What does it mean when a guy friend gives you hand shakes instead of hugs?

I mean at first I thought it was strange but then I saw that he hugs other female friends including one of my best friends.So I asked her what is deal is and she said he told her"i don't give girls handshakes"!

Now I wonder if he sees me as a guy? I mean I know he knows I'm a girl but still.……


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  • He sees you as a friend but he's not attracted to you as more than a friend.

    • Yep he asked my best friend to prom!

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  • Takes you as an acquaintance/ friend

  • sees you likely as just a friend. hope you didn't like him too much :(

  • Usually a handshake is a sign of respect, but not always..typically when you first meet someone, orrr someone that has become accustomed to shaking your hand (my uncle and I) they will just do it automatically. I don't think the meaning has a difference..but I do think hugs are a little more sensual

  • It doesn't mean much. It must be that the guy isn't just comfortable with the idea.


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  • why won't a guy shake a womans hand. that's rediculous.

    did you tell her he lied to her?

    • lol ya but she still likes him and he still hugs her in front of me but kinda acts like I don't exist when she's near.We met him separately but once he found out we were friends he stopped talking to me as much :/

    • so he hugs her not all girls?

      maybe he only told her he does not hand shake girls so he had an excuse t hug her. or maybe he does not give handshakes to people he is interested in.

      but hmm if its just her he hugs then he probably likes her. I thought he was hugging everyone except you.


  • friend zone...

  • He doesn't consider you a close friend... probably..

    Most likely because you don't give him the comfort he has with his other female friends... as in 'he doesn't view you or rather "feel" close enough to you, to feel comfortable to give you a hug'.. and that has nothing to do with 'how long he's known you'. Some people know each other for years! and still the comfort never comes between them, so they always give cold hand shakes and never goes further than that. Others feel comfortable with strangers the first day they meet!

  • Are you really curvy? He might feel awkward hugging you if he feels like he's squishing your... uh... assets.