Why do women give the silent treatment?

Why do women give the silent treatment? I never got that , is it only in songs or movies on TV or is the silent treatment a real thing when a girl likes a guy?


Most Helpful Girl

  • depends. Sometimes I'm so pissed off that if I say anything it's going to cut to the bone and I love this person and don't want to cut them to the bone so I shut up so in turn I'm not speaking to them and usually they know I'm pissed off cause I'm slamming stuff around or moving in a manner that says "stay the hell out of my way or face the consequences" now the latter is pure passive aggressive behavior(which is the immature part) that's to let someone know "you have pissed me off but I am shutting my mouth so as not to say something that will hurt you so bad that you'll wish you'd never asked me "what's your problem?" lol