Why is pink always associated with girls, and blue with boys?

I've just always wondered why these colors are associated with the genders. I also feel like because of this, a lot of girls start hating the color pink or something.

Thanks for all the answers! Everyone had good input, but Vishna's links were the most helpful. :D


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  • I think blue was used to ward off evil spirits and keep the baby boy healthy.

    I guess girls couldn't share the protection? :P

    But then pink was maybe a flower color and we got that..who knows...about pink but I'm pretty sure on blue :)

    let me get a link :P oh wait, I look wrong -thank you book from 7th grade drama teacher class-

    here are some links




    :) and these all back each other up


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  • Its obviously the first letter of each color;

    Blue - B - Boys

    Pink - P - Pussy

    I jest, I jest. I'm honestly not sure where the roots developed from but pink probably came to fruition as being assosciated to girls in ancient European civilisations as a form of faded red due to the lack of other vibrantly colored dyes cultures which eastern parts of the globe likely posessed hence the wider colors used to represent womens attire in those regions.

    As for the blue, is it possible that it arose either from the grey garments of men, or the steel of their blades, or most likely; the color of where they made their livelihood. The sea.

    I would imagine the latter makes much more sense as it was only men who held the profession of fishermen in many cultures so the sea was very much the domain of men, and as such the color of blue would become assosciated.


  • why is iraq called iraq? why isn't it mesotamia? why can't we call jupiter saturn and saturn jupiter?

    people made it up. and its doing no harm, so I'd leave it alone.

  • Pink is warm color, even hot and girls are hot!

    Blue? I dunno.. it's probably because it's the opposite of pink and boys are opposite of girls

  • Because it's a social construct.


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  • Girl parts are "pink"

    and guys.. get "blue" balls...

  • It used to be the opposite before Hitler assigned homosexuals to wear pink triangles. Girls used to be associated with light blue, to be associated with purity and the virgin Mary. Boys with pink, because it was a paler shade of red.

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  • i always thought it was cause a lot of girls like pink and a lot of boys like blue

  • Well aam I think because it you can look in to the men in historical way You will see the freedom the pure and brave ,muscle tough like a saver or or the sky keeper ,

    The color depend on sky ^ ^ and sea (sign of thier emothion mystereas side)while girls Like princess with candy play a roand ,beauty like a cake ?�

  • Traditions for sure, good answer vishna

  • Hmmmm...educational.

  • It used to be the opposite.

  • I'm just glad they got rid of that awful bubblegum pink that everything when I was a girl and have some cooler shades of pink now. I did hate pink as a child, but wear shades of it frequently now.