Felt an instant connection with a guy I met once, has this happened to you?

I doubt I'll ever see him again though, met him in a bar didn't exchange numbers (wanted to) but before I had a chance to my drunk friend needed to go so we left. I'm so annoyed that I got on with him so well and felt this instant chemistry/connection it's weird never felt like that before.

Has this ever happened to you?

What shall I do? :-(

BTW I'm finding it incredibly hard to move on, so feel as though I need to see him to get rid of the 'what if' ah one can hope!

Thanks for all the support,if it's meant to be maybe I'll meet him again someday...
Another update guys, basically tried to go to this bar on four different occassions and each time I've gone something happens where I haven't actually been able to go. Like friends arguing ending night early, friends not dressed up to get in etc.

Is this fate that I'm just not meant to see him?! :( don't know why its happened every time I try and go there.


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  • Yes it's happend to me and since it was reciprocated (if it's not reciprocated I wouldn't call it a connection) I confidently say that yes this happens to other women too :)

    When men generally feel an instant connection there's seldom romance in it (there are exceptions always) but when a woman such as you describes it there's always romance etc in it.

    Important is did that guy feel that connection too?

    I've known quite a few women who have felt that connection with me (and it makes me run scared) but I haven't ever felt that for any of them :( but one :D

    Keep your hopes high and fingers crossed but don't go overboard looking for him if you don't find him cause if you do, you may pass up something good in an obsession :)

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      Thanks really great info

      Well when I first arrived at bar we both immediately looked at each other, then he tried to give me more eye contact but I played coy,

      Then we were dancing near each other when he finally came over and started a convo with me with close contact, we laughed/joked (he wasn't a sleaze) and he didn't do this to another girl only me.

      Wanted to go back for number but you know the rest :-(.

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      Thank you!

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      was, is and always will be my pleasure :)