Religious folk and Atheists, can we ever get along?

I'm just curious. Quite frankly the going tit for tat with people of differnt beleifs is annoying and hack to me. By now it seems we acknowlege that we all have different beleifs and move on. There seems to be this constant struggle between atheists and religious people. It seems each side... Show More

Btw not sure why this is under sexuality...that was a mistake.
I see a bunch of answers saying "Yes just don't ever bring it up." Yeah that solves it I guess but realistically It will come up eventually. I think such beleifs are part of who a person is, not all, but part. People should be on a lvl where they can discuss these things at least once, explain themselves with maturity and respect, and move on.

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  • I honestly think it is vocal minority in each group that is more concerned with trying to feel superior than get along with others.

    • True. That's part of it. I never understood what feeling superior really does? Ego trip?

    • This one is good, short, accurate and to the point.

    • Thanks for BA