Bald men VS a man with a full set of hair on his head

Hi girls (and guys if you wanna answer), What would you prefer, a man that is going bald or is bald OR a man that has lots of hair on is head. Men, how insecure do you feel about going bald?


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  • lots of hair, well kept shiny not greasy hair, don't care if he doesn't have a good hairsryle or has bedhair, ill fix one up for him, lots of head hair is a sign of good health & good hygiene and doesn't have ridiculously high testosterone, receeding hair or bald hair is the opposite not appealing..

    -- my usual gibberish --

    i keep thinking that a guy with a lot of testosterone count has to be genetic, and if he is then his chromosomes will override an embryos gender to male unless my genes are stronger (which I think is likely because I would be the bearer, technically speaking as a girl I would have the most influence in a babys dna, that's my theory anyway)

    my proof is my father, he's been bald since 26 and he's 69 now (no pun intended) and has had 4 families in the past including mine, he's had at least 2 kids in each family and I'm the only girl in that list (the whole idea that he's had 8 kids pisses me off but ill keep it down for now)

    so yeah he definitely has it, but my bro doesn't have male pattern baldness and I have very very little body hair.. but I may still carry it because girls can have plenty of head hair without ever going bald and makes the children inherit it, the only real sign is body hair, so I think its safe to assume that neither of us got that bit of his genome (in fact, besides my skin and hair color I think I'm mostly on my mothers side of my gene pool, at least I hope so

    my father carries all kinds of genetic diseases like neurofibromatosis, heart attack, stroke, male pattern baldness, etc, and my mom only has diabetes and hers is inconclusive, so I would be so unbearably happy if I was more on her side of the pool)

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      Bald doesn't mean bad genes lol I'm extremely healthy, no allergies, medical conditions, etc. Don't be so negative to a shaved head some of us rock it proudly ;)