Meaning of "the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker" ?

I heard someone use that line from a t.v show but I do not fully understand what the meaning behind it is. I searched it but all I got was that its from a nursery rhyme. Can someone please tell me the real meaning behind it? Even BETTER if you can use it in a sentence :) Thank you.

If you're going to say "its from a nursery rhyme rub a dub dub dub" then do NOT answer.
I found it link


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  • Unless you can give us the specific context from your example, I doubt anyone can answer this.

    The line is from a famous late-18th century nursery rhyme, as you know, and while I can't find a reference to the original meaning of this one, most nursery rhymes were lightly-masked political commentary of the day. Most were criticizing the government, religion, or significant public figures, but only making oblique references to the people and events in question in order to create plausible deniability, since direct criticism was often considered treason.

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      Thank you! c: