How you look on Turkish people?

However I am a Turkish I don't like my nation so much. I wonder what you think about Turkish people?Especially,people who traveled and faced with Turkishs?


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  • A lot of turkish men are very hot hehe :P all I can say is when I have been there their bodies are just to die for :P yum yum and they are very nice there too, although you need to watch out for those ones that sculpt around with their shirts off looking to hook up lol not that I don't appricate their nice abs. The people who own restaurants are very nice too me and my family have met some very friendly people there.

    • I used to live in Scotland too, they are so rude in scotland though I don't ever want to live there again, they are too nosey I think.

    • yes, I have a friend there, Scottish

    • In England which was probably an obvious one lol most people that visit are from England lol

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  • If you don't like my nation, then get out off my country.

    • 12d

      I think that the asker may be an Armanian or Kurdish idiot..

    • well, what can I say, well done..

    • With basis on what do you think I'ven't done something that makes me proud? Silly. I'm very proud, I'm doing things that makes me proud.

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  • I don't give a f*** what your nationality is

    • :-)).. so, what do you consider?

  • I have only know One Turkish guy in my life... he was really short... tan... he made fun of my friend for being fat so I didn't like him very much!

    • :-) you faced the worst one of Turkish :-)

  • Odd profile name for a Turk. O.0 I am OK with Turks. A bit of a stubborn bunch though lol

    • yes, lady, my name is also called for well-known serail chracter in Turkey

  • never thought of it

  • My father recently came back from a Trip and my opinion is based off of his travels. I hear they are very nice people, drink a lot of tea, prefer beards, and are very devout. :)

    • i cannot consider so devout my nation, yes, some os us may be, especially, beard ones :-) or moustache and glasses ones :-)

  • I've met lots of Turkish people and they've always been very friendly and generous. Be proud of your nationality. :)

    • i don't say same things for our women, lady

  • men are sexy there ;)

    • yes, I know.. there was beautiful Greek girl visited me several times for it ;-)

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  • I dunno, but a Turkish bath sounds like fun!

    • i advise you a trip sir..

  • I want to pour gravy all over them

    • :-))

    • Because turkey tastes so delicious with gravy.

    • so,why?