If someone you know is walking behind you and only says hi to you as you walk ahead of him

and he is smiling...Is that a sign of attraction? Does that mean that he was thinking of you before you walked in front of him?


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  • It's called, being friendly, lol


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  • maybe a minor wardrobe malfunction was going on.

  • I think it means hi, but I'm not sure. He might want to kill you. O.o

  • Smile is just a sign of friendship...

  • Nope, I do that when I'm in my NICE mood

  • He was probably just watching your butt, then again maybe he thinks your cute.

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  • or maybe you should have said hi first instead of just walking past someone, that's kinda rude behavior. he probably just felt like he should be polite and say hi

    • She was walking ahead of him. She didn't notice he was behind her lol