Why do the boys in my class like to tease me?

All the boys in my class likes to tease me a lot. They hid my phone (they even make a schedule of who will hide it everyday!), hiding somewhere to scare me, ask me something that I don't understand just to 'boo' me in the end and much more.

even the boys next class trying to tease me also. T_T

I always laugh it off, but sometimes they just being to mean.

They don't tease other girls like they tease me though, is it means something for them or not?

Do hitting boys when they tease you is cruel? (if they went too mean, I used to hit them. they don't reply though, they tease me even more even. T_T)

and how to stop them teasing me all the time?

Thank you!


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  • Some gents here are a little sensitive here...she's in high school...boys are generally brats anyways...I'm still one and I love play teasing girls. Do you hang around with the boys alot? If you do..you're just setting yourself to being teased because they can see you as one of the guys. lol

    Here's how I see it...these guys are what I dub the brat-types. You're obviously cool enough that they 'tease' you and you're thick skinned enough to handle the nonsense most of the time and laugh it off. lol They're just sizing you up because I'm assuming a bunch of them likes you. Yea..it's weird but guys do that to get a girl's attention and it's a weird way of saying 'I like you' or 'you're cool' without saying it but still keeping it fun and exciting.

    But some guys can take it too far...just hit them, pinch them, or slap them...playfully of course! It puts most of them in their place. Keep doing it til they stop...men are like dogs sometimes...keep on punishing til they had enough lol They'll back off eventually...you'll weed out the ones with the bruised egos. OR...just sternly and directly tell them to stop because they took it too far. Some guys have a tendency to take it too far until you set them straight.

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      hmm, now that I think of it, it would probably true that they are brats! lol. I did hit them playfully, but well they always laughed. huft. Thank you for your long answer! I really appriciate it~

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      It's cool that you're chill about it. Girls with older/younger brothers would understand about these shenanigans and the trolling to get a reaction. If you're having fun with the situation and laughing with the peeps...then it's OK. If you feel that they crossed a line, then it's not ok.