Can you get a 6 pack from just doing sit-ups

Can you get a 6 pack from just doing sit ups. I do around 100 a day but so far all I have is a 4 pack. If I continue will I see a 6 pack eventually. If so how long will it take and how could I speed up the process

To all those who are wondering, I do eat healthy. I've stopped eating all junk food and have adopted a diet similar that of the brontosaurus.


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  • If the sit-ups were weighted, then in theory yes. Though you will see better results quicker if you try other exercises.

    Try and up your reps, hold some weights (Even if it is a water bottle!) and also try and throw in some oblique sit ups. Say 75 regular weighted sit ups, 50 oblique, then another 75 regular. Oh and a common thing for people to do is to rush, it works the muscles more if you bring yourself up slowly and back down slowly.

    My brother (Personal fitness instructor and now in RAF) claims that most people get the six pack in a month when they also follow the appropriate diet.

    • The only way to get 6-pack abs is to lower your body's fat percentage. It doesn't matter if you have the biggest and strongest abs in the world if there's fat covering it. I'd suggest high volume, low intensity cardio and a good workout plan combined with a good diet of course. Diet is number one priority!

    • You're bodyfat % needs to be low enough, all of your answers on here are useless

    • I did write 'appropriate diet' too. I would of said more on diet if I had time. I was focusing on answering how to develop the abdomen muscles and ways to make the routine more efficient as that seemed to be where the question was focused.

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  • Are you asking if you need 'equipment' to acheive it? Or are you actually wanting to do ONLY situps?

    You don't need equipment, persay, but you do need more than situps alone.

    You should do at least 15-20 minutes of medium to high intensity cardio. Whether running, some form of tae bo, something to get your fuel going, THEN, you'd want to do sit ups, planks (look up plank exercise on YouTube if necessary), Arm to leg cross overs, push ups, sit ups and obliques, then, if possible...10-15 more of cardio. It really makes the difference.

    Do reps of whatever you can. It should hurt afterward, that's good. It means you're pushing your muscles to do real work. Increase your reps as your muscles get used to it or you won't be building anything new and only maintaining.

    Youtube is great to find out how to PROPERLY execute the excercises so that you're getting the most out of them and not staying in your comfort zone. You shouldn't be straining your neck or back, or legs, but using your abs and core to pull yourself up.

    Practice makes perfect! Good luck. (:

    • Preferably without any extra equipment. I have 2 15 pound weights I hold while doing sit ups. I'll do around 40 reps then continue 60 more regular sit ups. I also balance myself on my tail bone and keep my legs elevated while I do reps from left to right with one of the 15's. I would like to know of any other ways that don't require me to spend money.

  • Nope because sit-ups tone but they don't build muscles. That's why girls do a lot of them rather than some other things because they aren't looking to bulk up they are looking to tone up. They are still really good to do though because the first key to getting a 6 pack would clearly be not to have any belly fat. So sit-ups along with a weight routine should serve your purpose.

  • I find its easier to drive to the beer store...

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    • They have beer stores were you live? Where do I sign up? :p

  • Most likely but I think it helps if you go to the gym and use that machine where you do crunches but you're lifting weights with your back :) helped me get my belly toned :)

  • No. To get a really defined abdomen you'll have to do more than a straight sit up to work all the muscles. Try adding leg lifts (with weights) and some twisting abdominal exercises.

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  • Sit-ups help, but it also helps to train your abs other ways so you use your entire midsection.

    Bodyfat loss is the key to getting your abs visible...and situps don't cause enough caloric usage to do this because you're only using a small set of muscles.

  • It is good to start with a base exercise. Everyone has different genetics and you may not achieve a six pack. May be a 4 pack or a nice 8 pack if you're very genetically blessed. In general though people can achieve a six pack. Doing just do sit ups, vary your workout. Change it up every 2-3 weeks. Do workouts that target your upper and lower abs. even obliques. Over time you'll see results.. just change it up and hit different angles.

  • Nope, as an amateur bobybuilder, I can tell you the only way to get your abs to show is to lose the fat covering them. Doing a hundred sit-ups a day isn't even going to make your abs bigger. The fastest way to burn off belly fat is to do a combinations of weight lifting and high intensity cardio. Try to lift 3-4 days a week and do 20 minutes of HIT cardio 3 times a week. Doing this and eating healthy(cut sugar and processed carbs) will make your abs show in no time.

  • No. You'd probably have more luck doing extra cardio instead, to lose a bit more bodyfat (the lower abs are always the last to show). Or like Raigro says, you may just never be able to get a 6-pack (Arnie famously only ever really had a 4-pack, for example - link link ).

  • Maybe but it'll take a long time, if you can find a roman chair it makes it easier,

    also do planks, go in the push up position on your elbows and hold your body completely strait, try to hold for at least a minute, longer if you can,

    then try the same thing but on your side on one elbow,

    try doing scissor sit ups by crossing over and touching your elbow to the opposite knee and alternating,

    lay on your side flat on the ground then while keeping your legs on the ground and try to bend your body up with your shoulder towards the ceiling, go back down, repeat.

    when you do sit ups grab a small weight and hold it above your head as you go up,

    take a heavy weight like 45 pounds and hold it on either end, while sitting on the floor bring your feet up a few inches off the ground and upper body about half way off the ground then take the weight and try to touch it to either side of your body while keeping the rest of your body still.

    Those will all speed it up, best of luck

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