Should I be upset about what my boyfriend said?

So I was talking with my boyfriend, and something came up. In his mind, I haven't reached maturity yet. He thinks that since I'm small, I haven't gotten to puberty. He doesn't even think I have my time of the month yet. But what really stuck with me, was he basically called me small-chested. I know I am, but that really kinda made my confidence levels go way down to hear it from him. Now I'm feeling really self-conscious about myself and it's hurting me. I know he didn't mean any harm by saying it, but he doesn't understand how much that can affect a girl. Any advice from someone would be helpful.

btw: I'm not about to tell him that I have my time of the month, but he needs to know I'm not just a little girl


Most Helpful Guy

  • First off you are immature, on an emotional aspect, social aspect, and your brain not being fully developed yet, but that is not what he or you meant.

    From the sound of it you two are rather young and he doesn't understand female anatomy at all (it says you are sixteen but I'm going to guess you are even much younger than that as you can't say period and that he would actually think you haven't hit puberty yet; my guess is you are 13 or 14). So anyway, you are still young and have time to grow into your body. You can still get taller and your breasts can certainly get bigger, but in the end that shouldn't matter at all. Tons of guys like smaller chested women, personally I think they are awesome, and he probably does too. Maybe he was just pointing out a fact.

    I will advise you start this now, as this is a trait that will help you in many of your future relationships. Sit your boyfriend down and calmly (emphasis on that word) explain to him that what he said hurt your feelings and why it hurt your feelings. This will start a calm conversation as to how to fix the situation. This is a tactic that will work magic on a situation no matter how old you are.