I think this girl is into me but I'm really geeky?

I'm a pretty funny and interesting writer and I have this blog on Tumblr. Anyway, this girl read a lot of my stuff, thought it was nice, and started following me. We chatted a bit and stuff and we know how each other look and I really think she's into me.

The thing is, I'm really lame. I read a lot of comics. My friends and I get together and play Dungeons and Dragons and computer games and stuff and I think she's way cooler than stuff like that.

I'm not sure what I should do. Should I ask her out? Should I be honest and tell her I might not be who she thinks I am? Also, it's not like we really know each other very well.

Any help is appreciated.


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  • Many girls don't think being geeky is necessarily a bad thing. The stereotypical problem with geeks is not the geekiness in itself, but that they can be so passionate about gaming etc. that they barely have time to develop other interests and have conversations with people about other things.

    This doesn't sound like you. You keep a blog, the girl enjoys the blog, probably because she finds it interesting and funny, which probably means she will find YOU interesting and funny. YOU ARE THE WRITER, after all.

    I definitely think you should ask her out, and don't worry if she doesn't share your interest in video games. I doubt she will care whether or not you like dungeons and dragons. The key is to see whether you guys share any interests. If not gaming, then you'll have to find something else to talk about, that you can both enjoy. If you're too nervous, be creative about where you take her so you can talk about / bond over that.

    Good luck!


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  • To be honest with you... who cares if your lame, and who cares if you're a geek! This girl seems to have pursued you, she likes what you write, and she likes your personality. Give her a little credit before you assume just because you read comics and play dungeons and dragons she won't be into you. You never know, she might seem way cooler, but she could be into it to, and you'll never know unless you ask her out! My advice is to go for it, some girls love the geeky guy, I know I do!

    You said you don't really know each other very well, so ask her and you can both use it as an opportunity. If she doesn't like dungeons and dragons and if she's not willing to accept that that is what you like, then she's not the type of person you want to be with anyway, but at least you'll know for sure, good luck!

  • Yo...I'd love a boyfriend who sits around playing dungeons and dragons and Elder Scrolls all day.

    I wouldn't ask her out bluntly, but maybe joke around with the idea at first, or say something cute like "you'd be a great girlfriend" or whatever. See how she responds to such comments.

    Also, is this an online relationship? Id DEFINATELY Skype with her a few times (If you haven't already) before you start anything...it would make both of you feel better and safer.

  • Be honest. You are who you are. I love geeky guys. I'm not into dungeons and dragons but my ex was, I do like comics, computer/console games, and I listen to rock/metal. I think I'm pretty 'cool' but if you think your not, that's your fault not hers. To get to know her, suggest a game of twenty questions or something.

  • Dude, on tumblr, geeky is cool. If she reads your blog and is into you, then it should be fantastic. Don't sweat it and just keep being geeky and awesome.

  • Haha. If she really likes you, none of that stuff should matter. My boyfriend was afraid to tell me he watched anime until I told him I watched it, first. Maybe you will be surprised to find out she reads comics too, or wants to play D and D. You never really know. I say just tell her, and keep on talking to her.

  • Well, it sounds like she likes you if she's following your blog and talks with you a lot. She wouldn't be talking with you if she didn't find you interesting. You should ask her out. You have nothing to lose, she might say no but I find it unlikely in your situation.

    I think some girls can be "cool" and still like geeky guys. Geeky guys are awesome in my opinion. They are nice and kind and don't tend to be jerks. I say you should give it a shot. I'm sure she'll like you once she finds out who you are through talking with her.

    I don't suggest you telling her as a confession that you're a geek. She might think you see her as shallow. You should just ask her out and be yourself and see how things go.

  • go for it. if you think she likes you then see where it goes. my fiancĂ© is a total nerd. but I love him and adore him. it doesn't mean that I have to like what he likes but I let him tell about his sh*t he is interested in and somethings I end being into and other things not so much. what I am getting at is if she likes, then she likes you for who you are. d&d and comics and computer games is not who you are its what you are interested in. its your personality that she likes. go for it. don't be scared or nervous because you think she is cooler than your hobbies and activities.

  • Well As A Bisexual I'm Attracted To Both Males And Females. I Do Find The Male Body Attractive ON A Number OF Different Levels It Does Depend On The Shape, Same With Females. I'm More Attracted To My Body Over Either. But Male Body Isn't As Curvaceous As A Female So That Could Be It.

    • What does this have to do with the question he asked?

  • If you like her, you should definitely ask her out.

    There's nothing wrong with talking a out your interests, just in conversation. But coming out with a remark like, "You're too cool for me," isn't a good idea, haha!

    And... you're not lame. Everyone has different interests and hobbies. Don't sell yourself short just because you think you're a geek.


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  • She thinks you're cooler than you might tink...let her decide if you're lame or not.

    She sees something in you that, maybe, you don't see yourself! That happens; other people's insights are different than what we ourselves can muster.

  • Simply start to get to know her better.

    Try hitting her up on Skype, and have a video chat. Have some light,fun conversations.

    If you can feel that there's a connection between the two of you, ask her out.

  • Oops! Damn, that's another person who wasn't on the memo list.

    There was a memo sent out a few years ago, I'll summarize it:

    "To whom it may concern:

    In light of several decades of harassment, marginalization, and simple bad practices, we [society] have started a campaign to raise geeks and nerds up several rungs on the social ladder over the next few years.

    To kick off this new campaign, TBS will announce a new show, "The Big Bang Theory", in which exaggerated geeky characters become lovable specifically for those traits which make them geeks.

    Around the same time, glasses will become a fashion statement, and thus hidden, minimalistic glasses will phase out in favor of large, dramatic glasses resembling those of Gordon Freeman. The trend may become so dramatic that people with no prescription may start wearing said glasses, just to conform to the rising "geek" subculture.

    Thank you for your time.


    M-Class planets, Korea/Japan, Decepticons, Zerg/Protoss, and the citizens of Asgard."

    Hopefully that clears things up.

  • Well from what you said...she's into you for a reason! Obviously your blog has got her attention and she wants to know more about you besides the writer side of you on tumblr. So what is there to sweat about? How do you know she's not in geeky stuff too? Why would you even be embarrassed about your own hobbies, interests and passion? It's obviously fun for you. You should be proud of it! It shows confidence and passion and those two traits in itself is sexy.

    This is what makes you so if she doesn't like it or accept it, then find someone else that will. It's 2013 and nerds, comics, video games, are pretty cool now. Besides...who isn't a nerd/geek/dork at something? Lost was written by geeks. JJ Abrams must be a sci-fi nerd for remaking Star Trek and the next Star Wars movie. The Walking Dead is one of the most popular TV shows right now and that's based on a comic. Call of Duty and Halo are worldwide successes and churn out more money than movie blockbusters. Get my point?