Would you buy this baseball card that is worth nothing?

link would you buy this card for 500,000.00? I am thinking about it but not sure if their movie will be a big hit. :P

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Most Helpful Girl

  • No I would not. The odds of a successful movie is to big of a gamble. I would invest the money in something that has better odds.

    • Yes but you might be able to seel that card one day for 5 dollars. In the year 3456 I am guessing it will have some value no?

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    • After much thought. You are right this would be a great investment. I will but in a bid today. I will have to sell some bonds. I just can't pass this by. You have to spend money to make money. Ah, the money game.

    • :P you are so wise...so so wise

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  • No

  • Never

  • my chauffeur have 4 of that

    • You have one poor chauffer :P

    • hahaha

What Guys Said 3

  • Well, at least the shippings free

    • :P thank goodness for that

  • Baseball cards... Wow I should look at mine. I've got cards from the 70s and 80s stocked away. Wounder if they are worth anything. Probably have to sit on them another 20 years. =P

    • That looks like 1989 tops. lol

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    • I have boxes of them. lol Not going to go through them right now though.

    • You should but then you do tell me

  • I'd sell it for that much, but I'd never buy it for that much.

    • You check out all of the highest prices on sports cards? This one dude is selling a collection for a quarter of a million dollars and the cards are all slacker mediocre players. I could not help but troll his ass. Art Monk was his best rookie card :P

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    • Some older ones I have are worth 600.00 or more and some are worth nothing like the one in my question.

    • Ah, I see lol.