Is taking a shower together more than just a hookup?

He says there is no feelings and could never be any then why take a shower with someone? I think that means more then just sex but I'm female does it not mean the same to males?

Would really like guys opinions
We were friends for a long time he would do very nice things for me and my son then after we did he started acting different. Now we don't even talk but get together like once a month by his choice I don't ask him. When he does text he's like what's your fantasies? And this last time seemed more then just a hookup.. The having sex in the shower really confused the sh*t out of me.


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  • I would like to inform you of my opinions, they do not mean every guy thinks the same.

    If I have a girl who I am attracted to even a little and she is wiling to give me any kind of sexual contact with out any strings attached I would take it 100% of the time.

    That being said if I told a girl that I have no feelings for her and never will and she still gave me sexual contact. That would be even better.

    Now that you understand how a guy mind like mine works here is how you defend against it.

    It's really simple..

    All girls have to do if they do not want to be used and abused is make sure to make Sexual Contact and Feelings one in the same.

    What I mean is DO NOT give sex without the guy not telling you but SHOWING that he has feelings for you.

    I can say that I am a billionaire or I can show you my bank statement which is more believable?

    That's my answer to your question. Some guys will agree some will disagree but you seem to want a better relationship for yourself so I would say drop this guy who just wants to have fun with you in the shower and find someone who can appreciate you and show you the love that you deserve.

    I hope I was able to help you.


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  • A shower doesn't mean anything more than a shower. It's hot, it's fun, and it's nice, but does NOT NOT NOT indicate he has any feelings for you.

    Please read this:


  • Seems like sex, sexual but could be artistic appreciation hehe

  • Being he said so, I'm afraid not...

    I would have feelings for any female I would happen to shower with...

    I would not even say that to a lady and shower with her at the same time..

  • You're over 30 and STILL have'nt figured out guys and better than this? Dear lord. If a man openly says to you that there are no feelings then he's probably being honest and accurate. Sex to a man is just sex unless he says otherwise, regardless of wether it's in a shower, bed, or wherever.

  • Are you already having sex? I assume you are. Sometimes you both happen to be covered in some stuff that needs to be washed off. It could be that he enjoys seeing you naked in the shower or it can be sexy "doing your back". There is something to be said for a female in the shower covered in soap suds. (For me anyway) It is very erotic.

    He may or may not have feelings for you. He may be in denial of how he really feels or it may be there are really no feelings but he just likes having sex with you. I had a former lover I really didn't like in general. (I did at first but that changed. She was a bit annoying) I didn't cut her out of my life because the sex was AMAZING! I would shower with her as well. There were NO feelings except she had a rocking body and was good.

    This may make me sound like a creep but it gives you a male perspective on at least my former situation.

    Good luck.

  • Taking a shower together, if she's confused, She will get Feel my Point.

  • Taking a shower together isn't even a hook up. You never specified any sex was involved. I can shower with a girl I've never met before and I have. I just simply turned my back and stayed on my side. A shower means absolutely nothing. It's something I do to get clean. That's like asking if doing laundry together is a hook up.

  • It's a Clean hookup

  • it is for me awkward to take a shower with someone I don't want to or don't know

    but don't need to be more than a hookup

  • From your wording it's difficult to get a clear picture

    Is it just a platonic relationship and you take showers together?

    Do you actually have sex or just shower?

    Do you want it to be more than platonic and more than sexual?

    Speaking for myself

    If I were just friends with a girl and nothing more I'd find it hard being naked together in a shower without being aroused, if only slightly

    I have had friends who were girls and had great sex together.

    I couldn'thave sex with a girl without some kind of feelings but it doesn't have to be the kind of feelings that makesit a relationship

    There are too many aspects to consider for there to be a single answer

  • Taking a shower together, conserves water.

  • hmmmmm its just a good time pass... not equal to sex but something like that if it crosses the limit... Should be in control while showering together...

  • Its more than just a hookup def

  • Taking a shower together whether it is to save time, be playful, or have sex can easily be done without emotional feelings.

  • yes it dose mean more then that taking a shower together is what people do to spice up their relationship ,maybe he gets off on talking shower with you some guys like that to males it is more then sex because you have a shower with a girl after sex or when you are in the mood to show her something different but to answer your question yes it is more then just a hook up

  • Well it depends on what you exactly want out of that, and if you guys are in a relationship. Your a grown women you can shower by your self if he wants to shower with you he should state why and give good reasons. It is more then just a hookup

  • Any MORE updates?

    You are fulfilling his sexual fantasies but he wants to explore yours as well.

  • It could or it could not. I think you're making sweeping statements saying it would mean more to all females.

  • Sounds like you want there to be feelings.

  • lol with all these utility prices going up, that can save some money :D... AND if he's doing it in YOUR house, then you're saving him money so he doesn't have to shower at home!... but out of all seriousness. I'm a virgin and I've never had a girlfriend before but I would def not mind having some fun shower sex haha. I think it's hot lol.

  • Well, if it was a toothbrush I wouldn't ask questions, I'd just quote a price, but then a toothbrush is a non-lethal object, isn't it?

  • I would happily shower with just a hookup. I think he's telling the truth. Of course that doesn't mean he won't develop feelings in the FUTURE.

  • Becuase shower sex is hot? washin each other and whtnot I wouldn't read into it nothing emotional about a shower


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  • You're just grasping at straws. It is only a hook up. Nothing more. He said he had no feelings for you. Move on

  • I don't know why your trying to turn what he said around.

    He stated there were no feelings and when someone tells you or shows you who they are you should believe them.

    Taking a shower is sexual...the "relationship"..."hook ups" are...sexual!

  • a shower is a shower

  • it doesn't mean feelings trust me

  • It's just physical. He made it clear so listen to him. Don't try to put more meaning into things where there is no deep meaning.