Do you feel you deserve more than you are worth?

Like when you are looking for a partner do you wish/ hope for a great catch or do you feel that you deserve high quality partners only. Many people are single because they refuse to date people of similar level and are holding out for something better? what do you'll think?

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Also do you use the same criteria to evaluate yourself for others or are you more lenient/stricter to yourself or potential partners
"Quality" can be any trait(s) or characteristic(s) that you find attractive in a potential partner. It also goes without saying, but Why do you feel you deserve more than you are worth?

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Guys seem to think so! They whine that they're single but they're only going for girls who are WAY out of their league. I don't mean people are better than others, it's that they're going after girls who put a lot of effort in to things where as they do not AT ALL!

    In order for a relationship to work you need to be equals.

    Me for example: I'm working towards a PhD in Chem&Biochem, I am the most ambitious person you will meet, I take pride in my appearance and put effort in to it, I don't smoke/do drugs, don't party.

    I want a guy who does the same. Why should I better myself when my partner will be a reflection of me?

    All these guys with no jobs, don't go to school, have no ambition or desire to do anything other than get free welfare/disability, don't put effort in to their appearance, smoke, drink, party, excessively swear among other things keep asking me out and calling me a bitch because I say no.


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      This if often true for women seeking man, but not men seeking women. Women are able to get away with being less ambitious and less educated as long she's fun to be around or attractive.