Would you buy this baseball card that is worth nothing?

link would you buy this card for 500,000.00? I am thinking about it but not sure if their movie will be a big hit. :P

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  • No I would not. The odds of a successful movie is to big of a gamble. I would invest the money in something that has better odds.

    • :P you are so wise...so so wise

    • After much thought. You are right this would be a great investment. I will but in a bid today. I will have to sell some bonds. I just can't pass this by. You have to spend money to make money. Ah, the money game.

    • *sell*

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  • No

  • Never

  • my chauffeur have 4 of that

    • hahaha

    • You have one poor chauffer :P

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  • I'd sell it for that much, but I'd never buy it for that much.

    • Ah, I see lol.

    • Some older ones I have are worth 600.00 or more and some are worth nothing like the one in my question.

    • haha funny. I never really knew how much cards are worth.

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  • Well, at least the shippings free

    • :P thank goodness for that

  • Baseball cards... Wow I should look at mine. I've got cards from the 70s and 80s stocked away. Wounder if they are worth anything. Probably have to sit on them another 20 years. =P

    • You should but then you do tell me

    • I have boxes of them. lol Not going to go through them right now though.

    • Most cards (except Griffey Jr) are useless basically and there are some good cards from the 70's. If you ever want help deciphering what is worth what you can ask me. Been collecting cards from, the 40's 50's and up since I was little. Right now I still got some really good ones like Willie Mays (1959,60, 65,68), Aaron, Ed Mathews, Pete Rose rookies and much more.

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