Do girls like being carried?

Do girls like being picked up and carried?

The other day I was out with my girlfriend, and she was quite tired and didn't want to have to walk back. It's only about a 5-10min walk, so I was tempted to just pick her up and carry her back, but I wasn't sure if she'd like it or not.

Also, which would be the best way? If I put her over my shoulder I could easily do it, but don't know if she'd like that. I'm sure cradle carry is nicer, but I don't know if I could carry her in my arms for that long :/


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think it is either a sweet gesture (in this case, because she is tired) or a playful one. I like being carried, but it's something I wouldn't expect. If a date did that, I'm not sure what my reaction would be. But, I think that depending on the context, it can be sweet or playful. If I was really tired, and he offered to carry me-then it would be the equivalent of him offering to drive, or to tuck me into bed with cocoa. It's like "flowers". If he picked me up like a potato sack, and went running off, then it would be playful, and make me laugh.

    I would carry her like a kid (on hip, on back) if it was a sweet thing, and carry her like a flour sack (with her hips near her shoulders) if it was more playful. The cradle carry is nice, but it can be really strenuous.

    Like other people said, listen to her voice-tone. Only insist a few times. I know I'm really shy about my weight (I'm 5"7 and 132lbs) and so it's awkward when they ask, because I don't want to hurt someone. But, I do love to be carried.