Do you "go your own way"?

Do have your own logical opinion on things, or do you generally believe what other people tell you?

I feel like on gag, the latter is more common.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I grew up a 'reject' and it's made me who I am now. I have learned to build my own perspective and research multiple viewpoints and conclude from experience what works best for me. I am reputably abnormal, but intelligent in approach. Neither optimist nor pessimist, I look at what's there and then root a bit deeper to find out what it means to ME and how it works in my sense of logic. I have personal standards and convictions and I'm not afraid to be a leader and an educator when the time calls for it and when I feel I'm adequately able to convey and demonstrate my purpose to others, while still giving them space to come to their own conclusions. My friends, family, and acquaintances would most definitely call me different. They've recently begun to decide my method as positive and for that, many come to me for a genuine and out of the box perspective. I'm a well practiced and aptly experienced solver because of my unwillingness to accept and conform unreasonably to status quo.