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Do you "go your own way"?

Do have your own logical opinion on things, or do you generally believe what other people tell you?

I feel like on gag, the latter is more common.

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  • I grew up a 'reject' and it's made me who I am now. I have learned to build my own perspective and research multiple viewpoints and conclude from experience what works best for me. I am reputably abnormal, but intelligent in approach. Neither optimist nor pessimist, I look at what's there and then root a bit deeper to find out what it means to ME and how it works in my sense of logic. I have personal standards and convictions and I'm not afraid to be a leader and an educator when the time calls for it and when I feel I'm adequately able to convey and demonstrate my purpose to others, while still giving them space to come to their own conclusions. My friends, family, and acquaintances would most definitely call me different. They've recently begun to decide my method as positive and for that, many come to me for a genuine and out of the box perspective. I'm a well practiced and aptly experienced solver because of my unwillingness to accept and conform unreasonably to status quo.

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  • I observe, do a little research, then form my opinion based on the findings. Technically I'm believing someone about something, but I do my best to make sure it's legit first.

  • I usually go my own way . . . but I can't help not being influnced by other opinions :)

    • Who do you usually relate to the most? Majority/minority.

    • it really depends on the situation .

      I realate to friends, siblings, parents . . :)

      who do you relate to ?

    • Majority on basic things; god, morality, science (practicality), reality, but when it comes to politics (country or just the people around me), personal situations, or influences I guess it depends on the type of people I'm around lol, I look at facts before I make decisions like that. I was just wondering because there were some people who said they 'disagreed with most humans' lol I didn't understand that.

  • i always think over the situation.. ask others to help me ...see every person's answer and then analyse... and then finally do what I always wanted or what I wanted in the begining...IN SHORT.. I always listen to wht my heart says... do wht you want.. then you will always be happy whether your decision ws crrct or not..! :-)

  • I DO WHAT I WANT! *flips desks/tables/chairs*

  • If I love/like something or someone else tells me a bad side of it I'd see that bad side to and acknowledge their opinion but if I hate something/someone no one and nothing will ever change my way except me.

  • I definitely speak my mind and do what I think is right. (:

  • Silly question because most people will answer that they have their own logical opinion. No one wants to admit they're a sheep :P

    • Thank you, maskeofinsanity. :)

    • You're welcome, t-real :)

    • baaaaaa

  • I have a brain of my own! And it tends to disagree with most humans.

    • Interesting.

    • very..

  • I'm Queen Megan of Meganaria.

  • I feel and tell by my observation. My brain is a little different and I sort of accept it.

  • I rarely believe what people tell me, haha!

    I do tend to take the road less traveled, I'm not sure why that is.

    • Is it fulfilling for you?

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    • Like do you like taking the road less travelled?

    • Sometimes, absolutely. Other times, I feel like I'd be much happier if my mind wasn't so rebellious in its thought processes. Sometimes, taking the road less traveled can be lonely, no doubt.

  • I defiantly drum to my own beat... haha, I am just honest and I feel like a lot of people lie, whether they realize it or not. I try to dig deep, so I can better understand myself, my existence and purpose in this world, etc. I piss off a lot of people because of my honestly... I love it, lol.

  • I am my own person and I do what I feel is right. I am not gullible/naive and I take mostly everything other people tell me with a grain of salt unless it is fact.

  • I always like to think situations over and bring my own opinion to the table whether other people agree or disagree.

What Guys Said 13

  • Yeah I'm a lone wolf :)

  • I do my own thing, but quite frankly it hasn't failed me yet. I get praised by kids and adults a like about how wise and smart I am, especially when it comes to common sense. So I generally trust my judgment over others.

    As far as factual knowledge, I also do my own research. Rarely to I just accept what I hear, even if its from a source I trust or would like to believe. Basically I'm the type that says show me your numbers, facts, statistics, history, research, etc. if you want me to accept your point, no matter how correct and logical it sounds.

    • Lol okay.. Let me guess.. you don't believe in a higher power?

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    • Generally yes. Not necessarily with numbers though. For instance, making a decision about a potential date is what many people would consider a purely emotional decision, especially women. However, I approach such situations more scientifically. I evaluate the pros and cons of that person, examine their history and the facts, making a judgement as to whether they are a good mate, attractive or not. That doesn't mean I'm emotionless in such decisions, I just don't let them drive me.

    • What this invariable means is I can honestly say I've rarely made any really poor decisions in my life, nor have I ever found myself in really sticky situations. When I do, I can recognize them immediately because of my ability to set aside emotions. Again, its a trait many people appreciate in me, especially those who don't have it. I rarely cause drama and I'm always a person to bounce ideas off of and get advice.

  • Whichever suits me at the time.

  • Well, that's a bit of an odd question for someone to answer about themselves. Everyone thinks they're unique, and most people think that others are the same.

    I usually go my own way on gender issues, economics, and politics. I'm also a big Zeitgeist movement fan.

    I "go my own way" in terms of spirituality, as least as far as the US is concerned, since I'm agnostic.

    I "go my own way" when it comes to my own identity as well. I don't buy into most of that "macho" bullsh*t. It seems like some big guilt-based control scheme to keep guys acting the same so that they can send us off to die in their wars. Machismo makes killing machines and douche bags, not men.

    I'm more of a goof, I suppose. I laugh a lot and appreciate all I can. No sense in denying your own potential happiness in order to appear "mature."

    But I'd call myself a "conformist" when it comes to physics, chemistry, and mathematics. For obvious reasons. It all works the same way. And yes, evolution is a no-brainer.

    • Cool.

  • "yes"

    • Lol, now you're just copying me.

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    • I see

    • Holy sh*t, I mean quotation marks.

  • I go with whatever makes most sense, which means I go on my own way about things.

  • Oh, I definitely March to the beat of my own drummer...

    Just read the majority of my answers here on GAG :P

  • Definitely have to go my own way.

    We should pay attention to other peoples opinions because good information could be contained in them but ultimately we should all make our own decisions based on the evidence and our gut feeling (intellect + intuition).

  • I'm ussualy pretty stuborn and pretty confident in my thinking, however if I see reason in someone else's I can agree with it. Also if I'm wrong Ill apologize.

    • You're such a fruitkiss! Punjabi.

  • I always form my own opinion on things, unless someone tells me not to.

    • Or someone tries to think for you. I for one understand how annoying that can be, that's why sometimes I'm really outspoken when it comes to politics etc.

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    • Yup.

    • :)

  • Everyone is influenced by some common beliefs but I believe I am an independent thinker

  • I go to Burger King and always have it my way.

    • Lol.

  • Technically, most people get the majority of their information from someone else, whether it on TV or the internet or from friends. So to form your own logical opinions on current events, unless you are there in the moment as a primary source, you've got to rely on some media

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