Edward Cullen

Why can't real guys be more like Edward Cullen in Twilight and New Moon movies? This world would be like heaven to girls =]

Not the vampire thing. Just the way he looks at her and acts around her. Now you know why all girls fall in love with the movie Twilight and New Moon because a guy like Edward doesn't exist, sadly.


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    My friends and I were talking about this a little. It pretty much came down to this:

    1. Although it's a little cool that he sparkles in the sunlight, that would be extremely distracting and a total safety hazard while driving.

    2. When you really think about, some of the things Edward does is kind of creepy. He's always sort of there. That night when Bella went to go shopping with her two friends, he followed her. He also watched her sleep without her knowledge for a bit. That's just weird. I don't know about you, but I don't want a boyfriend who follows me and watched me while I sleep.

    3. Edward was pretty much perfect. Although perfection seems nice, I couldn't date a guy that was perfect. I would constantly feel like a clumsy idiot when around him and then there could be resentment for that. That wouldn't be good for the relationship.

    There are plenty of guys out there who are just as nice and kind as Edward though. But they get passed up. I have about a dozen guy friends who could be a girl's Edward, but they aren't given the chance. If you're looking for a full on Edward then I suggest you keep reading, because guys like that only exist in books.

    • Ah- tousche! #3 - if he is perfect and dating you, why wouldn't he be off with someone else? Truth, there is resentment on your behalf, but at the same time respect the time you have with him and enjoy it as much as possible.

      Great comment, very wise! B- Read =)

  • i think that guys don't have that much confidence to act like that around girls. its just acting,but omg if they did act like that I would be so happy:)

  • Because vampires aren't acutally real!

  • I think I would move out of the country if there were more guys like Edward. I like guys that have nice hair and has a clean shave...Robert/Edward looks like he has yet to discover a shower and a comb. Plus, I don't want a guy with spray-on Abs.

    You like how he acts? his acting seems very awkward to me, I would never wish for a guy like Edward in a million years.

  • Look hun, noo guy in the world is exactly like him, he's fictional, not just the vampire stuff but in evrything else too. Guys won't be like that because they aren't, they all have a flaw that you'll despise or dislike. You can't help it, It's just Human Nature. It's not healthy for women too be so caught up int here stories, I mean it's great to read and all but to believe that there would actually be a guy exactly like Edward Culllen, it's impossible, And us, woman, put our expectations high and that actually makes it harder for both mean and woman to find love, Men's expectations are lower, Wayy, Lower, I'm not saying we should have the expectations of a goldfish but you can't expect evry guy to be like Edward Cullen. And Not every girl likes guy like Edward Cullen. :) Hope I helped :)


    Okay, I'm sorry... I actually kind of agree. I would love myself an Edward Cullen. But you've got to learn to work with what you have... There are tons of great, non-fictional guys out there! I promise!

  • Omg, I know this question I OOOLLLLDDDD, but still... I just want an excuse to brag :P

    I'm lucky enough to have a boyfriend who's a lot like Edward, but I'd NEVER tell him that (he HATES twilight) rofl

    He opens doors for me, carries my things for me, pays for me, and is constantly checking to make sure I'm okay and not bored or feeling awkward (coz I'm very shy). He's polite to EVERYONE, even when they're rude back... We're both virgins and he wants to keep it that way till he's sure I'm comfortable with the idea... He's always protective of me, and never lets me wait alone at the bus station after 6pm, he'll even drive me the half hour home if he has the fuel... He looks at me like I'm the most beautiful thing on earth (it really is sweet <3 ) and is constantly telling me how beautiful I am... He's actually MORE gentlemanly than Edward Cullen... and he's REAL :)

    Oh, not to mention that when he first told me he loves me, it was after a big and long, really sweet and romantic speach about what it means to be in love. And just like Edward, he even speaks with "proper" english most of the time (but without the accent lol)

    But my awesome boyfriend is better than Edward; he trusts me more than Edward ever tusted Bella, and he's never once made me feel unloved. But then again, he doesn't lust for my blood. Just me... XD

    If I had to pick what my perfect guy would be, I'd choose my boyfriend over Edward Cullen any day. Maybe with super-strength and sparkly skin though :P because that's just plain cool XD

  • Yah and apparently... jacob and edward both like BELLA of all people.. that's just the worst part of it all...

  • I so love the part where he says he wants to save sex for marriage! I wish all guys were like that!

  • There are guys that have some of those same qualities, but I think everyone needs to step back and remember that we are talking about a FICTIONAL charater.

  • A nightmarish reality in which I would not want to live.

  • to be honest, guys like the character Edward Cullen DO EXIST!

    I had a guy that was exactly like him, acted EXACTLY the same...and like in "new moon" - he left me...and still hasn't come back...

    You don't want a Edward, as much as you love him and don't want to let his love go...

    Im looking for my Jacob, because 'Edward' hurt me so bad.


  • I do not understand why girls are so crazy about Edward. First of all, this question is a fail for just being Twilight related. But, out of curiosity, I read the first few books and I don't get the Edward hype. He's controlling, he's so white and looks like he wears lipstick, he's old as sh*t, he breaks Bella's heart, and he has this constant urge to kill her or drink her blood. Yeah, real romantic... -.-

    OH! And real men don't sparkle. Hop off the Edward train and go find a real man.

  • I think you are being ridiculous comparing men to a FICTIONAL character. besides in the movie doesn't he break into her room to watch her sleep? oh no that's not creepy at all

  • He barely shows emotion on his face, his voice is always deadpan, he's angsty, he's not funny nor fun to be around, he's not all that good looking IMO (looks more like a boy than a man) and is just plain annoying. Seriously boy, smile and laugh once in a while, it's people like him in real life that just p*ss me off. Why can't people just be happy and have fun -.-

    PS. He's incredibly boring. I would probably claw my own eyes out just for fun if I had to speak with him.

  • yah edward cullen is terribly cute and protective and sweet and yah there are a lot of d*** guys out there but once you find te guy for you he'll be like your edward cullen even with his imperfections but you won't care about those and you certainly won't be thinking about edward cullen

  • i know right! edward cullen is the perfect guy!

  • the hot thing about edward cullen is that he's pretty much horny all the time and still really cute and protective of bella ;) and faithful no matter what.

    he could be alil more witty and playful tho lol

  • Short answer... Because the Twilight Saga was written by a woman.

    Ideally a girl wants a guy to dote on her. To adore her. She wants to be the center of his universe. Girls... snap out of it. Men are not capable of being like this and surviving outside of the movie set.

    Guys are suppose to be strong and appear strong. When they act like that, other guys look at them as weak (IE. people always associate sensitive men with being gay). I agree some guys need to be more chivalrous, but there are other things they have to do that do not include petting their girlfriends. Let your guy be manly in public. He can be your in private.

    As an aside... When a man that loves you 100%, and is not just trying to figure out a way to get into your pants, you will see that he genuinely cares by his actions. You will see that he will take a lot of abuse from other men while he "woos" you. He will start to choose you over doing things with his friends. He will be distracted at work. He will text or call more than usual... Sad part is... More often than not, you will pass that guy up because you are hung up on a guy that is not paying attention to you... Why you ask? Because it is human nature to want what we can't have. It is a challenge. This is why love is so painful.

  • Well because first Edward is so freaking old and second he can't hear her thoughts. so he's curious abt her. I mean imagine being able to hear ur partners thoughts, sounds awesome but if you really think abt it there won't be any excitements left in the relationship. But I totally get what you mean though :-)

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  • Himura Kenshin is a million times better-looking, and a million times nicer.

  • That's the problem with whiny girls like you, you like feminine sensitive boys not real men

  • Because we aren't all wanting to be souless ginger f***ers with pale skin that sparkles in the sunlight. Half ass vampire. Besides, he is kind of an ass really... and not the good kind either.

  • I actually never got the appeal of Edward. He seems like a self-obsessed post-melodramatic prudent asshat, to me. Otherwise, I'm a movie character just like him, so I am a bit like that, hahahaha.

    Also, to be noted, this is the first thread I've seen that says 'More than a year ago'. Awesomeee.

  • Don't knw never saw the movie.

  • Why can't you women be more like Cassadee Pope, Valerie Poxleitner, or Ashley Tisdale.

  • Probably because Edward wants to eat her in more ways than one!

  • so you want guys to get in a relationship with you and then leave you for about a year so you have to do crazy stuff to see them?

  • Well, I personally know a lot of guys that would probably be BETTER than this Edward guy (i'm not fond of twilight). However...These guys I know aren't "bad boys" which girls seem to be attracted to these days...If you date a "bad boy" then you going to be treated badly.

    And plus if you wanna get into lore of the movie, Edward has been around for one hundred years+ which means he has A LOT of experience with women.

  • Edward is the product of more than 100 years of living, and also stuck in a teenager's body. Now, I have my own opinions about twilight and it's quality (I think it sucks) but Edward's character, opinions, and the way he handles himself are the product of his experiences, which he's had more than one hundred years of. He's had over a century to perfect his technique around women, to experiment, and to learn what works and what doesn't. No other guy has.

    I think it's worth noting that Robert Pattinson himself has come out as saying he personally dislikes the character (source: link ) so I'm afraid he's only close to Edward in appearance.

    So, you know, if you want Edward Cullen, you're going to have to keep dreaming for a 100 year old man who looks like Robert Pattinson.

    (I'm aware Edward's meant to be a teenager at heart, but either way, a teenager with 100 years of experience doesn't really count)

  • Guys like that usually get girls bored. Of course for a while some may be interested, but the whole being too gentle and respectful eventually gets most girls bored. It's always good to be unpredictable, mistery is exciting. I'm not saying that you should be unrespectful or rude to your girl, but adding some bad boy attitude to the mix every now and then it's the way to go.

  • Because we live in a place called "reality"...at least you can feed a guy like that once a month... wink wink .

  • Never saw the move but from what I hear he's always saving her from something and even bossing her around. The reason this guy can't be more like Edward Cullen is that his behavior is morally wrong. I would rather die than do that (I'm serious about that)

  • because real guys aren't scripted.

  • he is meant to be the perfect guy from a woman's perspective. imagine if twilight were written by a man.

    • Hahah that would have been funny..

  • He's a fictional character get real.

    And before you start bad mouthing the male population how bout you get your nose out of a book and look around. Not all guys are d***s. You just gotta look hard enough


    • Bro, her name is edwardcullensgirl11... (let's ignore the fact that there are 10 other girls with the same username)

      She clearly thinks that every guy who isn't like this fictional guy is a d***. Straight up.

    • Not at all.

    • Yes VERY VERY VERY HARD TO FIND A GUY THAT IS NOT A DICK I'm talking almost impossible

  • Probably because it is a movie. Why can't more chicks suck d*** like the one in that porn movie I watched?

  • Why can't there be less Twilight freaks in the world

  • often if guys acted as characters in love stories women would think they were obsessed, stalkers, weird, moving to fast. I've heard of guys attempting things done to win over or re win thier love interest and it typically has gone over poorly. I think that there is a fine line of how Cinematically romantic a guy can actually act. yea maybe guys should show more appreciation but E.C. is a lunatic

    • Exactly

      If a guy ever did the things "Edward" did in that movie a restraining order would follow SOOOO fast....

  • My best gal friend compared me to Edward, said I was a lot like him in the way I acted, does that mean she likes me sort of, as more than friends that is?

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