Ladies does wearing a ring on your right hand ring finger mean your unavaliable?

Does wearing a ring on your right hand ring finer mean your in a relationship or take in the U.S?

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And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
Also if you would state wether your single or in a relationship thank you ladies and have a nice day!


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  • Isn't it supposed to be on the left hand?

    Uhhm but either way I'll wear rings on both hands, but usually on my left since I'm right-handed and having jewelry on my right hand can be a pain when I'm writing or drawing.

    Also most of my rings fit my left hand bigger... my fingers on my right hand are the tiniest bit bigger, for some reason, so rings that fit on my left ring finger for example, fit tighter on my right ring finger.

    tl;dr no

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      are you single and wearing the rings tho?

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      Okay well don't just ask straight out if they are engaged. Say you like her ring and ask if it's for anything special. Bam problem solved.

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      all do that once I get to know her lol thanks for the tip