Bald men VS a man with a full set of hair on his head

Hi girls (and guys if you wanna answer), What would you prefer, a man that is going bald or is bald OR a man that has lots of hair on is head. Men, how insecure do you feel about going bald?


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  • lots of hair, well kept shiny not greasy hair, don't care if he doesn't have a good hairsryle or has bedhair, ill fix one up for him, lots of head hair is a sign of good health & good hygiene and doesn't have ridiculously high testosterone, receeding hair or bald hair is the opposite not appealing.. -- my usual gibberish --i keep thinking that a guy with a lot of testosterone count has to be genetic, and if he is then his chromosomes will override an embryos gender to male unless my genes are stronger (which I think is likely because I would be the bearer, technically speaking as a girl I would have the most influence in a babys dna, that's my theory anyway)my proof is my father, he's been bald since 26 and he's 69 now (no pun intended) and has had 4 families in the past including mine, he's had at least 2 kids in each family and I'm the only girl in that list (the whole idea that he's had 8 kids pisses me off but ill keep it down for now)so yeah he definitely has it, but my bro doesn't have male pattern baldness and I have very very little body hair.. but I may still carry it because girls can have plenty of head hair without ever going bald and makes the children inherit it, the only real sign is body hair, so I think its safe to assume that neither of us got that bit of his genome (in fact, besides my skin and hair color I think I'm mostly on my mothers side of my gene pool, at least I hope somy father carries all kinds of genetic diseases like neurofibromatosis, heart attack, stroke, male pattern baldness, etc, and my mom only has diabetes and hers is inconclusive, so I would be so unbearably happy if I was more on her side of the pool)

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  • I started going bald at 20, it sucks but oh well, nobody is perfect. I just try not to think about it so much.

  • I would shoot myself if I became bald

    • I would shoot myself if I became bald before the age of 60

    • There are far more worse things in life than balding. I hope you reconsider your statement.

  • Ha! I've had chicks flock to me since I've shaved my hair off. I've had random people (guys and girls) come off the street and compliment me on it... granted, I can pull it off VERY well. I have a great skull shape.Baldness indicates virility ;) High levels of testosterone, and a HELL OF A LOT better than a comb-over.PLUS - I find that it's only younger girls that have a problem with bald guys. Women over the age of 30 appreciate and tend to favor a bald man over some dink with a mop-top hairdo.Look at a guy like Bruce Willis ;)

    • Hahaha you're tellin' me!

    • the future is scary o__o

    • Ha - Well I smoke copious amounts of weed - so you don't have to worry about ending up "preggo" lol... Baldness also indicates high levels of intelligence (millionaires, thinkers, etc.)... hair loss is primarily attributed to genetics OR stress. Stress from working so hard :)Not just Bruce Willis - link Vin Dissel, the Dalai Lama, 90% of all black guys...There are more guys without hair THAN with! WE ARE THE FUTURE!

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  • link Women hate bald men. When I'm noticeably bald I'll probably kill myself, I've got about 3 years left from my estimates. Going bald young is a curse, not that women like me with hair but whatever.

    • Okay, MOST women hate MOST bald men. Happy now?

    • While a full set of hair is nice but some men can pull of the bald look quite nicely. So, SOME women hate bald men. But it wouldn't stop them if he's attractive.

  • What if you met a man who was bald as a result of chemo or something, would you still date him?

    • if the chemo was successful sure, but often times chemo isn't because its not an exact science, in fact I think its extremely crude to fill the patient with venom to kill the cancer, the rest of the body rots while theyre having a smoke outside

    • Yes of course as long as I AM happy. Plus if he was bald due to chemo, I think that is the last thing I would think about.

  • I'd die if I lost my hair, no point going on ^.~

    • i heard hair transplant surgeries are basically hair plucked from your groin and implanted to your follicles, it grows but often times the doctor does it in a pattern and doesn't look good, if youve combed the head of a ken doll you'd see rows of hair strands, that's what hair transplant looks like, you have to take several surgeries to make it look natural and even then I would never touch it o_o

    • There are hair transplant surgeries and therapies.No need to kill yourself. lol xD

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  • Would you date a bald guy? It's not about the "look doesn't matter" but it I just want to know why you would date a bald guy. I've read some interesting article about this: Dating is initially based on physical attraction and subconsciously we are seeking a healthy mate to procreate with. A lack of hair is tied in with age, maturity but for some reason half of women view a lack of hair as unhealthy and off-putting.

  • For me, I don't after the physical appearance, whether he is bald or not as long as that man has a greatest personality.

  • i don't care my boyfriend is going bald kinda turn me on the fact he is happy in is body which makes him the man he is and have a full set of hair don't change the person inside .

  • Lots of hair. I'm a hair fan, I like men to have hair on their heads, facial hair, body hair, etc.

    • Oh yeah... you and I both.

    • I wish I would've been around in the 70s! That would've been amazing!

    • You're still stuck in the 70s with your style :P

  • Receding hair line or balding, the man is better off when he shaves it.I don't really have a preference for a bald man vs. one with hair.If the baldness suits the guys face then I would love to rub his shiny head.

  • Balding is a big turn off for me.

  • lots of hair... it means he is healthy.