I think this girl is into me but I'm really geeky?

I'm a pretty funny and interesting writer and I have this blog on Tumblr. Anyway, this girl read a lot of my stuff, thought it was nice, and started following me. We chatted a bit and stuff and we know how each other look and I really think she's into me.

The thing is, I'm really lame. I read a lot of comics. My friends and I get together and play Dungeons and Dragons and computer games and stuff and I think she's way cooler than stuff like that.

I'm not sure what I should do. Should I ask her out? Should I be honest and tell her I might not be who she thinks I am? Also, it's not like we really know each other very well.

Any help is appreciated.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Many girls don't think being geeky is necessarily a bad thing. The stereotypical problem with geeks is not the geekiness in itself, but that they can be so passionate about gaming etc. that they barely have time to develop other interests and have conversations with people about other things.

    This doesn't sound like you. You keep a blog, the girl enjoys the blog, probably because she finds it interesting and funny, which probably means she will find YOU interesting and funny. YOU ARE THE WRITER, after all.

    I definitely think you should ask her out, and don't worry if she doesn't share your interest in video games. I doubt she will care whether or not you like dungeons and dragons. The key is to see whether you guys share any interests. If not gaming, then you'll have to find something else to talk about, that you can both enjoy. If you're too nervous, be creative about where you take her so you can talk about / bond over that.

    Good luck!