Religious folk and Atheists, can we ever get along?

I'm just curious. Quite frankly the going tit for tat with people of differnt beleifs is annoying and hack to me. By now it seems we acknowlege that we all have different beleifs and move on.

There seems to be this constant struggle between atheists and religious people.

It seems each side sometimes is eager to verbally or morally attack the other. Sometimes the attacks seem unwaranted and unessary.

For example if god isn't being discussed, I don't see any reason to stir up trouble by pushing the discussion on someone else, or poke fun at someones beleifs/values.

So my question is can we really ever get along? What would It take? Just total silence on certain issues? Or are we just do differnt and opposing?

Reguardless of which side fall on there seems to be inherent arrogance. It just seems a bit annoying and pointless to argue the issue.

So what do you think?

Btw not sure why this is under sexuality...that was a mistake.
I see a bunch of answers saying "Yes just don't ever bring it up." Yeah that solves it I guess but realistically It will come up eventually. I think such beleifs are part of who a person is, not all, but part. People should be on a lvl where they can discuss these things at least once, explain themselves with maturity and respect, and move on.


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  • I honestly think it is vocal minority in each group that is more concerned with trying to feel superior than get along with others.

    • True. That's part of it. I never understood what feeling superior really does? Ego trip?

    • This one is good, short, accurate and to the point.

    • Thanks for BA

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  • Can we get along? Yes.

    What would it take? Respect.

  • I'm a Christian and don't mind atheists. However, I do mind when they disrespect my religion. :/

  • Aslong as people cannot respect others viewpoints and stop trying to force their own agenda then no, religious people and atheists or agnostic will never get along. Neither will those of different religions

    • Hm..I see..Hopefully It's possible to overcome these things for the most part...eventually...

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    • Lol but it does happen.

    • @LoveBambi. It can happen amongst those who can have a discussion with tolerance and respect but on the overall scheme of things its not that common. Just take a look around the world, includingm country where intolerance and bigotry has led to pointless suffering on every side

  • Lol I like this question. I am a Christian and didn't get along with my liberal friends because I always felt like they just stepped on my beliefs or just totally disagreed with them and I guess I found it offensive. Just being honest. And we did have debates but I couldn't really agree with them. There's a Bible verse that says

    "How can two people walk together unless they agree?" somewhere along those lines and it's about friendship. You can be friends with atheists and unbelievers but sometimes you'll disagree with them or they will disagree with you. Its just your conscious or lack thereof. I dunno...

    But do I believe that people can still respect each other? Yes. But will we be completely alike? No.

    honestly..I don't think it's right for Christian or atheist to look down on one another.. and even as a Christian I am offended at some stuff that unbelievers do.. but I don't really shove my religion down their throat... and I think in general.. everyone on Youtube bickers.. I see people fighting not even about religion but everybody in our society (especially) online wants to point a finger

    like "Your wrong!" or "your an idiot" just look at Youtube everyone fights nowadays constantly online xD and everyone wants to blame and start a war even if it isn't over religion but something as small as an OPINION or music preference

    • Oh I have seen the YouTube shenanigans plenty of times. People can be different and still be friends, or have respect for each other.

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    • I don't know but honestly you're right the fights get people no where. Some people are passionate about their religion or lack thereof which makes them ready to fight. Like I always hated debating because nobody sees it from your angle. I guess that's how debates are and honestly there's no point because everybody is stubborn. I guess if Jesus were alive I don't know if he would even waste his time debating lol xD

    • haha...True

  • It would take respect. I have no problems with atheist or diffrent religious. The only problem I have is ignorant people and it goes both ways.

    • It absolutley does go both ways, thanks for the response.

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  • The reason why atheists and "religious folk" have problems getting along is...because for one, just about every religion have a focus on spreading their faith to bring others to their religious point of view, usually called "witnessing".

    To be honest, the attitude of most atheists I know tend to look on religion with a bit of an abrasive in they BECAME atheists to SPITE religion. Well, at least the most vocal atheists tend to be that way.

  • Sure we can get along. Just keep religion in churches/temples/mosques and out of public spaces. Then it'd never be brought up, this harmony.

    • Two typos... Obviously, religion in people's homes is fine, and "thus, harmony!"

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    • I don't think it is "overreacting" to speak out against censorship or religious persecution regardless of how "feasible" it would be to institute.

    • Oh, moaterboat, I like having friendly debates with you. Really, I do. You keep me sharp. Sadly, I'm bowing out of this one because it's my birthday and I'm too drunk to argue. Until next time.

  • Sure, why not? I'm one the only atheists in my country... Serbian people are pretty closed-minded and our mindset is "Not christian - not Serbian"... I'm the only one that's brave enough to believe in nothing at all...

    • That sucks man /:

    • Meh, I like standing out :)

    • Well damn...thats harsh. Good luck over there then...Yeah, lets hope we can get along then.

  • Most people belittle others beliefs if it's something strange like alien abductions, Illuminati, Bigfoot, fairies etc.

    Just because the majority of people believe in something that's also badly supported and illogical, it should become immune to criticism?

    For whatever some atheists say about religion today it's no worse than being told that I'm going to burn in Hell for eternity or that being gay is sinful

    • You can't assume everyone has the same reason for beleiving in something though. That's why debate, or convo shouuld be welcomed depending on how its put forth. Nothing is immune to criticism. Your last line mostly goes back to people that to me seem to immature to have a discussion at all. "going to hell" "illogical". So many assumptions on both sides.

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    • I don't get why making a statment "god doesn't exist" should require no proof or explaining. That in and of itself is a belief. The belief that there is no god, to me its just the opposite claim that if claimed should require some explaining just like anything else. How does one side get to present a flat statement with nothing to back it up but words? Its not pointless at all and its not about being nice, its more about respect to me. But hey, its your opinion so I agree to disagree in theend

    • I don't say God doesn't exist, but you're right that is a claim that requires support

      and I don't make it

      I don't believe in a God just like I don't believe in afterlife, it 'could' exist but I see no compelling reason why

  • I'm an agnostic atheist and I agree with you when the issue is outside the realm of politics or education. As long as religion doesn't influence politics or public schools I see no reason to talk about it at all. In fact most of the time I never think about religion or any of the Gods people believe in. It's a complete nonentity in my life. I just wish society would change in the sense that when I do announce that I lack a particular belief system I'm not either frowned upon or almost shunned by certain family members and people. That and the whole politics/public education thing are the only things that can get my blood boiling at times.

    It would be nice if we could leave each other to our own business but most people feel that EVERYONE should believe what they believe in and will infringe on other people's freedoms to do so. It's a sad world we live in but it's the only one we have and the only way we can make it better is by coexisting! :)

    • Some other food for thought is that living in America I can't really be open with my opinions about any of this stuff without losing friends or family because the majority of people are religious. Mostly I keep my head down because many of my friends and family are religious. We usually have to conform or pretend to go along with the people around us and if we don't we are thought arrogant or prejudiced for some reason.

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    • Ohh OK I get that I guess I'm the same as you then because like I'm more for believing there aren't any gods but since there's no proof either way I'm kinda like eh don't really know lol d:

    • Yeah people tend to be all over the spectrum so it can definitely be confusing at times.

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