Edward Cullen

Why can't real guys be more like Edward Cullen in Twilight and New Moon movies? This world would be like heaven to girls =]

Not the vampire thing. Just the way he looks at her and acts around her. Now you know why all girls fall in love with the movie Twilight and New Moon because a guy like Edward doesn't exist, sadly.


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  • He resists the temptation of killing Bella and that amounts to resisting having sex. Plenty of real guys are like that in reality.

    He's overprotective and jealous and controlling, but not abusive. Meaning, you like those assholes that are like that in real life, but they tend to be abusive and you don't like that particular quality but continue to go back, despite the abuse.

    Edward's whole life revolves around Bella, but in real life you would feel smothered by this.

    Really, you want Edward Cullen because you're a typical female who finds all the bad guy qualities with the good guy perseverance and caring. That's the ultimate dream for a girl, right?

    Well, typically, your Edward is someone who will try to get you in bed at any cost, be overprotective and jealous, and make you seem like you're all he cares about because of his own insecurities and he'll beat you because of them, as well.

    See, what most females miss in those books is that Jacob is the ideal guy. Not only is he caring and observant, he's loyal and endearing. He's the same guy that girls tend to disregard and take advantage of (as in the books). Somehow, his love isn't good enough because he's not obsessed beyond reason and suicidal at the thought of losing you.

    Honest to God, those are the qualities of a user and abuser and you'd be well off avoiding anyone with a Twilight Edward persona. Fiction is one thing, reality is another.

    Any Edward Cullen you're likely to be with is dangerous because he'll most likely end up abusing you and taking advantage of you in some way or other. I'm not either of these characters in persona, but I find it discouraging that so many females want Edward, given the repulsive way real life guys of this type actually behave.

    Fantasy is fine, but I know females who have fallen for the character type and dealt with the consequences only too often. I'm just aghast at the amount of females that are likely to fall victim to this same persona now because of a fictional fantasy.

    I'd also like to know how women would react to certain unrealistic female persona put to page and/or movie form that guys thought were what women should be like. I'm sure the outcry would be just as evident.

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      I"ve been telling my Edward obsessed friends that he doesn't exist and Jacob is more of a typical guy! THANK YOU for breaking it down!!!

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      Lately, in every book I read and TV show I watch, when there's a love triangle, the girl ALWAYS chooses the jerk over the nice guy. WHY?!?!