Do girls like being carried?

Do girls like being picked up and carried?

The other day I was out with my girlfriend, and she was quite tired and didn't want to have to walk back. It's only about a 5-10min walk, so I was tempted to just pick her up and carry her back, but I wasn't sure if she'd like it or not.

Also, which would be the best way? If I put her over my shoulder I could easily do it, but don't know if she'd like that. I'm sure cradle carry is nicer, but I don't know if I could carry her in my arms for that long :/


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  • I think it is either a sweet gesture (in this case, because she is tired) or a playful one. I like being carried, but it's something I wouldn't expect. If a date did that, I'm not sure what my reaction would be. But, I think that depending on the context, it can be sweet or playful. If I was really tired, and he offered to carry me-then it would be the equivalent of him offering to drive, or to tuck me into bed with cocoa. It's like "flowers". If he picked me up like a potato sack, and went running off, then it would be playful, and make me laugh.

    I would carry her like a kid (on hip, on back) if it was a sweet thing, and carry her like a flour sack (with her hips near her shoulders) if it was more playful. The cradle carry is nice, but it can be really strenuous.

    Like other people said, listen to her voice-tone. Only insist a few times. I know I'm really shy about my weight (I'm 5"7 and 132lbs) and so it's awkward when they ask, because I don't want to hurt someone. But, I do love to be carried.

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  • I don't know .. Personally I get shy, I like being carried by my boyfriend but I don't often go for it (he never carried me in his arm 'cause he already feels I'm not comfortable with it) .. Unless it's a piggy ride :p it's fun and cute and I can tease him as much as I want, close his eyes and play with his hair :p

    and by the way, you sir are a gentleman, I appreciate that, your girlfriend must be proud ;D .. However you should ask her if she's okay with it, a little talk won't harm you know, wish you the best :)

  • You're a good boyfriend. I appreciate that ..

    • Why the hell did this get a dumb-down? I had to thumb this up to balance it out :)

  • Yes I like it :D I think it's really sweet and thoughtful if a guy does that

  • 47 answers?! Seems like you had an interesting question. Piggy back ride are fun but not to make it as a habit. That day if she was so tired you should have done it for sure a very romantic gesture. You seem like a dude from a chick flick <3

    • 51 answers old lady

  • No

  • ofc! it is so romantic !

  • just let her hop on your back. I don't know if she would have liked it, maybe you should have asked her she would prob have appreciated it.

  • I wanna be Carried Underwood

  • dont wanna be fireman carried lol, embarassing, awkward, weird and not romantic lol, cradle carry is cute and romantic but its tiring for the guy, its kinda embarassing in public but its not weird for couples, personally I think piggy bank ride is the best, its romantic, easy on the guy, cute, not so embarassing or awkward and its intimate, I can feel his warmth, body and scent too~ (warmth/hug/scent fetish xD), my weight doesn't bother me but I actually need to gain more, I'm 129lbs at 5'11" and I should be minimum 132 or standard light frame 140, I don't want him to get burdened so I stay with my weight even if I have less stamina, I only let him if I really needed to, like when I gsmd in public a few weeks ago.. my legs went numb so I couldn't walk for half an hour..

    • i forgot to mention the first one gets a bit painful/sore after a while.. wow 43 girls answered, and still rising, this has to be the most magnetic topic of the day :3

  • I think it's kind of sweet for a guy to offer but I'm so scared of heights that even that scares me. And I go for short guys.

  • i dont. I feel fat and heavy.

  • I like piggy back rides. I would not want to be cradled, I would just feel awkward, personally. But I wouldn't want to be picked up if I thought it would burden the person carrying me. (But I weigh less than 100 lbs, and my current boyfriend kind of jokes that I am lighter than the pack he had to carry while he was in the marines.) But, really I think it all depends on the girl, some of my friends don't like to be carried at all, but I think the majority of girls like it. You could just ask her, I am sure she wouldn't think it was odd.

  • piggy back rides are always sweet and cute!

  • I love it, it makes me feel like he adores me and must hold me.

  • Yes I do, makes me feel so small, and impressed that he can carry me. Fireman carry sounds a bit uncomfortable / kidnappy. And the cradle would be kind of hard on your biceps for a long period of time. The best bet would be the piggy back!

  • Haha that last paragraph was pure joy to read.

    I think it's really sweet for a guy to cradle his woman but considering the distance a piggy back ride would have been really sweet and cute of you.

    A+ for the though :)

  • Piggy back ride is the best way - plus its kinda fun and playful.

    Depends on the girl on if she'll like it or not. A lot of us don't like being picked up because we're self-conscious about our weight.

  • Yea

  • i do but on the street it is weird I would love it if he picked me up in his arms (Cradle) and started kissing me though especially if he carried me to the bed or couch, I've had that before.

  • Good lord I would love to be carried. I don't think many girls would like the over-the-shoulder route for 10 minutes but in the arms would be nice. Maybe you should wait until you were a little ways back then carry her. I also don't think she'd like to be carried at all for all 10 minutes cause some girls get embarassed. Next time, I'd go for the 2 or 3 minutes away from where you're going then carry her. Good luck!

  • I prefer to be carried on the shoulders, I would be find if he got in front of me and was ready to but would only insist 2-3 times. If he keeps insisting and I was saying no it would bother me.

  • Doing it without even asking if I want it would bother me a lot. Not the carrying itself.

  • I love it. It makes me feel protected and cared for. Plus it's fun! ^^

  • love when my boyfriend carries me on his shoulders. It is scary and exciting. So much fun. It works well because there is a ft difference between our heights.

  • Oh yes. When a guy cradle carries me I feel like a princess who has just been saved heehee.

  • yes I do, My ex use to pick me up all the time because I was so small.

  • Nah I don't like people picking me up at all.

  • I don't have to be carried , But if he wants to . I would rather be held , I love cuddling .

  • It really depends on if she like's being held

    ask her: are you tired? do you want a piggy back ride?

    i honestly love piggy back rides :P so much fun

    and if she likes that, play around with her and grab her by the waist and put her over your shoulder

    she might say stop in a flirty/laughing way, or very serious

    listen to the tone of her voice when you do it :P

    but don't keep her there too long or the blood will rush to her head :P

    if you're on the beach and wanna be romantic, carry her bridal style until you can't anymore :)

    hope this helps

  • I love getting carried, I prefer piggybacks haha

  • Hmm lol well I wouldn't mind being carried lol it may seem kinda macho for a guy to do that for me but I'm kinda over weight so I doubt any normal sized guy lol could pick me up :(((( lol

    but hey if you can pick your girlfriend up ask her "Do you want to be carried" lol just do it and if she is shy just hold her hand on the way back lol

  • i don't know with the other girls but for me, I love being carried. It's sweet and cute.

  • It's fun, but don't drop us and laugh when we hit our heads on the floor. :/

  • I'd take it kicking and screaming...but secretly I'd love it lol.

  • haha oh my I love this question it literally just made my day! I used to HATE being carried because I was paranoid of my weight or the awkwardness of once it starts what do you talk about or do you get carried in silence like a I'm only 110 lbs and 5'6'' so my weight isn't actually a problem I'm just self conscious :p but now I've been with my guy for a while he can carry my lazy ass anywhere and I won't be complaining ! ask her though before you just fling her up like a ragdoll ..

  • I like being carried like a baby, my husband likes to put me over his shoulder

  • The big reason I don't like being carried is although I'm comfortable with my looks I'm not with my weight and am in fact loosing weight (10 lbs so far!). I would not like to be carried over a guys shoulder and am always afraid a guy will drop me in a cradle carry. If I was about 140lbs (my goal and ideal BMI) or less no I wouldn't feel uncomfortable, but again it would have to be cradle. What about a piggy back ride though? That would be acceptable (If I was ideal weight anyway).

  • Yes, I would love that!

  • If I don't have shoes on or something. But otherwise it reallllllly annoys me. I'm super petite sonboys think its fun to jut pick me up which is offensive to me.

  • girls that are insicure don't like being carried. they feel there hurting you. girls that are confident alike myself love being carried. I hate over the shoulder very uncomfortable and crade is also uncomforable. I love piggy back its cute too.

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  • Most girls appreciate the thought...even if he can't actually carry her! :)

  • I used to like carrying my x girlfriend like a suitcase lol but she preferred being carried like a baby. I could walk almost a mile that way and it was a great workout. My current girlfriend does not like being picked up at all but I still do it :P

  • my female friends do lol

  • If you couldn't carry her, you could have offered her a piggyback ride. Don't throw her over your shoulder, it's very uncomfortable.