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Do you want a catch or would you rather be the catch

Would ya want a trophy, or would you rather be the trophy?

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  • Do you want a catch or would you rather be the catch?

    I want a catch as being the catch implies to me dating down and I'd don't consider guys below my level.

    • The catch is the one who dates down.

    • @drjohno

      I know that hence why I want a catch instead of being a catch.

  • Neither. I want someone who is on my level so we can appreciate each other and feel appreciated equally.

  • From now on I'm only dating up...

  • me and my guy both r.

    i rather be the catch, becaus I'm a good woman and that title is just icing on the cake

  • I'd rather be the catch, however nowadays most guys don't seem to go after a girl, so it's usually me inititating things :/

  • I've been told by a couple people that I'm the "catch" in my relationship, and while that is completely debatable, I'm fine with it. It has its ups and downs... But if I was going to make a choice, I would choose to be the catch. I just feel safest there.

  • It has to be both. I want to feel special/desired...but I also need to admire the guy I'm with. The fact that a 'trophy guy' would see ME as the catch would be even more special.

  • Be the trophy

  • i'd rather be the trophy

  • Definitely be the trophy.

    Actually, if I couldn't be the trophy I probably wouldn't bother playing.

  • be the trophy

  • i'd rather be the trophy.

  • I'd rather be the trophy... It'll make me too self conscious being with a catch..

  • I definitely feel as thought I got a good catch. I want to be a good catch but too haha. Ohh well.

  • I like to be the catch.

  • Both!

  • i would rather be a trophy

  • I want to be a good catch. If I have to chase the guy, I will but there is got to be a turning point because I don't want to be in love with someone who doesn't like me.

  • Neither. it's not a game!

    • someone goes up, the other goes down in relationships. a lot of the time anyway

    • 9/10 it is a game... not that that's a happy thought at all.

  • Hmmm, be the trophy... But that's impossible.

  • rather be the catch.

  • Idk really... my ex made me feel like a queen but I was also insecure because I thought he was too good for me... but our friends always said he thought the same way about me!

  • I want to be the trophy

  • I'd rather be a person - half of the team.

  • I'm going to get a catch as opposed to be the catch. I'm nothing special so I'll never get to be the catch. But my boyfriend? He's an awesome catch...least I think so :)

  • would rather be the trophy, I get a thrill from it.

  • Be the trophy.

  • Be the trophy, I find that really good looking guys are kind conceded and arrogant.

    • So you want to be just as conceded and arrogant to fight that?

    • I mean, I know that in my past relationships I'm slightly more attractive than my significant other but my craziness definitely detracts.

  • The trophy for sure.

What Guys Said 10

  • I would rather catch. I understand what you're getting at, but I'm not into the term "trophy".

    • saying would ya rather marry up or down sounded way worse, but that's pretty much what I'm asking

  • It is both ways to be honest. I'd want a catch of the girl I'm attracted and she feels the same about me, too.

  • Would rather be the catch as it strengthens a saying I really believe in

    "Don't marry the person you love, Marry the person who loves you"

    May not make sense to everyone but it speaks volumes to me.

  • I'd like to be the trophy... but that doesn't usually happen for guys.

    • Oh good... thought I was the only one that wouldn't mind being considered the catch as a guy

    • yes it does bonedust.

  • I like to catch but there has to be a point where I feel like I'm also the catch otherwise I just feel as if the other person doesn't feel the same way about me and I'm just wasting my time.

  • I'd rather be the trophy. That tells me that I am worth something to the girl. Ideally, we'd be each others trophy, but the odds of that happening . . . yeah, not all that good.

  • it'd be nice if it went both ways

  • whichever makes a girl like me throught my ugliness

  • I would rather be the trophy. If I had a trophy that would make me too insecure and jealous.

  • I suppose I'd want to have the trophy because there's no way I could be the trophy lol

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