He's panicking that he hurt my feelings

This guy that I like is always teasing me and "plays mean" on text. He did say something tonight that pushed the limits. It upset me and I told him that I was going and to have a good night. Suddenly I got all these texts saying that he didn't mean what he said, there wasn't anything against me. He then text that he had a bad day (which I had originally asked) and that he was frustrated. I told him not to worry about it that I was just being sensitive.

My question is does he have feelings for me? He panicked when I got upset. Started explaining himself and everything. He won't say anything now but I think it's Because he's embarrassed.


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  • Def means he cares and values you a lot in his life and doesn't want to loose you or hurt you. Whether that is a romantic or in a friendly way I don't know. Sounds like your someone he trusts and wants you to trust him.

    • In the past he's acted so differently. I've never seen him panic like this. Interestingly enough, he text me this morning hoping that I'm doing OK. It's bizarre coming from him..

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    • True. He just broke his macho- ness by overly explaining himself and he realized that. So I guess he went silent because he was embarrassed in a way. But us men know women will sometimes deny something is wrong when it is or say its alright when it isn't.

    • haha true. I'm extremely laid back so when I DO get upset, I just say "ok, I'm leaving you be. Goodnight" And I do. When he reread the convo as he said he did, I think he realized that he was being over-the-top. Honestly, I get over things very quickly. More than I should. lol. So yea, I must have freaked him out. I totally agree, definitely think he was embarassed. Very.I must have been on his mind this morning as he text me from work. (another rarity). I guess I'm breakin him dwn without trying

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  • I think it may suggest that.

    • Suggest what? That he likes me?

  • Yup ask him to be really sure but either way he answers you can proceed. Sory interjection here but it seems every question on here is dealing with non assertive shy guys. Like gentz stop being a wuss and save these chicks some headachs

    • So you honestly thinks he likes me? So does that mean that because he's so non assertive and shy, it's normal for him to text only in joke form, sarcasm, playfully obnoxious? We hardly ever have a serious conversation. I live laughing with him but what gives?

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    • Yea its scary for a lot of guys try to be more agressive if he pulls back do the same he might chase you then

    • Yea I'll definitely pull back. So bummed. In the last few weeks I heard from him everyday or every other day! Now he won't reply to me. Sad :(

  • I'm sure he's just afraid you're still mad at him or that you lost respect for him.

    • he's awkward yet I don't know how to put it...grumpy? not really talkative. :(

  • It sounds like he really likes you. I've been guilty of apologizing for no reason to the girl I like. Hah, she does the same with me. She thinks I don't like her. Good luck.

    • the only prob is that he's been awkward/weird with me since...like he doesn't know how to act.

  • When a guy does that, it can mean two things. Or he is sensitive and doesn't like being mad with someone or he cares about your feelings.

    • He's definitely not sensitive.

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  • I think its a good indicator that he cares about you and how you feel. Whether that's romantic or not, I don't know.

    • well, I wasn't expecting to hear from him today but he text me that he hopes that I'm feeling better. This is something else that he rarely does. He usually clams up and gets rigid, can't look at me, when he is concerned, worried, happy etc. It's like he doesn't know what to do with his emotions! I admit, I was so giddy that he said that to me today. It's like "yay! you really DO care! "