Can you get a 6 pack from just doing sit-ups

Can you get a 6 pack from just doing sit ups. I do around 100 a day but so far all I have is a 4 pack. If I continue will I see a 6 pack eventually. If so how long will it take and how could I speed up the process

To all those who are wondering, I do eat healthy. I've stopped eating all junk food and have adopted a diet similar that of the brontosaurus.


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  • If the sit-ups were weighted, then in theory yes. Though you will see better results quicker if you try other exercises.

    Try and up your reps, hold some weights (Even if it is a water bottle!) and also try and throw in some oblique sit ups. Say 75 regular weighted sit ups, 50 oblique, then another 75 regular. Oh and a common thing for people to do is to rush, it works the muscles more if you bring yourself up slowly and back down slowly.

    My brother (Personal fitness instructor and now in RAF) claims that most people get the six pack in a month when they also follow the appropriate diet.

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      The only way to get 6-pack abs is to lower your body's fat percentage. It doesn't matter if you have the biggest and strongest abs in the world if there's fat covering it. I'd suggest high volume, low intensity cardio and a good workout plan combined with a good diet of course. Diet is number one priority!

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      You're bodyfat % needs to be low enough, all of your answers on here are useless

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      I did write 'appropriate diet' too. I would of said more on diet if I had time. I was focusing on answering how to develop the abdomen muscles and ways to make the routine more efficient as that seemed to be where the question was focused.