trust my gut feeling? answers please

Me & this guy used to talk for like 2 months & I honestly fell for him, we had a good connection & everything. We stopped talking because he got back with his ex of 2 yrs.. & when we talked I was sort of a b*tch to him but because I wasn't sure of my feelings, after we talked I realized how much I did like him & everything. & I regret the way I was, I've become really close with 2 of his friends & have seen the type of girl I am. & they love me as a person & the way I am. I do want this guy back .. I have a gut feeling ill have another chance with him. But idk, his ex is the type to not let him out like that & kinda controls him.. Should I listen to my gut feelings?


Most Helpful Girl

  • it sounds like a wreck...if he is being controlled by her and got back with her there's not much you can do.