How did you introduce your significant other to a parent?

How did you introduce your boyfriend/girlfriend to your parent(s)?


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  • Well, I generally don't unless the relationship has been going strong for about a month. So far only two of my girlfriends have met my mother. Basically what I do is I take everyone out to dinner, and then I just introduce her, and say that I've been dating her for a month. From there I guess we talk about it, filling in details as it comes up. That's basically how I do things.

    • Sorry, if I sound cross, but I think I needed to make point.

    • lol hey I am pretty stressed out about this and have been for an extremely long time. I am just a coward.

    • Hey, I hate conflict, but I hate what happens by avoiding it more. If you run away from conflict, some sort of injustice will occur. This is fact. So fine. Respect your parents, even if they don't respect you, your decision, or your boyfriend, and let them continue to treat them like crap. Sounds great. That's so much better than conflict. Oh you're not going to tell them? Even better, hiding your boyfriend in the darkness like a dirty, shameful little secret is also awesome.

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