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Oscar winners...What are your comments?

Who are tonights Oscar winners?Any predictions? Comments?

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  • The girl that won best actress looks like a major wh*re, sl*t, drunk, b*cth, trashy, full of sh*t, immature. I hate her, kind of girl. However she looks decent and young, I would totally have fun banging the hell out of her.I like how the guy from Family Guy was making all those Jewish jokes.It makes me sad to see how many fat women were there,I like that the Lincoln guy won another Oscar, that dude is awesome, I loved to see the love in the eyes of his wife when he won. I also like that he is British and represent an American President, honestly not American could had done a better job.I think Charlize Theron and Kristen Stuart arms are getting too fat. They are still hot. Kristen Stuart is an immature drunk with some issues going on in her head.I hate Ben Afflect wife Jennifer Gardner, she is so fake, fat arms, and looks so fake, I really thinks she sucks and Ben deserves something better. She is too fake, personality wise.That girl Chastain is hot.I hate that Iron Lady woman, she is so hateable.I think Jane Fonda is awesome, she is like 80 and looks amazing.I'm sure I'm forgetting many things, one thing is that all those people from the Les Miserales are highly talented.

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What Guys Said 15

  • link :-P

  • Who cares, that sh*t is irrelevant.

  • I'm thinkin either Cagney or Bogart for best male.

  • I wasn't too surprised. I probably should have expected Life of Pi to get as much as they did, but I didn't. Daniel Day Lewis is phenomenal, and I like the humility of Anne Hathaway.

  • I will be watching walking dead which I am stoked about

    • You stole my answer lol

    • LOL

    • yeah I want to see some camp vs. camp action tonight

  • Why Wreck it Ralph? Aren't you brave enough to get the oscar for best animated picture?

  • Chuck Norris and Kermit the Frog are going to clean house with the awards. That's my prediction

  • Was not expecting argo to win. that was a surprise!

  • Really...who cares. I would rather watch someone honor military personnel or teachers or cops or firefighters...

  • Waste of time for me to watch or care but I will take the 3 points

  • Zero Dark Thirty should have won.

  • I want expendables 2 to be in oscar with arnold and sylvester as best actor

  • Seth MacFarlane's "We saw your boobs" song needs to be nominated.

  • Scooby Doo is a shoe in

What Girls Said 4

  • Go Daniel Day or Joaquin!For best actress in a leading role...I have no idea. But I'm guessing Jessica or Naomi..?Best Supporting actress...Go Helen :) and then go AmyBest Supporting Actor...Go Philip Seymour Hoffman It's going to be a tough Oscar night because I'm so torn..."watch The Walking Dead or see the Oscars :3 and Seth"The Oscars will win :)

    • Dang my predictions were off (but oh well, it's not like a watched every movie)Daniel Day Lewis and his wife look so nice together.kinda angry about Anne beating Helen...Helen is the shiz

  • I will be too busy watching the walking dead. :D

  • Jennifer Lawrence. Is she even nominated?

    • I don't know but she deserve it or Silver Linings Playbook. She killed it!

    • Yeah she is

    • Yea she fell on the stairs

  • Ugh this was the worst year yet. The show was just a complete mess. As for the winners: how can a movie that is 90% CGI win for cinematography? I really wish the best supporting actress had gone to Amy Adams instead of Anne Hathaway but once again people have forgotten about her brilliant performance, really glad Jennifer Lawrence won because really who doesn't love her, a little surprised Argo won best picture but I'm glad it did

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