Do girls like being carried?

Do girls like being picked up and carried?

The other day I was out with my girlfriend, and she was quite tired and didn't want to have to walk back. It's only about a 5-10min walk, so I was tempted to just pick her up and carry her back, but I wasn't sure if she'd like it or not.

Also, which would be the best way? If I put her over my shoulder I could easily do it, but don't know if she'd like that. I'm sure cradle carry is nicer, but I don't know if I could carry her in my arms for that long :/


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  • I think it is either a sweet gesture (in this case, because she is tired) or a playful one. I like being carried, but it's something I wouldn't expect. If a date did that, I'm not sure what my reaction would be. But, I think that depending on the context, it can be sweet or playful. If I was really tired, and he offered to carry me-then it would be the equivalent of him offering to drive, or to tuck me into bed with cocoa. It's like "flowers". If he picked me up like a potato sack, and went running off, then it would be playful, and make me laugh.

    I would carry her like a kid (on hip, on back) if it was a sweet thing, and carry her like a flour sack (with her hips near her shoulders) if it was more playful. The cradle carry is nice, but it can be really strenuous.

    Like other people said, listen to her voice-tone. Only insist a few times. I know I'm really shy about my weight (I'm 5"7 and 132lbs) and so it's awkward when they ask, because I don't want to hurt someone. But, I do love to be carried.

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  • I'd say piggyback. I'd think it was sweet :) although I have memories of a guy that liked me... (it was not mutual.) we were on a church hiking trip, going up very steep hills. I was having asthma problems, and had to keep stopping, but this guy carried my backpack (bright pink... it was quite a sight) and kept hinting that he could carry me, and asking if he could carry me, and saying "Wow, I bet you're wishing you'd have let me carry you" whenever I had to take a break... It was quite awkward. Especially since my crush was walking with us and he knew I didn't like the guy. He kept giving me funny looks... taunting me. :P not quite your situation though. lol

  • Good lord I would love to be carried. I don't think many girls would like the over-the-shoulder route for 10 minutes but in the arms would be nice. Maybe you should wait until you were a little ways back then carry her. I also don't think she'd like to be carried at all for all 10 minutes cause some girls get embarassed. Next time, I'd go for the 2 or 3 minutes away from where you're going then carry her. Good luck!

  • dont wanna be fireman carried lol, embarassing, awkward, weird and not romantic lol, cradle carry is cute and romantic but its tiring for the guy, its kinda embarassing in public but its not weird for couples, personally I think piggy bank ride is the best, its romantic, easy on the guy, cute, not so embarassing or awkward and its intimate, I can feel his warmth, body and scent too~ (warmth/hug/scent fetish xD), my weight doesn't bother me but I actually need to gain more, I'm 129lbs at 5'11" and I should be minimum 132 or standard light frame 140, I don't want him to get burdened so I stay with my weight even if I have less stamina, I only let him if I really needed to, like when I gsmd in public a few weeks ago.. my legs went numb so I couldn't walk for half an hour..

    • i forgot to mention the first one gets a bit painful/sore after a while.. wow 43 girls answered, and still rising, this has to be the most magnetic topic of the day :3

  • Hmm lol well I wouldn't mind being carried lol it may seem kinda macho for a guy to do that for me but I'm kinda over weight so I doubt any normal sized guy lol could pick me up :(((( lol

    but hey if you can pick your girlfriend up ask her "Do you want to be carried" lol just do it and if she is shy just hold her hand on the way back lol

  • Haha that last paragraph was pure joy to read.

    I think it's really sweet for a guy to cradle his woman but considering the distance a piggy back ride would have been really sweet and cute of you.

    A+ for the though :)

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  • Most girls appreciate the thought...even if he can't actually carry her! :)

  • If you couldn't carry her, you could have offered her a piggyback ride. Don't throw her over your shoulder, it's very uncomfortable.

  • I used to like carrying my x girlfriend like a suitcase lol but she preferred being carried like a baby. I could walk almost a mile that way and it was a great workout. My current girlfriend does not like being picked up at all but I still do it :P

  • my female friends do lol