Why would he be so confident then bail?

I am so super confused right now! I had this guy whom I met at work, leave me his number...we had chatted for about 10 minutes, and he suggested we hang out. We've been texting pretty much nonstop for the past month and a half, and he is constantly hinting at the fact that we're hitting it off so well we might as well date.He honestly seems like a sincere guy, and he's super sweet...as far as I know (and except for the bailing business)... Well, it's just so weird, I don't understand why he would bail on me, not once, not twice but for a third time! It's like he terrified to actually hang out with me for more than ten minutes. I don't get it...help?!


Most Helpful Guy

  • I agree with Chloestang. I've been this guy before. Usually its because we are not sure if you want to hang out with us or not. Instead of waiting for him to give you the details, if you know he wants to hang out with you ask him directly for it. I'm sure if you drag him out of work to get coffee or something he won't say no. That can start everything. Then you two can figure out if you actually like each other for real and can start hanging out more if so and then it might evolve into whatever you want it to be. Nothing wrong with a girl acting this way, the truth is that many guys are terrified of rejection and would rather stay on the safe side of never really asking you out because it might ruin the friendship or something. I don't know because I'm not him.

    Now, If I was in his shoes and I liked you, I would try to get to know you better when we are around each other and decide if I even want to get to know you on a deeper level (like dating). If so I would try to find something simple and fun to do together to start just talking. Like grabbing lunch after class or going to get something to drink or w/e. I don't really like asking girls out to elaborate things because it makes me feel awkward, so I know damn well it makes her feel even more awkward.

    My advice to you, sincerely, is to just try asking him out yourself. You'll find out right away if he's into you or not. And if you even like the real him. Nothing to fear about it. Just don't do anything that will make yourself uncomfortable and I don't think he will feel uncomfortable either. I know this sounds like guy advice, but who gives a sh*t if a girl asks you out? I would be smiling my ass off if a hot girl walked up to me and asked me out! That's like my ultimate wet dream.

    Anyway, I'm not trying to sound creepy. I just want you to see it from a guys perspective.