Does it mean a lot when a guy cut his hair for me?

I Facebook my ex boyfriend "you shud cut your hair. I think you look good in short hair". He doesn't have long hair just that I like it when he shave his head. We've been broken up for a long while now but we still work together and are in good term I guess. It's awkward sometimes. Anyway, he did cut his hair and my guy friends thought I should ask him out already but I don't know if its a good timing. I guess it does mean something since he care about my opinions. What do you think?


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  • I can see myself doing that to win back someone I loved.


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  • I don't cut my hair for no one, I cut my hair for myself when I'm in mood to cut or grow my hair with braids.

    Guys who do that, have their reasons.

  • Pussy whipped!


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  • I'm not trying to be rude but are you sure he cut his hair for you and didn't just...cut his hair?

  • Not really lol, no offense because it's obvious that you want to feel special about this, but it's really not that big of a deal. I mean, it may slightly mean that he likes you, but there are way more greater things a guy can do to make a girl feel special besides just cutting his hair. I had a guy shave the first letter of my name into his head; now THAT is something to be giddy and feel special about!

    Ask him out. Not because of his hair cut lol but because you like him and you are at the age where you should just go for it!