Can anyone tell Why is unhygeinic ?

Why is it unhygeinic and dirty to have a lot of body hair just everywhere? Body hair is natural protection, I guess.

I had a girl who was a bit polite about my extra hair...she told me its totally gross and unacceptable to have thick back/shoulder at least put an effort to groom and maintain hygeine..and try to look and smell like human,if you want a htman female (girl/woman).


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  • As a female who does not like body hair here are my reasons why

    1) for SOME men it is a hygiene issue. If causes them to sweat more and retain body odors.

    2) I don't like how excessive hair feels. When getting intimate with someone I don't want to get hair all in my mouth when kissing their body, or run my fingers through thick masses. When things really start heating up and were both sweating its going to get sticky and feel even more gross. Physically I can't get attracted to excessive body hair- I'm only interested in humans, not Sasquatch.

    3) it looks sloppy, like you don't care about maintaining your appearance. Yes there's more to a person than their looks but it's your first impression so why wouldn't you want to be the most aesthetically pleasing as you can possibly be? For most people this boils down to laziness, lack of pride or both-none of which are desirable.

    I'm not saying you should go in to get waxed right this second- there's plenty of women who don't care and if you're fine with your body then leave it, this is just my personal reasonings for not being attracted to excessively hairy men.

    • I agree, and that's what about 95 percent women think. They hate us for it, believe me its my experience. Whatever it is I won't even trim it..even if it means being all alone without a woman. I like my fur a lot. Its unique.:)

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    • Thanks for the BA, enjoy your fluff!

    • Had been better I would have enjoyed it with a girl.

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  • It's not unhygienic, and dirty, unless you don't wash... It's more about personal preference, some girls like hair, some do not... It's kinda like the "why don't guys like girls with natural pubic hair.." question.

    If it makes you self conscious, you an always offer to get it waxed off, or you can get it all permanently removed via electrolysis..

    And you can always ask your partners their personal preference... I had a boyfriend that offered to shave his pubes for me, if that's what I preferred.. (I politely told him not to.. but the offer was still nice)

    • U like it bushy down there on guy?

    • It really doesn't make a difference to me, I like my guy however he is.. I know what a pain shaving down there is, so I just think it's silly to have him bending over backward for me when I'm indifferent.. Also, bushy is SO much nicer than STUBBLE.. pubes grow back fast O.o

    • Don't you go down on guy? They complain of hair going in their mouth!

  • Maybe personal preference. I have dated guys with lots of body hair before, and they struggled to smell nice. They all said the hair made them sweat and smell more. One had his body waxed and he loved the difference.

    • Atleast you gave them a chance to be with u. How did you feel about lots of body hair? Were intimate moments gross and it seemed you are with a bear in bed?

  • It's not unhygienic for anyone to have body hair. Someone might have a personal preference against body hair, but that doesn't make body hair "dirty." Doesn't make any sense.

    • Idk girls esp. Say lot of chest,back,shoulder hair is unhygeinic, dirty and makes a guy look a bear. Now is it? You agree?

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    • My current boyfriend is fairly hairy and I don't mind it at all. If he was even hairier, it might surprise me, but of course I'd get comfortable with it.

    • U mean a pleasant surprise! More fur to play with! Haha. Kidding. Have fun.

  • I agree it is natural... just find a women who loves body me they're out there!:)

    • Haha, hope so! And oh are you one of them! :-p

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  • She probably meant it would be better for you to groom yourself, but whatever, its not unhealthy.

  • Dingleberries, dweebknots and apparently it affects grammar now

  • You have to really keep your hair clean and it's not always easy. It also appears messy.

  • Sasquatch has a lot of body hair and he gets mad chicks! Be confident.

    • Wth! What you are talking about? What you mean to say? You poking fun?

    • Not poking fun, I was making a joke man. Relax.