A girl picks a really ugly guy over the really handsom guy- what happens to his value

does the really ugly guys value shoot up because of the ugly guy getting chosen over him?

if she chose a more average looking guy, the ugly guys value (if she chose him) wouldn't shoot up as high as the former example?

what if I'm really handsome and have excellent character but my personality sucks as in I'm hardly ever humorous and I'm really bad at conversation?


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  • She's crazy

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  • I for one tend to be attracted to guys based on their 'character' rather than how their looks would rate in a general consensus. I've been well aware that many of the guys I have dated might be considered 'ugly' by others but their personality and character makes them seem like the most attractive guy I've ever met in my eyes.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  • Looks isn't everything. it also depends on personality and how compatible the girl and guy are.

    It also depends on how confident all these guys are: ugly guy, average guy and handsome guy. It's all about how they conduct themselves too. If they are confident but not cocky then that get's a girl and as for looks its only a plus...that is why you see some beautiful out of this world women with some ugly men (not basing it on financial reasons).


What Guys Said 2

  • The ugly guy must have really good character and personality.

    Also, his confidence and social skills must be really smart.

    • his char was ugly jealous immature and he had social anxiety. seems he's funny. opportunistic as-well.

  • He must have had a big penis