If a guy is not interested, will he still hang out with you one on one?

My guy friend claims he's not interested (minus the fact he acts interested, just take my word for it), and he knows I am interested. We will still do things just the two of us. Why doesn't he mind doing stuff the two of us if he knows I still like him?

Most Helpful Guy

  • he may like the attention of being with a girl who he knows has feelings for him


    he may be scared to get into a relationship because he enjoys and appreciates your friendship


    he may not actually feel as strongly about you in a romantic sense despite what he says. often times closeness in friendship can feel similar to that of romantic love.

    I think you should communicate with him. Tell him how you feel and ask him how he feels (essentially eliminate the gray area). You may find out that he has fears of relationships, doesn't want to ruin the relationship you two currently have or something else