What does this saying mean?

What does this saying mean to you?

Sometimes things have to fall apart so that other things can fall together

I was wondering because this girl That I've been fighting with says stuff like this and, I just want to know what it means to you?



Most Helpful Girl

  • When one door closes another one opens.

    • Can you explain please?

    • In your case it would mean tough times can bring you closer together.

    • I sure hope so.. I'd take a bullet for this girl I care that much.

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  • Even though you are fighting you two must work harder to fix what is wrong. Hopfully it will work out in the end.

    • We are trying but, she's told me she doesn't want to be friends etc but, she's stuff like this way more than once... I saw this when I was with a buddy whos friends with her on Facebook... She just says stuff like that every time we talk and, she just shuts me out. I think Its not right but, I think she's just playing games idk.. ugh

What Guys Said 1

  • It seems that she wants to tell you that she wants to be with somebody else.