Why do women give the silent treatment?

Why do women give the silent treatment? I never got that , is it only in songs or movies on TV or is the silent treatment a real thing when a girl likes a guy?


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  • depends. Sometimes I'm so pissed off that if I say anything it's going to cut to the bone and I love this person and don't want to cut them to the bone so I shut up so in turn I'm not speaking to them and usually they know I'm pissed off cause I'm slamming stuff around or moving in a manner that says "stay the hell out of my way or face the consequences" now the latter is pure passive aggressive behavior(which is the immature part) that's to let someone know "you have pissed me off but I am shutting my mouth so as not to say something that will hurt you so bad that you'll wish you'd never asked me "what's your problem?" lol


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  • Guys do it too.

    I think one may do it because they are trying their best to deal with their emotions.

    If they do speak, who knows? It could be an explosion.

    Although I dislike the silent treatment I'd rather someone do that than come out disrespectful towards me.

    That doesn't help the situation.

    The person is just giving themselves time to get over, whatever it is.

  • umm they are mad at you

  • No it's true I do give the silent treatment if I'm upset. I'll hold a grudge for hours, days not speaking and someone knows sethimgs wrong esp since I'm a talker. Although awkward it forces an apology.

    • But how could they apologize if they don't know what to apologize for, since you're giving the silent treatment?

    • It'll start with, "I'm sorry for whatever I did." Then she should go on to tell you exactly what you did. He apologizes for that specific thing and that's how it goes.

  • I can only speak for myself but if I ever do that its because I'm SO beyond mad and I need to cool down. I'd rather not say something I don't mean because at that point I really have nothing rational or kind to say.

    But I do agree with RedThread its immature to behave this way instead of just working out your problems like adults. Its almost like a form of pouting in some situations hahaha.

  • if a girl like a guy she wouldn't give him silent treatment. she may be shy but cold treatment no.

  • When she likes? No

  • My boyfriend gives me the silent treatment. People do it because it works. It's not really so much for "when a girl likes a guy" as much as revenge for when someone's done something wrong. It's much more effective than yelling at someone.

  • They would have to talk to you, before giving you the silent treatment.


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  • Usually to control or manipulate a guy or to toy with him. Sometimes its because they're mad, but I don't understand it because how can a guy right his wrong if he doesn't what he did or what is up. It ends up creating all kinds of problems like distrust. So, its better to just talk about it and if a girl can't, at least say I need a couple days before I can talk to you about it, ill get back to you.

  • I think the silent treatment is immature to give to anybody whether it's coming from a male or female. I think people do it when they're upset with someone.

  • They do it usually because they want to look mad. They're afraid that if they talk to me, they might not be able to stop themselves from smiling.

  • It's because they know it hurts them, and they assume it would hurt a guy in the same way.

    As a punishment, it generally only works on girls. Girls are social creatures who communicate frequently. To be cut off from that, is a terrible thing for a girl. It's terrifically isolating.

    Many girls think that this pain is universal, so can be applied as a punishment to everyone.

    It can really piss a girl off when she gives a guy the silent treatment for like a week, and he doesn't even notice.