Why are men hard to read? Are women hard to read as well?

I had my third date the other night and met the guys mum and partner, he also sent me home in his jumper the next morning. I'm assuming this is good, I Haven't heard from him yet so I guess he's playing it cool.


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  • I think self-consciousness makes it sorta bad. We feel like we'll be perceived in an unfavorable way if we do certain things so we hold off, we give mixed signals, we delay phone calls. Either we're afraid we're coming off too strong or too weak. There's so much confusion in the mix that neither side knows the intention of the other. Even when you state it directly most of the time we're in disbelief because of how we want to perceive things. It's just a big mess.

    • Yes so its just a big head f*** lol :/

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  • We may never understand our opposite sex, so it's going to be hard to read them until we've been in a genuine, long-term relationship with them.

    I should probably add that if you're expecting to start a relationship with anyone, it is best to start out in the "friend zone" and allow time to develop deeper feelings. It takes a lot of patience.

    • Ahhhh good old patience, still doesn't answer my immediate question as to if it was a good sign lol. But yes as women we tend to want to get to the end of the book before reading the beginning. Long term relationships don't always provide answers, I was married for 10 years

  • I think anyone regardless of gender can be hard to read.

  • I believe women are harder to read then guys. After all women are the ones that are always saying they want a nice guy then just date the jerks, then a week later they complain.

  • Guys hide their feelings for numerous reasons. One being that we don't want girls to be able to see right through us if we try to surprise them. Two being that we don't want to be hurt. Guys are sensitive but we won't show it.

  • Yes. Different sexes think foreignly to the other sex. I probably think, I tried to and you might think he made an effort. We think different and therefore behave differently. A guy can tell you in about ten second if a guy likes a girl but might need a lot of time to figure out if a girl likes him.

  • why is everyone anonymous?

  • You will find out soon enough.

    • What kind of timeframe, I'm thinking Wednesday night then I have a free jumper lol

  • because you don't give non good looking guys chances

    • im sorry who are you ?

    • What does that have to do with my question ? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, for instance I find brad pitt yuck !

  • It must be that he's just busy. Don't over think things.

    • Yeah he's a single parent and also just did his acl so he's a bit down.

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  • I don't think anyone can read the opposite gender.