheist but I 've been to church long enough to see this .

    • No offense but what are you saying then? That the solution is easy? Respect of differences? Can or can't get along?

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  • The reason why atheists and "religious folk" have problems getting along is...because for one, just about every religion have a focus on spreading their faith to bring others to their religious point of view, usually called "witnessing".

    To be honest, the attitude of most atheists I know tend to look on religion with a bit of an abrasive in they BECAME atheists to SPITE religion. Well, at least the most vocal atheists tend to be that way.

  • Sure we can get along. Just keep religion in churches/temples/mosques and out of public spaces. Then it'd never be brought up, this harmony.

    • Two typos... Obviously, religion in people's homes is fine, and "thus, harmony!"

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    • I don't think it is "overreacting" to speak out against censorship or religious persecution regardless of how "feasible" it would be to institute.

    • Oh, moaterboat, I like having friendly debates with you. Really, I do. You keep me sharp. Sadly, I'm bowing out of this one because it's my birthday and I'm too drunk to argue. Until next time.

  • Sure, why not? I'm one the only atheists in my country... Serbian people are pretty closed-minded and our mindset is "Not christian - not Serbian"... I'm the only one that's brave enough to believe in nothing at all...

    • That sucks man /:

    • Meh, I like standing out :)

    • Well damn...thats harsh. Good luck over there then...Yeah, lets hope we can get along then.

  • Most people belittle others beliefs if it's something strange like alien abductions, Illuminati, Bigfoot, fairies etc.

    Just because the majority of people believe in something that's also badly supported and illogical, it should become immune to criticism?

    For whatever some atheists say about religion today it's no worse than being told that I'm going to burn in Hell for eternity or that being gay is sinful

    • You can't assume everyone has the same reason for beleiving in something though. That's why debate, or convo shouuld be welcomed depending on how its put forth. Nothing is immune to criticism. Your last line mostly goes back to people that to me seem to immature to have a discussion at all. "going to hell" "illogical". So many assumptions on both sides.

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    • I don't get why making a statment "god doesn't exist" should require no proof or explaining. That in and of itself is a belief. The belief that there is no god, to me its just the opposite claim that if claimed should require some explaining just like anything else. How does one side get to present a flat statement with nothing to back it up but words? Its not pointless at all and its not about being nice, its more about respect to me. But hey, its your opinion so I agree to disagree in theend

    • I don't say God doesn't exist, but you're right that is a claim that requires support

      and I don't make it

      I don't believe in a God just like I don't believe in afterlife, it 'could' exist but I see no compelling reason why

  • I'm an agnostic atheist and I agree with you when the issue is outside the realm of politics or education. As long as religion doesn't influence politics or public schools I see no reason to talk about it at all. In fact most of the time I never think about religion or any of the Gods people believe in. It's a complete nonentity in my life. I just wish society would change in the sense that when I do announce that I lack a particular belief system I'm not either frowned upon or almost shunned by certain family members and people. That and the whole politics/public education thing are the only things that can get my blood boiling at times.

    It would be nice if we could leave each other to our own business but most people feel that EVERYONE should believe what they believe in and will infringe on other people's freedoms to do so. It's a sad world we live in but it's the only one we have and the only way we can make it better is by coexisting! :)

    • Some other food for thought is that living in America I can't really be open with my opinions about any of this stuff without losing friends or family because the majority of people are religious. Mostly I keep my head down because many of my friends and family are religious. We usually have to conform or pretend to go along with the people around us and if we don't we are thought arrogant or prejudiced for some reason.

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    • Ohh OK I get that I guess I'm the same as you then because like I'm more for believing there aren't any gods but since there's no proof either way I'm kinda like eh don't really know lol d:

    • Yeah people tend to be all over the spectrum so it can definitely be confusing at times.

  • Well sure, but when you start insulting the Church and Our Lady of Guadalupe, poop's going to hit the fan.

  • Its like telling a lion to get along with a deer

    • Well I mean we arnt exactly animals, so with a little maturity and an open mind, I think it might be possible.

    • Ofcourse it is possible.I have a lot of friends who are religious & I am the complete opposite.

      we get along really well and click with each other

      Only time we disagree is when our respective faiths clash.

      So I try to avoid conversation or topics which drags in religion and everything goes good

  • True followers of Christianity aren't suppose to judge so it shouldn't be a problem for them. Other reiligion, I'm not so sure. Personally, I follow Christ but am interested in other religions. Athiest don't bother me but most athiest I've met or heard tend to be rather close-minded and very disrespectful about others' faith. I say it's definently possible, just needs some work.

    • Needs quite a bit of work...yeah. I would hope its possible.

    • Agreed. Other religions are horrible to other religions as well it's not just atheists vs religion. I am Mormon and get ostracized by other Christian faiths claiming I am not Christian although Christ is in my religions name! More importantly, as Christians shouldn't you be kind to everyone?! I think people are so caught up in defending twir beliefs so angry anyone would disagree that they forget we all are human all deserve love and respect! Ill get off my soap box now haha

  • I'm just so tired of religious controversy in general. I can't take it anymore, my heart and soul craves peace. Lord grant me peace gah. amen

    • Peace, yeah its what we all want but can't seem to achieve.

  • No. I tend to believe that as people become educated, they will realize that religion is completely insane so we will eventually have a world of peace with no religion whatsoever.

    • Uhuh...well. The idea of having world piece is totally absurd. Religion has nothing to do with that, it's more the foolishness of human beings. Plus there are plenty of educated religious people so I don't get your point really

    • *peace

    • Lol, we will have peace once humans no longer exist.

  • My biggest problem with athists is that most of them think atheism is "absence of belief"

    and then I ask them

    So I guess you don't believe in science and evolution then?

    They HAVE to say "NO" because otherwise they are hypocrites.

    Atheism is a belief that there is no god.

    Its NOT "absence of belief in a god."

    Big difference people.

    One does not "not believe" in something.

    I believe that there is no such thing as leprechauns, I don't "not" believe in them.

    As long as they understand what atheism means I'm fine with them.

  • I don't have a problem with people believing whatever they want. I'm a "hard" agnostic atheist, and I still go to church, if only to, as my girlfriend puts it, know my enemy.

    My problem is with organised religion, because of the assumption that their beiefes can be used to regulate what I do.

    The BIG issue is the vocal minority of religions are those who try to force their beliefs on the rest of the world. Like the anti-gay marriage crew who object to it on religious grounds. Or that in the UK the parliament has s set number of seats reserved for bishops. Things like that.

    Atheism may occasionally be expressed in an offensive manner, and the most vocal of them tend to be objectionable, often. But The difference is they don't usually say "This is the way things should be," because it's hard to base laws etc on a LACK of scripture.

  • Atheists generally don't know what they are professing themselves to believe in because they don't generally even know what "atheism" truly is and often try to change its meaning to more resemble agnosticism. Its a rather arrogant and dogmatic position as it is so I couldn't expect this to hold any logical debate.

    Atheist - (definition) One who disbelieves or denies the existence of God or gods. link

    Agnostic (definition) - a. One who believes that it is impossible to know whether there is a God. b. One who is skeptical about the existence of God but does not profess true atheism link

    Atheism is someones own materilistic world view bias that doesn't hold any logical ground. its fine to say "i don't believe a god can exist" but to claim to be an atheist is irrational. If we divuldge what atheism literally means. We have to look at its root word "atheos" from greek which literally means "denial of god". To disbelieve in something, is to have refusal or reluctance to believe in something" link a lot of modern interpretations of atheism are quite the contrary to its meaning but they don't come from its literal rooted meaning.

    I think most theists do get along fine with atheists. but the position of an atheist is a more confrontational arrogant position. to be a strong "atheist" means someone has to have strong disbelief in god and therefore have issues with someone who expresses a contrary opinion. A Christian that expresses their love for God and prays in a public place isn't doing it to attack anyone, it is a natural part of their self expression. As is carrying a small cross around their neck, it is a part of their belief that isn't targeting anyone. Expressive atheism on the other hand, is to be shouting a strong dogmatic position that there isn't a God, which is highly confrontational and condescending position that is asking to be targeted because their position is attacking someones self expression of free will and identity.

    Sadly I live in a country where it is abnormal to be a christian and its a country like all of the west that was built on christinaity. I can't express my faith without looking like a strange freak and having people express a patronizing position against me. People who have no clue about christianity but watch a lot of sam harris and richard dawkins have come to the conclusion that we believe science is our enemy and try to claim science for their belief in nothing.

    Atheists made me arrogant. Basically if you say you are a christian, people support the idea that you are professing to being an idiot which is insulting! I have become more arrogant over time because of this and I feel it is neccessary if I want to hold my position I have to debate it

    • This is pretty much how I feel but from the other side of the spectrum.. I think it depends on where you live like you said. I've known people who've been kicked out for professing to not believe in their parent's religion. I think it's very hard to sympathize if you hold a contradictory perspective on a situation. People should have the right to profess their beliefs or lack of belief wherever they want as long as they aren't hurting anyone or putting down others.

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    • religion. I am quite used to the majority of people around being atheists but they just repeat what some atheist on the t.v sees and that becomes their belief. I never even mentioned God, had a visible cross, or even told anyone I was a christian but something I've noticed, whenever I'm with atheists and they speak about people with an oposing belief. they'll always patronize their beliefs and assume they are idiots for not believing the same. this is one occasion but its constant. The US wouldnt

    • know or probably even believe it, christianity is the most persecuted religion on the planet. you can get killed for literally havign this belief in many countries. the coptic christians live in fear. but I get irritated by the certainty point of view that atheists profess to, that they are right and you are wrong and how they try to claim science when originally it was people of faith that founded it.