Why do some random cute girls smile big at me?

Sometimes I would pass by a girl or just randomly look at her. Then she just gets this big smile on her face... ummm what does it mean?


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  • either she likes you or she is just happy. I smile all the time at people...it is because I am happy and can't help it. Some people think I am crazy lol but its all good.

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      I understand but she wasn't even smiling at first and one of them working out. Something made them smile. What would you say about that?

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      Oh, well maybe she likes you. Or they were just talking about you (good of course) and then she saw you? Or, you could remind her of her boyfriend or someone she likes. I have looked at a guy hard before because he looked so much like my boyfriend and then I realized I did that..and smiled because the dude probably thought I was crazy. But, most likely, she likes ya and was talking about it with her friend.