He's panicking that he hurt my feelings

This guy that I like is always teasing me and "plays mean" on text. He did say something tonight that pushed the limits. It upset me and I told him that I was going and to have a good night. Suddenly I got all these texts saying that he didn't mean what he said, there wasn't anything against me. He then text that he had a bad day (which I had originally asked) and that he was frustrated. I told him not to worry about it that I was just being sensitive.

My question is does he have feelings for me? He panicked when I got upset. Started explaining himself and everything. He won't say anything now but I think it's Because he's embarrassed.

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  • Def means he cares and values you a lot in his life and doesn't want to loose you or hurt you. Whether that is a romantic or in a friendly way I don't know. Sounds like your someone he trusts and wants you to trust him.

    • In the past he's acted so differently. I've never seen him panic like this. Interestingly enough, he text me this morning hoping that I'm doing OK. It's bizarre coming from him..

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    • True. He just broke his macho- ness by overly explaining himself and he realized that. So I guess he went silent because he was embarrassed in a way. But us men know women will sometimes deny something is wrong when it is or say its alright when it isn't.

    • haha true. I'm extremely laid back so when I DO get upset, I just say "ok, I'm leaving you be. Goodnight" And I do. When he reread the convo as he said he did, I think he realized that he was being over-the-top. Honestly, I get over things very quickly. More than I should. lol. So yea, I must have freaked him out. I totally agree, definitely think he was embarassed. Very.I must have been on his mind this morning as he text me from work. (another rarity). I guess I'm breakin him dwn without trying