When guys call you "cute"

A few of my guy friends always say I'm cute,

I have very small hands and feet and they always say that's cute, or ill say something and they'll tell me I'm cute, does this mean they're interested?


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  • very small hands.

    ok now that's hot ;)

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  • Cute and pretty are not lower than hot, they are higher. A guy who calls you hot all the time just wants to get in your pants. A guy who thinks you are cute and pretty generally finds you attractive and probably has more respect for you.

    I hope that helps. ^_^

  • not necessarily...the answer here is: maybe...Because we can't dive into their heads and figure out anyone is thinking.

  • It could go either way. If I think she's attractive but I don't want to make the friendship awkward I'll tell her that certain features are cute. At the same time, if I'm not attracted to her ill say certain features are cute when I'm being nice, making sure they don't feel that I'm hitting on them. Best way to find out is to flirt back a little and see their response, if your interested.

  • no

  • It seems so.

    Though, it can be sense as he's just playful.

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  • Possibly. My boyfriend always takes my hand in his and says my hands are really small and its cute. I am a bit of a goofball sometimes and my boyfriend will say, "You are so cute" or "You're adorable". So they may be interested in you, but this isn't enough information to go by. Just as an example my boyfriend before we started dating would compliment me all the time. He noticed when I colored my hair or I wore something new. I would keep an eye out for those signs. Good luck. :)