Why do the boys in my class like to tease me?

All the boys in my class likes to tease me a lot. They hid my phone (they even make a schedule of who will hide it everyday!), hiding somewhere to scare me, ask me something that I don't understand just to 'boo' me in the end and much more.

even the boys next class trying to tease me also. T_T

I always laugh it off, but sometimes they just being to mean.

They don't tease other girls like they tease me though, is it means something for them or not?

Do hitting boys when they tease you is cruel? (if they went too mean, I used to hit them. they don't reply though, they tease me even more even. T_T)

and how to stop them teasing me all the time?

Thank you!


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  • Some gents here are a little sensitive here...she's in high school...boys are generally brats anyways...I'm still one and I love play teasing girls. Do you hang around with the boys alot? If you do..you're just setting yourself to being teased because they can see you as one of the guys. lol

    Here's how I see it...these guys are what I dub the brat-types. You're obviously cool enough that they 'tease' you and you're thick skinned enough to handle the nonsense most of the time and laugh it off. lol They're just sizing you up because I'm assuming a bunch of them likes you. Yea..it's weird but guys do that to get a girl's attention and it's a weird way of saying 'I like you' or 'you're cool' without saying it but still keeping it fun and exciting.

    But some guys can take it too far...just hit them, pinch them, or slap them...playfully of course! It puts most of them in their place. Keep doing it til they stop...men are like dogs sometimes...keep on punishing til they had enough lol They'll back off eventually...you'll weed out the ones with the bruised egos. OR...just sternly and directly tell them to stop because they took it too far. Some guys have a tendency to take it too far until you set them straight.

    • hmm, now that I think of it, it would probably true that they are brats! lol. I did hit them playfully, but well they always laughed. huft. Thank you for your long answer! I really appriciate it~

    • It's cool that you're chill about it. Girls with older/younger brothers would understand about these shenanigans and the trolling to get a reaction. If you're having fun with the situation and laughing with the peeps...then it's OK. If you feel that they crossed a line, then it's not ok.

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  • No, the truth is they don't like you. Your a push over. Easy to walk over.

    Jus' tellin you the truth shuga pie *Old lady who smoked too much voice*

    On the other side, they see you as an easy target and a victim.

    When someone likes someone physiologically and emotionally there is usually a lot of tension, fear, nervousness, and eye staring, almost no bullying or teasing, its a fact chemicals of attraction cause uncomfortability and tension, similar to fear.

    Don't hit them playfully and smile or laugh it out. Your pretending to laugh, you don't really like it. Yell or scream or shout or cuss there mothers out, or slash there tires to show your a crazy mother f*cker, than they'll stop. Don't even look at them, ignore the sh*t out of them if you have to, guys hate that. Than go talk to a guy that doesn't tease you and flirt with him or laugh and smile.

    • really...? D:

      I do yell at them, but it is not working very well. Hmm, I will try to ignore them!

      Thank you for your answer!

    • ok I'm gonna chime in..."old lady who smoked too much voice"...what the derp does that mean?!? That is a very weird answer/advice with the tire slashing...I don't think she's trying to "psycho ex" on them. O.o

    • The astrix means its the type of voice that the previous line should sound like "Jus' tellin you the truth shuga pie..." which if you read it like an old lady who smokes too much would be funnier.

  • You'll miss being The Best One in class when/if they stop. Eventually, one will ask you out, get you to go steady and the rest will finally leave you alone and be jealous of him.

    If you just want to be buddies, then get some mutineers as confederates to play a trick on one/some of the others = divide & conquer.

    • ahaha I think it's true, I'll miss playing around with them. I did get some mutineers but we still lose at numbers haha. I'll try harder to get wicked so I can silence them well! Thank you for your answer!

  • There're several ways to make them stop

    but there's no way to make it happen for sure.

    Bullies often seek the reactions of their victim

    so if you stopped giving them that pleasure they

    might possibly drop the teasing, but it's not 100% certain of course.

    As to why they tease you, you see, the two emotions

    "love and hate" lies so close to each other that young

    people often confuse the two, making them act awkward

    or sometimes even hostile in their confusion of these emotions.

    Hows that? ^.~

    • I second this.

    • oh, I hate bullies! D: I don't think my reaction would be so entertaining, because every time they hid my phone, I would come up to them wearing my scary face and demand my phone back. for some reason they always laugh when I did it. -,- uhh.

      hmm, I don't quite understand with the love and hate thing, but I'll try to make them stop confused and then stop bullying me! hehe.

      Thank you for your answer!

    • You may think you have a scary face, but you don't know if they consider it scary. Sometimes getting emotional just makes them think it is funny.

  • Sometimes, when guys like someone, they tease as a way of flirting. I don't know if this is that case, but it could be. I agree with Aizou. They could be seeking a reaction out of you. When you respond with an action, they know that the next time they do something, they can expect similar responses. So they just keep on going on going.

    • it's true? well, I wish they don't flirt with me then... so how should I react if I didn't want them to keep going?

      Thank you for your answer!

    • Maybe ignore them or make it very clear, by being assertive, that you don't like it. Be firm. (But I know it is hard to be firm if you don't have it in you. It is hard for me to be firm.)

  • Physical contact is physical contact and this might well be an inept form of flirting.

  • One of three things is going on:

    1) You're a real dork and a glutton for punishment and they just like messing with you because they're cruel a-holes.

    2) They kind of like you.

    3) None of them like you romantically, but you give them such a great reaction that they will keep f**king with you until it seems like you no longer care that much. Then it's on to the next victim.

    • I wish I'm the first one. haha. Thank you for your answer!

    • Lol

  • guys in your age group are immature

    • i think they are! Thank you for your comment!

  • Tell them you don't like being teased and ask if they could stop. Don't laugh about it if you don't think it's funny, you are only misleading them to think you find it amusing. If they don't ease up upon your request then report it to your teacher. But no, don't hit anyone, you may just make matters worse because that will only create resentment towards you.

    • i think they don't understand the meaning of word 'stop'... I'll try not to laugh about it when they are being like that, and I often tell my teacher about this, but the warning from my teacher seems to react for a day. the next day, I'm missing my phone again. -,-

      uh.. do hitting playfully will get them hate me? D:

      Thank you for your answer!

    • Then elevate your complaint to the school office and your parents. Ask if they can move your desk or something. Say it is distracting you from being able to do your school work.

  • Prolly means they like you and just doing what they can to get your attention.

    • nah, don't think they do. hahaha, Thank you for your answer!

    • You might not think it, but they probably do.

  • They may feel insecure, and try to boost their confidence by putting down people that aren't going to be assertive. There is also the chance that they like you and are just trying to get your attention.

    Either way, they seem really immature, and I would try my best not to worry about what they are saying, since they don't seem too bright.

    • thank you for your advice! I'll try not to worry about what they are saying. Thank you for your answer!

  • Probably like you

    • haha, it would be immposible. Thank you for your answer!

  • I think the boys like you? I would not worry so much about it. Show less reaction to it and they will stop eventually

  • mmmm me thinks best answer = islands

  • Maybe they like you.. There was this really pretty and hot girl in my class who all the guys liked and they used to tease her a lot and do stuff like putting chalk on her chair or hide her stuff...

    • i'm surprise if they do like me. haha. Thank you for your answer!

  • cuz they're ass holes.

    take away their fun and don't bring you phone with you to class for a while.

    • hahaha maybe it's true that they are a**holes. Oh, I did it once and they hid my home keys. -,- I think I'll find a way to get them back in meantime! Thank you for your answer!

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  • Ughhh i have the same problemmm -.-" and i can't get ridd of him i always hit him but he does it and laugh. There is like 12 girls in my class. But he only mocks me. Im getting annoyed a lot. But he ain't stopping it. I told him million times to stop it you ain't funny! But he does it anyway. some of My friends are thinking that he is teasing me because he likes me. But others like my cousin "girl" thinks he is bullying me and laughing at me. And i think that too since he always tells his friends to mock me and im not that confident about myself. I just want a solution about this. Ps he always squeez my cheek and his friends mockingly sayy oouuu hee likes youu and they laugh.