Is it normal to fall out of your bra when you bend over?

What does it mean when you fall out of the top of your bra when you bend over? I hate it when that happens. I have been to VS for a professional fitting so it has to be the right size but for some reason my boobs have always done this, both when I was wearing the wrong size and my new size. Its frustrating. Do any other girls have this problem too? Is it normal?


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  • No, you need to get fitted somewhere else. I've heard a lot of stories of VS not giving the right size. The only way you can really tell is if you try on the bra. There are guides out there, but a lot of them are wrong. They put me at a 30-32 A when I'm actually a 32C (30D might fit better, but bras are difficult to find in that size).

    If you want to measure yourself, take the measurement of your underbust (around your right under your breasts) and then take the measurement of your bust (around your breast). Take the difference between your underbust measurement and bust measurement, and that determines your cup size. So a difference of one inch is an A cup, a difference of 2 inches is a B cup, etc. Then take your underbust measurement and add 4. The nearest even number should be your band size. This isn't 100% accurate, but it should give you a good idea of where to start looking. A lot of places take the difference between the underbust and bust after adding the 4 inches, which gives a cup size that's too small. My underbust measures 26 inches and my bust measures 30 inches, so I should be a 30D. Unfortunately it's nearly impossible to find bras in that size unless I want to spend a ton of money, so I move up to a 32C. It's the same cup volume but a larger band size, so I have to use the second hook instead of the first.

    • I don't have one of those fabric measuring tape things, so I can't measure myself. My VS bras feel okay but its just annoying when I pop out of the bra from bending or jumping. I didn't know if it was normal or not.

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  • Get measured somewhere else and try different styles of bras. VS told my girlfriend that she was a 34D when everywhere else is saying 32DD.

  • Is it like your boobs don't fit the cups when you bend over or they come out over the top of the bra!?

  • Whats your bra size anyways, your probably wearing the wrong size or it might be your natural size

  • Probably wrong size

  • I'm pretty sure it mean's your bra doesn't fit. If you're spilling out of the top, get a bigger cup. If your boobs are completely falling out, get a smaller cup.

    What size are you wearing now and what size where you wearing before?

    • 32C which admittedly was too small I would fall out like I described and also because it cut into my boobs which is why I decided to get fitted. Now I'm wearing 32D. Its not cutting into my boobs but when I bend over or jump up and down I pop out.

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    • I don't have a measuring tape nor do I know where to get one. I only bought 4 but yes I do fall out of all of them.

    • That's a shame. Maybe you can return them? Or do you think the style is the issue as some have said? What kind are they?

  • try a different cup style and get measured at a different place or do it yourself and make sure you're doing it properly


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  • It means the bra is the wrong shape. You need something that comes up higher on your boobs. It's not a matter of the size, it's a matter of the style of bra. If the style is like a demi or a balconette, you can easily fall out.

    The best way to buy bras is to go somewhere big like a macy's then try on a million different styles and sizes. It's time consuming, but I've never seen any method of "fitting" actually work because boobs are simply not standard.

    • I have mostly demi so maybe you're right. I'll try Macy's next time I go bra shopping. Actually I need to go as soon as possible because this is getting frustrating. Could you tell me what shapes work best? How do you even know what style to get? Do I just ask the people working there?

    • Demi are the easiest to fall out of, so pretty much any other styles should work better. Try for some T-shirt bras. You just have to grab a bunch of different styles and try them. You can also always ask the people who work there, tell them your problem, but be prepared that they might recommend the wrong size so you have to try on similar sizes to get the best fit. Also, sizes vary by brand. Buying bras is hard work haha.

  • it could be the type of bra you're wearing. You might want to try a full coverage bra if you keep falling out of your top.

    • I'll try those. Its hard to find cute ones in my size.

  • Cup is probably too small. Get fitted at a real bra shop. You'll probably be a few cups up and a few band sizes down.

  • I think you should go to a second place to get fitted other than VS. Maybe Macy's or something. Personally when I bend over like the top of my boobs may come out a little but not completely. My puppies are secure! Haha but yeah, I've heard that sometimes VS bra fittings aren't always completely right.

    • Thanks I'll try Macy's. I didn't know whether it was normal or not, because like I said, its been happening for a long time. Its not like I'm not perky either.