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What do you think of girls with crazy color hair? (guys only please)

This is for guys: What do you think of girls that have hair that is a crazy color like purple or blue?

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  • It's good if done right, but possibly a disaster if not, like anything. It could work if it's a carefree girl that is almost making a social commentary out of it. I think people are so hell bent on liking "real" things that they don't care if it's done through fake means, but once someone points out that it's fake out in the open, it's magically unwanted. People are basically stupid animals and I would respect a girl that could carry crazy hair color, and I might even find it aesthetically pleasing.

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  • That she herself is a bit crazy like her hair or is just screaming for attention.

  • I saw a girl with pink hair that was really attractive.. I think some people can pull off wild hair colors but it's definitely not for everyone.

  • I have no issues.. the problem is that some how it could give the feeling that they are a bit crazy and irresponsible.. but I am sure it is a steryotype... I am open minded to anything as long as she is sensible and loyal

  • Some girls can pull it off link but then again some girls cant.

  • I like it , as long as it suits her that is .

  • I am not into it, but other guys might be

  • I would rather NOT any of the ladies I may date to have such extreme difference in hair color.

    Now if I were single at a party, all bets are off as to who I may make a connection with ;)

  • I really dislike it, generally...

  • depends on the girl. I dated a raver with neon blue hair and it looked awesome. on another I saw it looked like total crap.

  • I hate it it's very vulgar

  • Makes me think of clowns. I F***ing hate clowns!

  • those girls are usually unattractive and into weird stuff. not my thing

  • i love it shows that there happy to be themself and not worried abotu other peoples judgments

    bseides I've died my hair purple before

  • only if it suits her...nething done forcefully to carry with the trend is not cool

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