Why is it that the "conservative" viewpoint has no room on this site?

I have noticed that this website seems to have a vast international liberal following and the conservative ideal has no room here. Why is that? Is it because of the large teenage presence, or the lack of education and life experience? Or a combination of both?


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  • There are a lot of ways to answer this so I am just going to start rambling and hope I say something that makes sense. First, the international liberal following part, many of the "international" people on this site are Europeans, and they tend to be on the liberal side. I personally believe that this is because during the colonial period Europe sent its brave, daring, hard-working people overseas to colonize other areas, leaving behind cowards, invalids, layabouts, and of course the inbred nobility and royalty that fleeced them all. Modern liberalism is descended from this mix of leftovers. Instead of nobility and royalty we have the privileged class who want to "help" the lower classes by controlling their lives, and instead of layabouts who leech on society we have, well I guess that part didn't change much.

    Anyway, the bottom line is that many of the people who have conservative traits, (hard-working, desiring freedom, distrust of corrupt authority figures, willing to take risks) left Europe. So that is why I think that Europe is more liberal than many other parts of the world.

    Now as for the liberals in the U.S. Well that is just common sense, Younger people are more liberal than older people and younger people are more likely to spend time online. People who spend time outside instead of online are more likely to be conservative. People who love to sit around and bitch are more likely to use a site like this, and people who sit around and bitch are more likely to be liberals. People who have jobs that keep them busy are more likely to be conservative, and therefor have less free time to spend online. I am convinced that conservatives are actually far more common than it seems, but they aren't as outspoken because they are busy keeping the wheels of society turning.

    • First, the international liberal following part, many of the "international" people on this site are Europeans, and they tend to be on the liberal side. I personally believe that this is because during the colonial period Europe sent its brave, daring, hard-working people overseas to colonize other areas, leaving behind cowards, invalids, layabouts, and of course the inbred nobility and royalty that fleeced them all. Modern liberalism is descended from this mix of leftovers.

      Interesting theory.

    • Can you cite sources that support this hypothesis?

    • Nope, but since I would never present this theory in a completely serious way I really don't think I need to.

      Thanks for BA.


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  • Why do you assume if you are left-wing you must be inexperienced and without education? That is pretty ignorant and would suggest it to be the other way around- just saying.

    I'd assume its the fact it is so international, and (assuming you are American) the majority of the world is more liberal. And if you wanted to play to the stereotypical right-wing 'conservative' old-time standards of rigid sexual ideals, then there are less questions when trying to combat a 'social norm' (Sorry, that was poorly phrased) for the conservative than the liberal. Sites like this play on the idea of gender-equality and sexual freedom, which is traditionally majorly supported by left-wing politics to right wing. This links to your thought of 'younger users' where the younger generation have being influenced by more sexually free media and educational environments and thus push for more 'liberal standards' (Though they may have those standards and be conservative in other areas! Not everyone is so black and white) and brings that attitude here to the site.

  • Usually, the more "educated" you are, the more liberal you get, sorry. And yes, there are certainly more young people on this website. Furthermore, as you already mentioned, the following is international, and all of Europe is pretty much liberal. Let me ask you another question, why is your view on liberalism so negative?

    • Maybe in the UK, but not in America. The more educated in America don't want to pay half of their salary in taxes to support the liberal social programs that encourage people to use the government to sustain them. Internationally you all may be more liberal, but I think in America that we broke free from your country in the Revolutionary War for a reason, and you will still harbor the ideals your country once did.

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    • You say that QA but you ignore everybody who has commented that doesn't think like you.. Don't you think you're being a tad unreasonable?

    • Not at all, I am just not interested in engaging in a fight with people over this.

  • Maybe because all you "smart educated" people only want to talk about politics.

    • There is a difference between being: smart, educated and intelligent.

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    • Question asker and pootie are way off. It has been proven on books and by teachers. So much for "education" huh.

    • "It has been proven on books and by teachers" LOL.

  • I think this website leaves room for everyone, conservative and liberal alike.

    I've seen both sides represented, sometimes by intelligent people and sometimes by ignorant people.

    As for your assumptions, they're not necessarily true. As a teenager, I was pretty conservative and have grown into being somewhere in the middle. So it really has nothing to do with age, not in the way you mentioned anyway. And to say that one side, conservative or liberal, is more experienced and more educated than the other is just silly, haha!


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  • I'd say it's because slowly but surely the world is becoming more progressive whether we like it or not. I would like for you to cite the studies that show that level of education determines political affiliation. Most of the highly educated people I've met have been on the moderate to left of the spectrum including an uncle from Princeton and cousins from Harvard. I often hear conservatives asserting that it's due to their brainwashing elitist education though. I would also like for you to cite the studies that show that political affiliation somehow shifts with age as well.

    Just so you know I'm usually moderate except when it comes to social policy then I'm usually very liberal. I would never just ignore or be harsh towards someone's views just because they differ from my own. We should all be open to new ideas and welcome the democratic process. If people could come together more and find a middle ground instead of bickering I'm sure more things would be accomplished. I agree with you that all ideas should be welcome.

    In summation I think it's just due to the fact that it's an international website with a lot of Europeans and Canadians most of which seem to be more on the liberal side at least compared to the American politic. Some conservative European political parties are actually more like our Democratic party which goes to show how different the political climate is. Within the US it's more even obviously which was proved by how close are last major election results were. I think it's largely due to the demographic than their education or life experience because that wouldn't speak for the huge variety of ideas throughout the world who have both old and young and educated and uneducated.

    • Well said +1

      I would also like to see "proof positive" of the claims made in the question, haha!

  • What are you talking about? There are plenty of conservatives on this site.

    Just because you aren't beating down on Liberals like Billy Badass taking Little Timmy's lunch money doesn't mean your POV isn't being fairly represented.

  • real world life experience is lacking in most users because of their age which makes more users tend to be idealists. I'm curious as to why almost any question that is slightly controversial with a conservative slant is removed but if it has a liberal slant it is allowed. its not like there are only loaded questions coming from one side. as for why this site is that way I can't say for sure other than the age demographic

  • Conservatives are free to voice their opinions here as liberals are. Actually, I think conservatives have a louder voice on here than the liberals do when it comes to discussions on economics, and a smaller one on social issues. But there is definitely room for opposing views. I'm mostly conservative myself, and I've never had any problems. Your comment also implies that liberals are dumb, which probably isn't a good way to gain acceptance..

    • You don't typically project yourself as a conservative. Obviously the conservative ideal is more focused on the economy and not social issues, while the liberal ideal is the opposite. I never said that liberals were dumb at all, or implied that in any way. I am just saying that I've known many people who were liberal when younger and conservative when they got out into the real world.

    • No, "you" think that way because I don't support your demigod Romney. Listen, I prefer to be a realist by not assuming that any stooge that the GOP pumps out of its butt as a representitve of conservatism is a good choice. No thanks. I prefer third party candidates, even here in Canada. And the way you wrote your question makes it sound like once someone actually gets a "real" education, they will all of a sudden by conservative.

  • the problem with some people on here is that they take things too far right or too far left, there's no common ground

    • Whoa with the name calling. Uncalled for.

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    • was calling you an a**hole for asking anonymously, but that you don't allow other people the same level of anonymity that you allow yourself.

    • Go me for missing off half my comment.

      *i don't think he was calling ...

  • It does... Those who tend to be targeted are those that are nut jobs that attack and harass people. Maybe you take your views to far. Being a zealot gets your ass erase no matter what extreme you try to crucify people with. Moderate fair toned discussion seems to stick regardless of which side of the line the person stands on.

    • But I think that you are a nut job on the "left side". So basically it works both ways.

    • Well then you must live in a Jesus camp or some cult organization because I'm pretty f***ing moderate.

    • I was just making an example, not citing you specifically.

  • I think this site is more liberal because younger people tend to lean towards the political left as a general trend in our society, and younger people are also more likely to be interested in sex, and to go online, so that means you're going to have a lot of liberals on this website.

    I'm not fond of your implication that education and life experience promotes a politically conservative or right-wing worldview.

    Would you care to explain why you feel this way?

    • Enterprisers are well-educated and predominantly male (76%) and financially well-off (62% have household incomes of at least $50,000, compared with 40% nationwide). Nearly half (46%) have a college degree, and 77% are married. Nearly a quarter (23%) are themselves military veterans. Only 10% are under age 30

    • Older women and blacks make up a sizeable proportion of [Conservative Democrats] (27% and 30%, respectively). Somewhat less educated and poorer than the nation overall. Allegiance to the Democratic Party is quite strong (51% describe themselves as "strong" Democrats) but fully 85% describe themselves as either conservative or moderate ideologically.

    • I don't see how that answered my question.

  • You think conservatives have no weight on this site? You clearly haven't looked around here for long, all I see are conservatives.

    • I think you and the guy down bottom might have the wrong definitions of liberal and conservatives.

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    • Yes your delusions are fine.

    • cool story bro

  • I think it's pretty balanced on this site. I've never seen one outweigh the other.