Edward Cullen

Why can't real guys be more like Edward Cullen in Twilight and New Moon movies? This world would be like heaven to girls =]

Not the vampire thing. Just the way he looks at her and acts around her. Now you know why all girls fall in love with the movie Twilight and New Moon because a guy like Edward doesn't exist, sadly.


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  • He resists the temptation of killing Bella and that amounts to resisting having sex. Plenty of real guys are like that in reality.

    He's overprotective and jealous and controlling, but not abusive. Meaning, you like those assholes that are like that in real life, but they tend to be abusive and you don't like that particular quality but continue to go back, despite the abuse.

    Edward's whole life revolves around Bella, but in real life you would feel smothered by this.

    Really, you want Edward Cullen because you're a typical female who finds all the bad guy qualities with the good guy perseverance and caring. That's the ultimate dream for a girl, right?

    Well, typically, your Edward is someone who will try to get you in bed at any cost, be overprotective and jealous, and make you seem like you're all he cares about because of his own insecurities and he'll beat you because of them, as well.

    See, what most females miss in those books is that Jacob is the ideal guy. Not only is he caring and observant, he's loyal and endearing. He's the same guy that girls tend to disregard and take advantage of (as in the books). Somehow, his love isn't good enough because he's not obsessed beyond reason and suicidal at the thought of losing you.

    Honest to God, those are the qualities of a user and abuser and you'd be well off avoiding anyone with a Twilight Edward persona. Fiction is one thing, reality is another.

    Any Edward Cullen you're likely to be with is dangerous because he'll most likely end up abusing you and taking advantage of you in some way or other. I'm not either of these characters in persona, but I find it discouraging that so many females want Edward, given the repulsive way real life guys of this type actually behave.

    Fantasy is fine, but I know females who have fallen for the character type and dealt with the consequences only too often. I'm just aghast at the amount of females that are likely to fall victim to this same persona now because of a fictional fantasy.

    I'd also like to know how women would react to certain unrealistic female persona put to page and/or movie form that guys thought were what women should be like. I'm sure the outcry would be just as evident.

    • Awesome answer

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    • I"ve been telling my Edward obsessed friends that he doesn't exist and Jacob is more of a typical guy! THANK YOU for breaking it down!!!

    • Lately, in every book I read and TV show I watch, when there's a love triangle, the girl ALWAYS chooses the jerk over the nice guy. WHY?!?!

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  • This is a troll right? I mean this seems to me like an obvious troll.

  • Thats easy..because those guys do exist and they are called emo kids..haha. Plus women, especially young women, want a bad boy. Clearly that is not what this FICTIOUS character is. The truth is guys like that do exist, but theyre not vampires, so they go under the radar. They are sensitive and loving, but are considered less of a man for doing so. No one would say that to this fake vampire because he'd literally rip your face off. Plus he says a lot of things in that movie, that a regular guy couldn't get a away with because it comes off creepy. "I watch you while you sleep"...seriously dude! (I went and saw this with a woman I was seeing at the time) If I said that to a chick I was interested in, she'd excuse herself from the table and never come back. You don't like the guys character as much as you like the fact that he's a vampire...its ok to admit it.

    • I'm young and I don't like bad boys. yeah, I would like to change the bad boy good but I would never want to be with him. maybe a friend, but not girlfriend.

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    • Emo kids, LMAO. hilarious.

    • EMO... hahahahahahahahahahaha you have me rolling... LOL

  • I think this may be a contributing factor to the whole "There are no good guys out there" syndrome that girls get. I understand how girls have the fantasy-type of guy that will play some kind of adventurous/exciting role in their lives; no doubt guys have their fantasies too. But you have to be careful about comparing fantasies with real life, or even hinting at it. I think Yvonne Strahovski from 'Chuck' would be my fantasy girl, but I don't expect to meet a gorgeous, blonde, deadly super-spy in the real world. If you're expecting to meet a guy like Edward Cullen (like in his movie role), you won't. In fact, if you even met Edward Cullen you may find out he is a totally different person in real life (very likely). Is it normal to fantasize about fictional characters? Absolutely, in fact most people enjoy it. But it is a waste of time and effort to think a person can be like that in real life. Like I said, there's no problem with having fantasies, but you have to know where that reality line is drawn.

  • Men like Edward do exist, but they're hard to find ;) Same thing goes with girls. .


  • Because not every guy is a movie star than can afford the training and hair cuts and make up 2 look like a movie star like that guy says why can't every girl be as hot as taylor swift or megan fox well those girls are beautiful they also have millions they can afford the latest look and training.Lol I also wish I looked like Edward some days but I don't I just work with what I have:) And I'm def not a cheating scum bag I always show a girl a great time and I would treat her like Edward does its just a lot of girls are wearded out by nice guys and unfortunatly It sucks but I'm still nice 2 them no matter what.

    • Just for the record, if that's actually you in the pic, I'd take you over Edward Cullen any day!

      haha lol

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    • LMFAO. damn dude, you've got these two females' hormones on overload haha.

    • Flexing in the pic... but yet they disagree with your post =/ Ouch... double shut down but at the same time I can say I have an 8 pack of abs haha.

      I agree with timberlake

  • I don't get this, why do they like edward? in the first book/film he was a prick to her, he ignored her in class and told her to keep away and snapped at her, then people thought it was sweet because he wanted her to stay away so he wouldn't bite her? What were the good traits? If I remember he watched her sleep, now usually that gets people arrested but now its a sweet thing? He was protectve of her, but girls actually hate it if a guy is protective of her, because tey think he's 'clingy'. The only attraction is to the fact he is a vampire and the fact robert pattison plays him, if some fat guy played him it would be a different story, it would look creepy and not in the least bit sweet.

  • Maybe you could date the actor?

  • The vampire part or the dark mysterious part?

  • My best gal friend compared me to Edward, said I was a lot like him in the way I acted, does that mean she likes me sort of, as more than friends that is?

  • Guess what. There ARE a ton of guys out there who have all the personality traits as Edward Cullen and treat girls the same way.

    But in real life, they come across as being overly clingy, obsessive, desperate, and borderline psychotic usually. Edward gets away with it because he's rich and handsome, and that, for some reason, changes everything.

  • What are you talking about? Who the hell is that and what does he do?

  • He's a fictional character get real.

    And before you start bad mouthing the male population how bout you get your nose out of a book and look around. Not all guys are d***s. You just gotta look hard enough


    • Yes VERY VERY VERY HARD TO FIND A GUY THAT IS NOT A DICK I'm talking almost impossible

    • Not at all.

    • Bro, her name is edwardcullensgirl11... (let's ignore the fact that there are 10 other girls with the same username)

      She clearly thinks that every guy who isn't like this fictional guy is a d***. Straight up.

  • Guys like that do exist but human nature is not attracted to someone who is willing to just lay it all down. Many times have I seen a beautiful woman mistreated and stays with the ugly asshole. I will say this, if you continue to look for movie romance you are going to find a liar and a cheater 90% of the time. Movies and stories give hope to the hopeless and I still think Disney royally f***ed everyone as a kid and led them into false hope. I'm not saying love doesn't happen or life can't be romantic but it doesn't happen overnight. I haven't seen the movie nor read the book but know enough girls to get the jist.

    If you want a romantic chivalrous guy, just wait, be patient, and just keep trying but not too hard. There are red flags to watch out for and things that can hint you as to how the person is going to be. A perfect person won't fall into your lap, you have to get your heart broken and break some hearts to find the one that works with yours, figuratively speaking. Get out there and date. Best of luck.

    • This is a fabulous response and very well written. Good job!

    • Yeah I think Disney is pretty ducked up too. I think it was a decent company until walt died and the new people in charge use Disney to brain wash kids. They're ruining the future of us all.

  • Sorry but its just that, a movie/book. I personally don't like the Twilight series don't get why people are so hoped up on that movie/book

  • Because the nice ones are always already taken! :-D

  • The world would be full of stalking sparkling weirdos .

    Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and seeing that there's like 10 guys watching you sleep?

    i doubt you would smile

  • Because we don't sparkle shimmering prettiness in the sunlight.

  • because he's a PRETEND PERSON.

    you're setting yourself up for disappointment, luv.

  • You can't be serious...

  • What are the characteristics that he has that draw you to him? (I may take notes here.)

    • Compassionate, strong, caring, protective, romantic.... He's a book character- No one can achieve ALL that but it would be nice for guys to have at least two of those qualities!

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    • I think caring and compassionate are the biggest needed qualities! To have someone say I love you and mean it makes you all warm. Its like when I kiss this one boy, my heart skips beats because I can sense the compassion and the want. No one else is important the way you are important to them. The feeling of importance is amazing. No one could cheat on someone if they had these feelings.

    • Hes strong, and caring, and protective, and nice, and mysterious, and damn he is friggin hott!!!!

  • Because God is a guy and not every girl looks like Jennifer Love Hewitt...so I guess this isn't heaven :(

    Sorry just had to comment.

  • Why can't you women be more like Cassadee Pope, Valerie Poxleitner, or Ashley Tisdale.

  • How could you like that guy? did you see the way he walked at the mtv movie awards he looked very insecure. I think you guys like the character in the movie not the actual actor. Yeah right you wouldn't like that, I bet if I stayed up on a tree staring at a girl through the window like in the movie I would get the police on my ass lol.

    Edward just gave off that mysterious vibe in the movie I guess that's why you girls like him.

  • There are too many dumb sluts who fall for any man's bullsh*t to get into their panties. It's the girls' faults, because they make it so easy for us.

  • you mean dead?

  • *i really hope one day people can stop staying "he/she's hot" and look pass the skin. I assure you everybody has their own charm, enough to sweep you off your feet, you just need to give them a chance. And if you treat them like Bella treat Edward, they'll turn right into your real life Edward for you.

    • I agree. I just wish people would look past skin deep and into the real you. but everyones eyes are coulded with todays indecisions and wanting to look good so they won't go for the girl/guy that will complete them.

  • i am like Edward Cullen. I falls passionately for this girl before, but this is not Hollywood, this is reality. There are so many other factors that comes into place.

    AND when a guy treat a girls so sweet like that, the girls tend to lead them around, play with them, and they don't usually appreciate what they have.

    Ask the guys, I'm sure there are plenty of them who treat a girl genuinely like Edward does, and I assure you almost all of them will tell you that they're un-appreciated.

    • ExACTly. when a guy is really like that in real life, the girl usually takes advantage of it and doesn't respect him/appreciate him as much. Guys know that jerks will do better with girls so they figure "if you can't beat em, join em. At least that's what I assume.

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    • Hmm interesting point hercules and genie; also nice post "isthistoo".

      Unfortunately in the real world women say they want that nice guy because they are tired of the bullsh*t; but for some reason they want that bad boy type that is such a turn on - All adventurous and misleading - the rebel leader of the pack and a badass.

      Edward's character shows multiple characteristics that yes - with the right women they would work great. But with such a large variety of women, it most likely won't work.

    • Very True!!!

  • Twilight sucks.

  • i hear this question all the time and I do nothing but laugh. I've treated women like angels since my first girlfriend I had in highschool but really it seemed to never pay off, I would get lied to cheated on broken up with passed around laughed at and treated back like sh*t because they didn't apreciate me when I treated them so well... you say you want someone like that but do you really? or do you just tired of bad boy type this week and want a little change for a bit then back to the bad boy and leaving the great caring guy in sewers. I'm finaly happy I found the girl of my dreams and that apeciates me for being me and she tells me every day that I am her Edward. but anyhow do you really want a nice guy if so show them! they are all over the place. next time a guy comes up to you all shy and afraid to talk to you say yes and talk with him don't reject him because he doesn't have a assload of confidence and is not smooth with the lines give him a chance he might just surprise you

  • Because I enjoy being me... and most men feel the same way. To suggest something dumb like this is just hilarious... Ed C. is a character in a book turned sorry-ass movie... it's FANTASY... all men don't cheat, all men are in one way or another, a one-of-a-kind. The girl who wrote this question is obviously in love with the premise of love, and not the reality of love... Do you see me askin dumb questions like 'why caint all women be like Beyonce, or why all women caint be like Jenna Jameson/Jazmin St. Clair?' What a jacklegged, dumb way of seeing things that would be! Girls, don't be like the girl who wrote this question.. please! LMFAO

    • U have a great point there.I really like the beyonce example.

    • Ya damn skippy, hippy!

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  • Why can't I be a vampire? :)

  • Actually if more guys were like Edward Cullen...

    I'd probably take a sawed off shotgun and...you get the idea.

    A lot of guys are not cheating scum bags, your being sexist.

  • I'm terribly happy all guys aren't like him, as I can't stand him, the books, the series, or his behavior. Pattinson, I would take. Edward? Um, no. Sociopathic much, vamp-boy?

  • Ha the world would be like hell to me personally.

  • Omg, I know this question I OOOLLLLDDDD, but still... I just want an excuse to brag :P

    I'm lucky enough to have a boyfriend who's a lot like Edward, but I'd NEVER tell him that (he HATES twilight) rofl

    He opens doors for me, carries my things for me, pays for me, and is constantly checking to make sure I'm okay and not bored or feeling awkward (coz I'm very shy). He's polite to EVERYONE, even when they're rude back... We're both virgins and he wants to keep it that way till he's sure I'm comfortable with the idea... He's always protective of me, and never lets me wait alone at the bus station after 6pm, he'll even drive me the half hour home if he has the fuel... He looks at me like I'm the most beautiful thing on earth (it really is sweet <3 ) and is constantly telling me how beautiful I am... He's actually MORE gentlemanly than Edward Cullen... and he's REAL :)

    Oh, not to mention that when he first told me he loves me, it was after a big and long, really sweet and romantic speach about what it means to be in love. And just like Edward, he even speaks with "proper" english most of the time (but without the accent lol)

    But my awesome boyfriend is better than Edward; he trusts me more than Edward ever tusted Bella, and he's never once made me feel unloved. But then again, he doesn't lust for my blood. Just me... XD

    If I had to pick what my perfect guy would be, I'd choose my boyfriend over Edward Cullen any day. Maybe with super-strength and sparkly skin though :P because that's just plain cool XD

  • I guess he looks alright.

    but I'm more into guys who play soccer and play the piano for some reason lol.

    Jensen Ackles (I think that's how you spell his name), is so so hot.

    guys are all hot for different reasons.

    I don't like the cookie-cutter hot traits though.

  • First of all, I've read the book but not seen the movie. Second of all, he is only described as "perfect" and "gorgeous", etc, and there is no detail. So it is rhetorical to say why arent' guys like him (looks wise) because he doesn't even have features, he is just "perfect". Secondly, in the book he shows every pattern and sign for being an abusive boyfriend, and it is sad that it is teaching girls to go for guys like this. He's like a normal guy except that he wants to eat her face.

  • Meh, You don't really want a guy like that. Real men are so much more rewarding.

    Also, men shouldn't be expected to be more like Cullen just like women shouldn't be expected to be more like...whoever it is that men like these days. We should only expect for the other person to be themselves. We should love each other for who we are not because we wish they were more like a fictional character in a Hollywood movie.

  • hmm well as much as I LOVE Edward cullen, idt there are any guys out there that could be like him because noone is perfect...everyone has their own special flaws that we live to deal with...but if guys were like edward life would be good! :) haha they take some tips on how girls want to be treated

  • It's cause stupid girls don't get that people aren't perfect and can't see when a guy is being sweet or even better than Edward cause it needs to be exactly like what he did. Stop living in a book, if you actually read the book or you know what even just see the movies. Edward is like ever other guy, he breaks her heart and comes back and gets her in to trouble and causes family problems takes her away from her friends. Even he's not perfect and he's FICTION!

  • lol nice question...I must admit that people took it way too seriously though... LOL

  • I can't believe someone asked this question. This makes me almost as sad at the T-shirt I saw at the mall proclaiming the wearer "Edward's girl". Get over it. HE'S NOT THAT HOT.

  • I'm glad men like that are rare, because he's an abusive sack of sh*t that deserves to live alone for eternity.

    And Edward Cullen is a FICTIONAL CHARACTER. Are you that obsessed that you literally think that's what relationships are like? Well, you're sorely mistaken.

  • it would be very nice!

    i don't like the actor in the movie though.

    i think they should have left the visuals of edward out,

    and let us girls envision how we want edward to be.

    the imagery given of edward kind of killed my perfect edward.

  • No, no... no! :L

    First of all, they totally picked all the wrong cast for the film darn it!

    My 'dream' guy changes when feeling different emotions. Sometimes, I'd like the thought of having a tough guy or some one who is not so nice as a whole (I don't mean him to be nasty and horrible or anything, just cold or is more of a challenge in some way) so that when he does eventually like me, he starts to become more gentlemanly around me and people I know. I like when there is banter between us and to still feel independent. I like it when the guy also takes on the girl and make her admit to feelings as well..

    But then sometimes, I just want a nice interesting guy with similar hobbies to me and such; also that he would protect me.

    Saying this though, it is all about the charisma between us more than anything so we can say what we want and do what we want without offending the other person. Unfortunately, looks are always a part of this so it wouldn't just be the guy who has the right personality traits but I have got to be able to stand to look at him etc. I don't mean this nastily or anything as a persons thoughts on how a person looks can change as well and prospects of ugly and handsome can vary as well so it is hard to say when it comes to attractiveness.

    People who say nice guys finis last and stuff don't get it, being nice doesn't automatically make you unappealing to women, the same if you are horrible to women doesn't make you attractive. Just as how men like they way a girl looks so do girls like the way men look - just as much. Obviously, it is hard when wanting to find a person as the chances are, the harder you look the more likely you are to fail at finding someone who appeals to your wants and the higher your expectations get. A person will most likely just stubble upon a person that they like without even being aware of it. If you see where I'm going with this.

  • errrrrrrm. I don't like how intensely possessive their relationship is...

  • I personally love Landon in A Walk To Remember. That is my dream man, but that's just me.

  • I personally love edward cullen! but the thing with himthough is that he is boring and always seem to want to please bella not a bad thing just that there are rarely arguments and wats a relationship withough those occoasional fights


    Okay, I'm sorry... I actually kind of agree. I would love myself an Edward Cullen. But you've got to learn to work with what you have... There are tons of great, non-fictional guys out there! I promise!

  • woah!fantasy land!

    snap back to reality!

    ive read the books, they were good,

    saw the movie, it sucked...

    but seriously...

    get your head out of never never land...

    not you in paticular,

    but ALL the girls that have an over obssession with the movie and books..

  • wow you guys are dumb you don't need to be dissin on this girls question so much...its her opinion and I'm pretty sure she jus ment it as in she wants a guy that's protective, sweet, and would choose her over everything...and that's pretty much what edward does..i mean yea edward ain't totally hot but I would kill for a guy wiht a presonality like that..when you have been played and hurt plenty of times you will understand..

  • Men can be. Edward Cullen is a character played by a real, normal human being and...men are normal human beings.

  • Yah and apparently... jacob and edward both like BELLA of all people.. that's just the worst part of it all...

  • hahah well..in my opinion I don't think he's all that great ..he's kinda overrated

  • You know, I don't find Robert Pattinson as attractive when he's just being Robert Pattinson... haha. :) Edward is yummy though. Sparkling vampires.

    • thats funny, I'm not gay but I didn't think robert paterson was atractive at all until I saw outside of twilight

  • What fun would that be? Variety is fabulous.

  • meh, Edward is nice and all but he has his bad points too...you know like the stalker thing watching Bella while she sleeps. I'm more of Jacob fan wouldn't mind a boyfriend like Jacob minus all the anger management issues xD

  • why can't all guys be vampires? because the whole world would turn into vampires...

  • Is that some kind of sick joke? He's a stalker. If I EVER woke up and saw a guy watching me sleep, no matter how much I liked him, I'd throw the nearest heavy object at him. And he's SUPPOSED to be the perfect guy? Please. He has no depth to his character. His personality revolves around Bella, which would disgust me. He's super human. So what? Girls that think Edward is the perfect guy are seriously deluded. Ok, he has the strong-smart-affectionate thing going, but, really, a guy that's perfect ALL the time would annoy me to no end. And he pretty much destroyed all of Bella's friendships by pretty much keeping a leash on her. A guy that restrictive? No thanks.

    Edward sets an unrealistic standard for boyfriends. There are so many guys that are amazing in their own way, but they'd get passed up because they're not Edward-like, and so many girls chase after guys and get crushed, because she's convinced that the guy she's chasing is her Edward, and he either doesn't like her or turns out to be a jerk. It's really a double-standard, because you'd probably be downright offended if someone told you to be like some scantly-clad, large-chested model who can sing, cook, do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted, and play a plethora of sports. Not exactly realistic.

    • And my friends and I nearly died laughing through all the "romantic" scenes. The movie was hilarious, because it's SO unrealistic. Being Edward-like has ruined as many relationships as it has created, because, at some point, most girls will be sketched out.

    • >Is that some kind of sick joke? He's a stalker.

      This answer is full of win.

  • because then some girls would hog them all (mee :) lol I love edward he's so... edward no single word can describe him

    ahhhhhh I love him! jk but I do

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